Gambler Interview: How To Pick Up Women In Clubs/Bars… Dealing With Flakes, Text Game, Exploring New Cities And Extreme Learning

I recently did an interview with PUA Lingo which I think went pretty well…  it’s about how to pick up women in clubs/bars, dealing with flakes, my views on pickup… a bunch of stuff.

Check it out:

Here are some notes from the interview:

My type of girls… you’re might be different ;)

I look for the most natural girls in clubs, bars (girlfriend material) and aim to get to know her first, I never go for the same night lay… been there before and it doesn’t make me happy anymore.

Best countries for women in the world

Been to 46 countries and Russia is my favourite because the girls are naturally hot and are very straight forward so will train you to be a better man. For easy beautiful girls you should go to Sweden, if you want curvier girls that are really sexy… go to Brazil.

How I make flakey numbers solid!

You get to the point where you’re having a comfortable conversation, (both relaxed) you can sense she’s interested/attracted and you have topics she would like to talk to you further about (she’s engaged in the convo) you also have common interests you can do together and you’ve also found out her availability and arranged the next meetup.

You can also invite her out with her friends, something that would be more social… no pressure on her part so she’s more likely to meet up with you.

Leave your phone at home, go for instant dates in the daytime and get more physical at night… taking the girl home. If that’s your thing and you just want to get laid, if you want a girlfriend then the girlfriend material approach is better.

When I text a girl

When I’m with her I will arrange to meet up with her on a certain day and I’ll be specific with when I am going to text her… late afternoon etc. This way they will be imagining me on that day and pre-empting the text.

I’d use the following text – “Hey, nice to meet you on (day) how was the rest of your weekend?”

When they reply, I then say – “What are your plans this week?” This allows you to get a feel for her plans and you can pick a day.

When I know her plans I then say – “Cool, let’s do something on (day), I know a great place we can grab some food, when’s good to meet 8 or 9pm?”.

3 options for texting girls…

Direct date: “Let’s do something on Wednesday, I know this place… when’s good to meet… 8 or 9pm?”

Casual date: “I’m going to a (name of bar) this Thursday with some friends, you should come with your friends, it will be fun”

If she’s not feeling the vibe, then just leave it for a few days. Maybe add them on Facebook and try to build some more rapport.

When I visit a new city…

This is exactly what I do:

  • I meet the locals.
  • I approach girls that I like (in terms of looks) and ask them where the best places are in town.
  • I go to the best clubs/bars/hangouts (obviously one of the best places to meet girls).
  • I talk to the staff, be friendly with people.. the goal isn’t to game.
  • I make it a plan to take up new hobbies so I can meet new locals.

How I learn and adapt

I do something called “trial by fire” which basically means I jump in the deep end and learn REALLY fast.

This works in pickup and in life. When I first got into learning game, I joined a bunch of classes, went on holiday with a guy I just met for 3 months, went out every night to clubs and bars and just threw myself out there.

Finding mentors is a great way to get good at game, you need to find guys that get laid alot, look cool, are funny and are generally really good with women.

Dealing with bitchy girls

I usually ignore those type of girls, they aren’t worth the hassle. But you can connect with her on some level to disarm her bitchiness.

Fear is normal

Put yourself around people who will push you and make you overcome your fear. This is how I got into it.

What am I doing wrong?

If you still suck with women, then you’re doing something wrong…

  • You need cooler friends (social circle)
  • You need more female friends
  • You need to be more open minded
  • You need to dress better
  • You must keep raising the bar

NOTE: If you wanna get better with women and actually get laid while most guys are stuck on forums all night bitching about openers and closers… then you should watch this.

Let me know your thoughts on the interview below…

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  1. is anyone else’s interview keep breaking up around 26-33 minutes. i can only catch every other word of Gambler’s

  2. I love your advise on bitchy girls. It’s that easy and some guys just can’t seem to peel themselves away from the sinking ship of a bitchy girl. :)

  3. Most Russians and former USSR women are interested only in european men.

  4. Girls game you too. They love to waste your time and money while having no real interest. She’s bored and you’re her free food and entertainment. Why am I saying this? DON’T ask what her plans are. You’re a man, you don’t need permission. Say you want to see her on a weekday. Weekends are for the girls you’re already banging. If the plan you throw out doesn’t mesh, see if she comes up with a compromise. If she just shrugs it off because your plan doesn’t fit, then she’s the one gaming you and this is how you get her to show her hand. If she’s legitimately interested, she’ll find a way to see you. If she doesn’t come up with something, she’s just getting free food and alcohol out of you, sucker!

  5. Hey Gambler is there an audio or video download here? All im getting in my browser is the text notes?

    Interesting notes on girls in foreign countries (and I’ve read a lot more about your experience around the world in soem of your other books). I have a question – I’m a british guy living in Cyprus.

    Do you have experience of the greek women and any pointers you’d give for this particular country? Many greek women are quite timid of speaking to british men (or so it seems).

    Thanks, keep up the great work

  6. Add them on facebook if they aren’t into u? Terrible advice. Unless your goal is tomake them think ur a stalker

    • PUA Training says

      Not if they are not into you. But if you didn’t have enough time together to get enough connection to arrange a date.

  7. i like natural beauty to

  8. Great advice

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