Destroying a Natural – Advanced Psychology for PUA's

I try not to use my pick up knowledge for evil or manipulative ways, just as I don’t teach unethical things. However there are times when it’s OK or when someone has it coming to them. This also shows how what we are really studying is advanced social psychology that can be useful in more areas then just picking up women.

Last night I get a phone call from one of my close female friends who is truly upset with her ex. He’s royally screwed her over in the past but keeps trying to bring her back and unfortunately, like most typical women, she keeps falling for it. She knows what I do, and asked if there’s some way we can make this guy pay, since she’s not the only girl he’s been doing this to. After some convincing on her part I agree and for the first time make it a mission to take down a natural.

That night he was having a get together which my friend (we’ll call her HBRed for her red hair) was invited to. I decide this will be the perfect place to take him down. Now it needs to be realized that this guy is a natural frat boy having a small house party, so I’m essentially walking into his social proof trap which means he’ll have tons of value there. In order to beat this I find 6 girls to bring along at the last minute to make sure I’m the most preselected person at the party. Sure it might be his place but in actuality now I’m the one bringing the party. His place is also reaaaally nice. The party took place in the backyard which had a mini waterfall, a pool and ping pong table, a full set circular bar, a pool with a rock cave on one end, a trampoline, and for good measure they had a bonfire going.

When we arrive I assess the situation and see that other then my girls there’s only 3 others there (one of which I know). There’s about 5 guys who seem extremely loyal to the natural (fraternity bond) and all try and ignore me or pretend I’m not there. The natural was a very good looking guy who was only wearing a motorcycle jacket letting his abs stick out 300 spartan style.

Introductions are made and I begin to make sure that he sees how me and HBRed have a little extra kino then people who are “just friends” would have but at the same time not enough to be certain…the idea was he could only guess the entire time. My other girls begin chilling around me and two groups visibly form, mine and his. I decide to bring my girls onto the trampoline so that we’d have the most fun. He then comes on to try and impress us with being able to do front flips where I then say “Hey lets get drinks” and leave him and his boy on the trampoline while me and every girl gets off.

Psych: 1

While getting drinks he then suggests that we play beer pong so I say “Nah a better game would be flip cup since we can all play at once”. All the girls agree so flip cup begins. I’m basically setting the frame here that I’m gonna lead the interaction of this party and not him, though he’ll continously try.

Psych: 2
Natural: 0

After the game we just all begin drinking normally and dancing. I make sure to dance with every girl I brought and play the preselection factor for everything it’s worth, the point is to show him that HBRed brought a high value guy to this party that he can’t compete with. Obviously I gave some special attention to HBRed which he then countered by trying to run a jealousy plotline by dancing with one of the other 3 girls.

To counter that I sent in 2 of the girls I brought to go and befriend the other girls (which was EXTREMELY difficult, more so then I thought, because the other girls began being catty since they weren’t the center of attention anymore). So the 3 other girls were pretty much under his thumb along with his boys…keeping the other girls compliant to him was as much game as he was able to pull off so it’ll be the only point I give him.

Psych: 2
Natural: 1

I then come up with an idea and took HBRed along with my FB (HBFB I guess) to the cave to just sit by the pool and chill. The natural comes over to try an AMOG us saying “The rule is you’re only allowed in the cave if you’re having s%x guys, sorry!” So I yelled back “No problem here then!” and began acting like we were having a 3sum. He mumbled something about “Yea did it for you bro…” and then just walked away.

Psych: 3
Natural: 1

Meanwhile the girls I brought played their part extremely well and weren’t dancing with any of the guys other then me. They’d either dance with each other or by themselves. I decide to go and join them with HBRed and let her dance with the girls while I danced with another one I brought (we’ll call her HBBlonde). Now this natural did something next which I have to admit takes serious confidence and balls. While I’m dancing with HBBlonde he comes up to us and says “Hey bro you don’t mind if I cut in right?”. I was actually pretty taken aback by that and kind of shrugged and put my hands up…however HBBlonde came out with the comment of the night.

HBBlonde: “I don’t dance to this type of music sorry…”

She then immediately began grinding on me! His reaction was priceless and he could only stammer out “Oh…uh…yea…all you bro.” This was only the second time I met HBBlonde but because of the dynamics we were in I began seeing serious attraction from her and definately plan to game her in the future. Figured that was a nice little bonus for me!

Psych: 4
Natural: 1

At this point I tell HBRed to go have alone time with the natural, so they begin talking (I find out later it was all about me and him asking what the deal is). When I see him seriously invested and into the conversation I call HBRed over and steal her away from him frusterating him even more.

Psych: 5
Natural: 1

Once I stole her away I isolate her BEHIND the cave where noone can see and chill there with her for 10 minutes straight just talking. The entire time I was told the natural was freaking out since he had no idea what we were doing. Just for good measure before we came back I made sure to ruffle HBRed’s hair.

Psych: 6
Natural: 1

It pretty much went on this way for the entire party…he trys to do a cool stripper dance to impress the girls so we all look away being uninterested…he sends one of his boys in to game one of my girls and she gives him a fake number…we also repeatedly have him take pictures of me, HBRed, and all our girls just so we can put him in a more beta role. It literally just went on and on.

Eventually I felt it was time to just end it since he was to “alpha” to actually chase or allow himself to look chodey in front of us. Instead he settled for staying in the outside bar with his boys just drinking and being moody. I tell all the girls it’s time to leave and as one we head out. Before I go though…

Psych: “Hey man it was cool meeting you”
Natural: “Yea you to bro, keep raging”
Psych: “Keep what?”
Natural: “Raging”
Psych: “Raving?…”
Natural: “No RAGING man…raging.”
Psych: “Oh…um alright”

Then immediately left him and headed back to the cars.

Psych: 1,456,257
Natural: 1

The best part was filing into a car with 6 girls to grab some food and HBBlonde asking me to put my arms around her to keep her warm since I was “toasty”. Everyone had an amazing time and I realized when you have preselection and social proof you don’t NEED to DHV, try and create attraction, or even use frame control to keep the mentality that you’re the prize. Reason is because you ARE the prize having tons of girls fighting over your attention and time. This is why I stress so much to everyone in the community to develop female social circles and have an actual abundance of women in your life. Every major PUA does it from AFC Adam to Mystery and Style. This is the future of the community gentleman.

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  3. Hack again?!

  4. I am not in a position to view this website correctly on saffari I feel there's a problem

  5. curious says:

    Psych. I am disappointed. I thought you were more of a classy PUA but turns out your a typical retarded PUA lowlife. tsss… I know what your doing, your just trying to get attention for yourself.

  6. BWAHAHAHAHA I love the score at the end; 1,456,762 to 1

  7. Cheers bro!!
    Yes in hindsight maybe I was a little harsh on the post, least hes getting out there and doing it and trying to help others out which should ALL be commended. All I am saying is find your own way of doing things which is congruent with who you are as a person- I personally dont like to teach other guys a lesson as its not my place..and well it just takes up too much precious time and energy (which could be used on other pursuits :)

    Peace and keep on gaming. T

  8. TC,
    I think you are SUPER cool!

    if the guy or orbiter came with her or is gay freind then of course you dont have to act like AMOG.
    AMOG is stupid and unecesary.

    I like your viewpoints and maybe it went to an extreme but ASSERTIVE is yes different than PASSIVE, something I personally struggled.

    I guess natural more improvised from what you are thinking than canned.

    but natural arent aware ..but learning like this then applying naturalimprov game to a structure isnt really natural but i guess comes part of your personaliy or habit of skill set.

    Hands down I like PUA training for this Richard, Adam and Psych are beyond many guys out there teaching this stuff.

    Good point!


  9. Cool, its good to get s*it out in the open, I’m going to make these points on what u just said:

    “those “fellow”man will AMOG or Dismiss you without any thought on how you are a “fellow man”.

    Dude, maybe you were the guy who got sand kicked in his face, what else could explain this cynical view of other guys? what happened to BROTHERHOOD? and dont u think what Psych did is AMOG the other guy?, thats not MPUA material.

    “YOu seem honest and forward..but in real world that isnt the case…the person with the knowldge and upperhand wins..not the nice guy.”

    WHATS WRONG WITH BEING NICE? I’m nice and don’t feel like a loser, but I’m also ASSERTIVE and thats important, dont confuse the two things.

    “in football match, it doesnt matter how nice you play game but what matters are the goals.”

    Thats a pretty hollow view of life, your talking about winners and losers as if thats the definitive answer. Mate in life ALL successful people lose before they win and keep losing, thats how you learn about how to do things right and to be a better more rounded person. Do you think that guy got taught a lesson? hell no, two wrongs dont make a right and thats what Psych did IMO.

    “You must protect yourself and empower yourself to deal with people who will bring you down.”

    OK..but thats not what the article discussed and not what the author did, It seems there was a bit of bragging going on, I didnt even believe half the stuff he was talking about to be honest.

    “I bet if psych went there with his friend alone…with his honest approach . he would have been shooting himself in the foot to try to play mediator and getting beat up by the group.”

    He looks like a big lad who can handle himself, I wouldnt have thought hes that worried about threat of violence…All in all what I’m saying is too many people get caught up in this PUA textbook bulls*it, its not always productive and its not productive to think of other guys as the ENEMY….
    I’m all for the natural way of seduction like THIS site peddles…

    Yes , maybe I will read that book..thanks for the recommendation..

    peace out, TC

  10. Oh and one last annoys me when people keep going on about NATURALS and non-naturals, what does that really mean?? what, your dad didnt sh*g your mum, is your dad a natural? were all NATURALS just some are more naturals than others :)

  11. Hey TC,

    Good guys finish last bro sorry to give you the eality check..hose "fellow"man will AMOG or Dismiss you without any thought on how you are a "fellow man".
    YOu seem honest and forward..but in real world that isnt the case…the person with the knowldge and upperhand wins..not the nice guy.

    in football match, it doesnt matter how nice you play game but what matters are the goals.

    You must protect yourself and empower yourself to deal with people who will bring you down.
    Im not saying everybody is out to get you but…you either avoid getting screwed over or wait till you do get screwed over.

    I bet if psych went there with his friend alone…with his honest approach . he would have been shooting himself in the foot to try to play mediator and getting beat up by the group.

    Life isn't about right or wrong,opinions differ…but what keep your self respect and intergrity to empower you are a respected and better person overall…

    people think you are nice they willl think you are easy to be manipulated.

    PSych did a HUGE favor of displaying psycolgy and pu problem solving at its practical intense strategy application in our sitautions…

    he cause jealousy which is #1 attracion switch to get him invested back into that girl.
    she wanted him to go back to her or somethingof that sort.

    Psych is a good friend in my view point. and AWESOME to share this.

    If someone is doing you wrong the best way is to be wise and smart on how o deal things in Life not through confrontation or negative actions.

    Read 48 laws of power maybe that will halp you.

    All th BEst TC!


  12. BACK TO THE POST: Sorry to p*ss on your parade but this seems like immature point scoring to me. The original reason psych said he wanted to bring this guy a peg or two down was because he dumped on his friend. However, there was nothing altruistic about the way he went about it, it was to serve his own ego, how he has this hareem of girls copy catting him and following his every move, like its some unsaid conspiracy against one interaction in the real world EVER goes like this..there is simply far too many uncontrollable human dynamics and intangibles to contend with..where dows that leave the friend? did she have a say in this? what about betraying your fellow man?
    I agree with what DAN said, its not the actions of a MPUA.And probably not something Gambler on any of the true PUA's would condone.

    … TC

  13. SpaceInvader says:

    Be happy, unexpectant, dont convey too much interest, just enough,

  14. SpaceInvader says:



    1. learn to project your voice.
    2. Find somewhere quieter.
    3. Relocate as soon as you can.


  15. sorry bout leavin that twice guys its cuz it said it didn go through at first-peace.

  16. hey

    i need help on somethin that sounds really basic

    im 17 n i live in birmingham uk

    my problem is club game.

    I feel that an advantage of bar game is that when opening, due to the atmosphere, u can easily open without seeming needy or desperate of attention, just like ur doin it cuz they happen to be there.

    But in clubs where the musics really loud, u have to shout over it to be heard. Therefore its like ur makin effort to talk to them, so u really care about what they have to say and want thier attention, so its harder to come in under the rader..

    any suggestions or advice.. or even correct me on anything wrong ive said?

  17. hey

    I need help on something that sounds very basic…

    Club game.

    I live in Birmingham uk (im 17) an i find it hard to open in clubs because the music is so loud. One of the things i feel thats an advantage of opening in bars (correct me if im wrong) is that because its alot quieter i can open a set without seeming like im putting in loads of effort, therefore i dont seem needy.

    But in clubs, where you have to shout to be heard, when opening its a lot more obvious what ur doing n its hard to come under the radar..

    Any suggestions?

  18. The main point of this post is the power of social proof – very true and very powerful and the conclusion is spot on

    Regarding ‘destroying a natural’ It cool that you want to help your buddy but don’t really think this dude has been destroyed at all, he just didn’t get one of the many chicks he has on tap, and with a lot of effort from you actually. Infact you were really investing in him. You have also done him a favour! Lol. Now that she feels she has ‘taught him a lesson’ all he needs to do is give her a quick call on her cell and she will be back on him as soon as without all the chat he would have had to do without your help. You have also bought into the frame of the ‘helpful gay best friend.’ Did you actually close any of these girls or just spend the night trying to block this guy. Concentrate on yourself and leave your friend to it. Advise your friend sure but dedicating your whole night to beating him is lame.

    It is all a bit pathetic and makes the writer look dumb with too much time on his hands. All the point scoring (whilst reading too much into light lame banter) is a big DLV in my eyes and not the words and actions of an MPUA.

    If the natural read this post he probably would not even realised it was about him as I am guessing he was focussing on having fun and not stupid childish point scoring. This post shows some interesting social elements but is all a bit sad from a PUA and it is poor that guys read this and think it is cool.

    Sorry, nothing personal I just feel this is a poor post for many reasons and it does not promote you well Psych but sounds like petty bragging

  19. sandy the sexy candy says:

    Hey DAN

    we are all here to learn and maybe you get what other guys dont and maybe youre an awesome PUA and mad props mate..but please I urge not to interfere with other people who wan to learn how DIFFICULT interactions like this can be managed …

    I bet your confident and goodlooking and maybe you dont need help after all man…

    Good luck to you Dan the MAN! : )

    That Being said..on to the more important things


    The article I myself wouldnt know how to deal with this I would be submissive and messed it all up. AFTER eading this IT gave me how what we learn can be put to use!

    thanks for the details and KEEP UP THE JOB WELL DONE!

    much appreciated Psych Thanks,

    Sandy "the sexy candy"

  20. Wow.
    Very clever of you.

    Don’t you just love house parties.
    My friend had one a couple of months ago, and I can totally relate to you. But I didn’t come in the house party with a gorgeous girl like you, but it’s similar

    The thing is, is that I haven’t seen these people in awhile because I applied for school late, and the school told me to apply next semester so I haven’t seen them for awhile. I think it was 4 months I haven’t seen them, and some of them are my close friends.

    Just to tell you, while I wasn’t in school i’ve been learning about this P.U.A stuff online. It was actually random how I found out about this stuff. I think it was because of the P.U.A Mystery. I’ve seen a couple of his things on youtube and I was like wow. His material is crazy. So I hopped onto this stuff and started teaching myself.

    my friend calls me saying a lot of people were at the house party and was asking where I was? Well, since they haven’t seen me in awhile, I might as well make a casual entrance right? hahaha. As I get there, I walk in with a big smile, as confident as I can be, and everyone noticed. It was an alright party. A lot of people knew me so I had the best entrance. They were calling my name in a surprised manner because some of them didn’t know I was coming. I greet everyone, give kiss kisses to my close girlfriends. and grab myself a drink. What do I see? New faces. (HB 8) I completely ignored everyone and just focused myself on the target. She’s sitting on the couch looking like she’s not having a great time. I approach her and say, “I believe we’ve never met?” I ask her if she goes to school with my friends, and she says yes. I introduce myself by giving my name and a firm handshake with a kiss kiss combo. I asked her if I can sit next to her, and she let’s me. I knew she was into me because my close girlfriend was talking next to me and the HB 8 would always interupt. I would always give little remarks like, “Wow, what an easedropper.” Little funny remarks and she would always laugh. I get up to go outside for a smoke, and I ask the HB 8 to come with me and she agrees. She comes outside, as everybody watches me walk with her. I ask her if she smokes. She’s says no, then she says sometimes. So I light my cigarette and offer her a puff and she takes it. As she took that haul, I say, “What a badass. Your going to be known as my badass bad girl from now on” and she gives me a big smile. And I know it’s a true smile because I watch the eyes. A smile is not the same without the eyes.
    So everytime I see her, I always say the HB 8’s name along with the badass at the end of it.

    My boys never knew I had game like that.
    That’s why they were pretty shocked at the end of the party when I number closed her and her sister.

  21. Love the ethical debate here and I admit it's not going to be something I do again in the future. But when you break it down the only real damage was the guy had a bad night and felt some jealousy…not that big a deal in the scheme of things.

    Whether you feel it was right or wrong is up to you, however I want you all to understand the game elements behind what I did and learn from it.

  22. personally i dont think this was a good idea really.

  23. Fortunehooks says:

    Psych, you totally wrecked the poor guy's mentality. He was literally hanging on for dear life, at his own party. Very good job my man. Also, could you pass me the red head's phone number, I think my cell phone plan covers international calls,lol. peace,lvoe and succe SS

  24. Sick post dude! That was really interesting, especially when HBBlonde denied the natural a dance – Hahahahahaha

  25. Ahhh For my soul is uplifted by this article

    one may argue that this is written in a special hypnotic language.

    You see, since everyone at some point has been amogged by someone or somepeople one may argue that everyone who associates with the poor fellow is binding himself to label his own self-image into one of a 'natural'. psych carefully leads us to that conclusion that we are all actually naturals!

    Yipee! Party time!

  26. I am sorry but I not so impressed. Yes the technicalities are great and all, but…
    Going to someone's house just to cause trouble??
    I suggest we never use our knowledge of social dynamics for destructive purposes.
    It would have been different if the guy started out by doing some harm to you personally, like cutting into your set. But here you only have indirect knowledge of the situation. Every conflict has two sides – I am sure your girl's information about the guy is not the one and only thruth.
    Not good enough. Heck you were even going to the guy's place, and you were welcomed as a guest there.
    As to naturals, generally we should make them our friends, even if we disagree with some of their actions. None of us are saints anyway. And let girls fix their own problems!

  27. Dang. You are dishing out some seriously heavy artillery here. There is some very interesting psychological elements going on here if one looks beneath the surface.

    But the thing is, manipulation and amogging is always 'justified' and 'right' when yourself is the one carrying it out, it never is for the one on the receiving end thats for sure!!!! And for some reason the person on the receiving end always 'has it coming to them' everytime in EVERY case of manipulation in existance.

    But yes very interesting amogging article very down and dirty and down to the point. I love it when the books i read get to the point to be honest instead of pissing around.

    Please Enlighten us with your wisdom some more????

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