Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back In 10 Unbelievably Easy Steps

Today I want to show you how you can get your ex girlfriend back with relative ease. It will take a few months, but it will happen if you follow my advice below.

Pre-breakup note

Before you breakup… before anything goes wrong (a few weeks or months before).

YOU need to end the relationship there and have a break. This puts you in a better position going forward and will leave you in the leading position, making her more open to get back with you in the future.

This step is one of the best ways to ensure that you get your ex girlfriend back quickly.

Note: If you’re serious about getting your ex girl back, then you should check this out.

Get your ex girlfriend back in 10 steps…

1. Leave it 2 weeks – No contact at all… yes that means Facebook, texting, phoning, Skype chat… NOTHING!

2. Get in touch casually – After the first few week, get in touch with her and say something like “We had a nice time together, obviously we aren’t right for each other but it would be nice to stay in touch as friends”.

3. Meet up – Arrange a coffee date which is non-romantic so you can catch up with her.

4. Treat her like a friend – When you meet her, treat her like a friend (pat her back and don’t show much affection).

5. Don’t give her much attention – Look around, look at your watch, check out other women in the room. Don’t be a prick, but don’t be needy which is what she wants.

6. Lay the groundwork – Talk about things that will get her thinking who you’ve been dating. Going to the flicks, eating at a fancy restaurant. This shows you’re not thinking about her and you’ve moved on.

7. Treat her nice – Listen to her, buy her lunch… meet her like this for several weeks.

8. Show her who the daddy is – Always end things before she does, like phone calls, texting, meeting up. Always appear as though you have other “important” things to do.

9. Plan a night out – Have a few drinks, go for a kiss and take a step back by saying “we shouldn’t do this”.

10. Don’t make the same mistakes – Fix what made her want to leave in the first place. Understand where you went wrong and why she lost interest when you initially broke things off… this is important to keeping her interested.

Woohoo! Steps done :)

Too hard? I’ve heard many guys complain that this will take too long… but I stop them mid-flow and say… “Listen, do you want to get her back or not?” Then just do it!!!

Otherwise you’ll have to get that little tattoo you got of her covered up haha…

Get back with your ex girlfriend

Oooo, painful!

Get your ex girlfriend back conclusion

What will happen after you apply these steps is that she will start to become interested in you again and feel as though she is losing you. So you over time you’ll see her becoming more sexual around you and doing things that will peak your interest… when this happens you have her back.

On another note, should you really get back with your ex?

Let me know your thoughts guys… Also if you liked the video, make sure you subscribe to the PUA Training You Tube Channel to get instant video updates.

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  1. I just want to say that these 10 steps really did work for me. Thank you so much. Didn’t meet every week, but once a month across 4 months until getting back together.

  2. hi
    i’m a married person who has problems with my wife and i work in a different country living alone i met a lady through my work she’s married and has almost same problems. her husband is older than her around 20 years stubborn jobless and a big liar. to cut the long story we started as friends than things happened we fell in love. she always felt guilty and doing wrong. i always pushed to stay cause she meant a lot to me she made me a better person and she treated me as human being respect love and lot more. one day we agreed that it’s done and we stayed friends even she introduced me to her husband she’s opening a salon and i’m the one who’s helping her in it (she even didn’t accept gifts from me she wasn’t with me for the money) i became good friend with her husband. one day we were joking the three of us. after they left she texted me she told me it’s better even to stop messaging each other. i thought for that day. the next day i texted her she replied aggressively (u don’t get it or u don’t want to stop texting me) and she changed suddenly she even traveled to her sister the day of our 1st anniversary (all her sisters knows me and i met them in person she introduced me to them) i was stupid i begged her to comeback i even changed my place to be close to her work so she can pass i bought a sim card so she will be the only one who contact me on. i loved her so much i know i did lot of mistakes and was so pushy but i will never hurt her and i will do anything just i want her to be happy, i’m lost without her i want her back and i don’t know what to do. my work with women i know lot of them and prettier than her but she touched my heart. i know i’m stupid and crazy but if i can extend the happiness in my life even for one day i will. i was so happy with her. any ideas or solution? (whatever people want to say about me it’s ok i deserve it but at least i’m not lying and i’m sure that there are millions have the same problem but they don’t say it)
    i was even doing the things that he supposed to do and he was careless she compared how good i was and how bad he was

  3. Cory omalley says

    I was in this relationship for 3 year we fight about the smallest things. An she has huge trust issues. So she believed I cheated on her. We were talking about getting married and we have one daughter who is 17months old. My fiancé broke up with me and was living with me for a week then all sudden she is gone and I have a restraining order on me. Why would she do something like this if she loved me

  4. Hi,
    I my fiancé just recently wanted her space and needs to find herself. We dated for 6 years and have twin boys. It’s hard to do the no contact when I see her 2-3 days a week. But it all started when I came on my lunch and she was crying saying I didn’t appreciate, talk, go out enough with her. She kept me around for like 2 weeks then gave me the boot and I found out she had feelings for another guy but he didn’t like her. Now she goes out and drinks every weekend and ignores her responsibilities. I tried to show her I love her and didn’t give her her space and on Saturday she freaked out about it. Now I am giving her her space but she is texting other guys.

  5. Just wanted to know I was with my ex girlfriend for 9 yrs we had our ups n downs happy moments an screaming moments. I’m seeking help for my temper as we speak every week we both moved out she went back with her mothers house with my kids an I got an apartment by myself it’s so hard not being with her I wanna do the no contact rule an not speak an not see her but we have kids together I wanna give her space so how can I do the no contact rule.i miss her so much I just wanna know if I do give her the space that she needs will I be able to get my family back.

  6. Most of what you said seems to make sense. I unwittingly seemed to follow your advice (before actually having received it) almost to a T when I was recently in this position. We were together again for about a week before she broke it off for the second time. She said it was loneliness that caused her to start things, not that she had feelings for me. So understand this really only gets your foot in the door. My friend tried to console me about it after the second break up; he said,”Where you are right now in your relationship is a lot like a game of Jenga. Over the course of your relationship you have been removing blocks and weakening your foundation. Now when you are trying to put back those pieces; understand it will never be as stable as when you started the game.” I realize I still love her, and I want to be with her, but I know at the back of my mind a fresh start is what I really need.

  7. hey i m 16 yrz old nd em frm india, my gf jst brokeup with me 2 months ago cuz we wernt in touch frm a month (cuz i ws abroad) and whn i came back her behav changd and she brokeup wid me we study in same schul and she ignores me and derz a guy whom she lyks frm 3 yearz bt he doesnt give gras to her bt nowadays they both tak…i lv ths gal too much..nw tel me what to do

    • U are young and probably handsome, keep studying hard and move on. There is plenty of fish in the sea and u have lots of time in front of u catch as many as u want

  8. i followed the steps now she give me a chance to hang out and having few drinks, but now i also found out there is another man trying to win her heart since we broke up. have you got any post where it explains how to win her from another man? please can u get back to me soon, i cant lose and i am not willing to either

  9. Ozzy Nero says

    Thanks Richard.

    It has been 10 days since I broke up with her.
    Thanks to some good advices from other friends I’ve managed to cut all kinds of contact with her.

    But I was just wondering. Do you really think 2 weeks are enough?? I’ve been thinking on giving it a little longer. So that she can feel a little bit more lonely.
    Do you think 2 weeks is enough time to get her thinking? I my humble opinion I guess it is too soon, and she might still have mixed feelings, including anger and regret, other than if I wait a little longer and possibilities are that she feel a little bit more lonely and with feelings of loss!

    Any answer would be much appreciated!! Kudos from Brazil!

  10. Hey, I know a lot of people asked you for advise and you might not answer but I’ll try non the less lol. Well here’s my situation & hopefully you can tell me your honest opinion. Well 2009 I meet a woman, we hit it off immediately. Eventually around feb 2010 we got serious, and may 2010 we were in love & made it official. Dated til dec 2010 and due to I’m guessing us working too much she strayed & we broke up. We were in contact for a good while. Eventually I ended up moving on & dated a while without contacting each other but once and a while she would call to see what I was up too, ect ect. She from what I heard from her friends didn’t have luck with her new boyfriends. In fact one day at my job one of her new homegirls came in & says “you don’t know me but I know you, umm you use to date my friend.” Lol I jus laughed. Well around feb 2013 I started getting more txt from her, u know a lot of small talk then a week b4 vday she tells me she missed me & asked me 2 be her valentine. Lol I went along with it thinking it was bcus she was probably lonely. After that she says let’s work on us, in the back of my head I felt like she wanted to but at the same time she was just lonley but I still said ok. As of now I guess this new(or maybe an old) “friend” somehow got her attention & she became distant. I picked up on this and finally last week asked her if she had a special someone and she said yes. So I told her that I felt it & started 2 explore my opitions with someone else(I really didn’t). I said “I was happy 4 her, wished her well & said goodbye.” She responded “well can we still be friends” which I said no & said I truly do wish her the best. She said ok & the next day she said on twitter she made it official with the guy. (Lol wow that was a lot). Well 2 be honest I do love this girl, & we would always say that we were meant 2 be. What do you think I should do? Do you think your method in this article will work in my senario?

  11. Funny that I stumbled upon this. I was in the process of a few of these steps.
    If my girlfriend isn’t sure what she wants, is emotionally unavailable and feels the need to find herself and her independence will this work the same? I have already taken the initiative to fix what has been wrong with me and I’m becoming a much better man but it is only getting her respect.
    She says she stills loves me and has not ended it yet. I told her I would give her time to figure things out and that I can right the wrongs but she seems to be leading on that it has more to do with her.
    I can tell that she really wants to be with me but she doesn’t know what’s best for her.

    All I care about is her happiness. I am willing to make whatever adjustment necessary to give her freedom to find herself and the support she needs to love herself the way that I love her.
    I am not desperate about this situation but I do want her in my life.
    Will this article apply to my situation and is there anything else you would recommend to me so that I can achieve my goals in this situation?

    So far I am feeling very hopeful about this. I feel like she will choose to be with me. I want to ensure that my feelings are right.

    Thank you.

  12. Hi,

    I broke up with my BF in February, thought would be with him forever made me laugh, sexually great etc etc…love him..

    I haven’t been well explained that to him I have had undiagnosed thyroid problem, which causes me mood swings and to be down at times. When I met him I was on antidepressants which helped with the mood but came off them for testing and my mood really dropped, my confidence etc…but didn’t realise was part of illness…

    He was a wheeler dealer type guy, which I knew but he started saying he was working and turned out he was doing a lot of cocaine…he said he was stressed and couldn’t handle my moods..I was upset as he was staying way which lead to rowing etc so he did it even more..and was agressive when I wanted to know where he had been etc..
    I didn’t like the fact he was doing drugs and couldn’t understand why he wanted to be out with other people doing that…felt so hurt but I know I was depressing to be around as have been sick with the hormone problem..

    Then I found out I was pregnant ..and I became very very ill as my cortisol hormone Is very low..was in hospital constantly, he said he was pleased but still out all the time “working” etc and signs he was still doing coke a lot..I was so upset and so ill told him to move out as was never there and I didn’t know whether to believe him anymore when before I trusted him 100%…

    I ended up so ill I lost the baby :(…he was annouyed saying he is homeless and said he didn’t wanted the baby etc…

    I tried one last time , I went to stay with him where he had been living and he had to go out..he came back and I felt like he ws picking a row..then we did have a row and he said he had to go out said don’t want me to go and hopes I’ll still be there when he gets back!

    He didn’t come back til 7am..I should of gone but was too far to walk nd had no money!! He came back and had obviously been doing drugs and wanted to sleep!!! I was so upset he would just leave me there..and why he had to go out the whole night.. He said he loves me so much..

    I got annouyed and said I’m not staying here all day while u sleep and I can’t carry on like it anymore…and he got annouyed with me calling me names etc said just get in bed but I just felt confused and didn’t know what to believe..

    its been 2 months since I’ve heard from him. He said he cares about me and wants to be friend. He said you can love someone but doesn’t mean it will work and maybe it would in the future. I agreed I do love him but it won’t work with his lifestyle if that carries on and the being out all night etc..

    And all what happened about the baby I’m devestated due to my health I lost the baby it was hard to deal with on my own. I did push him away a lot as it was upsetting me that he still contined to go and get out of it…

    it had been two months since last spoke, then he contact a family member of mine wishing hppy birthday. And then late at night I get a unknown number at 12..didn’t answer but know it was him..

    Family member said should get in touch after hurting me and best just leave us alone. He said he always will look out for me and cares about me.

    Then I get a phone call and although I’m getting better now with thyroid ..its still sore to think about how things went down hill with him and loosing the baby…so I did let him know how I had been feeling by text (didn’t answer call) he said why treat him like that when said we will be friends…I said it just hurts still dan..explained I know I was down and depressed pushed u away bla bla bla…

    He said that he cares for me and will always be here if I need him. I said I care for him too but I’m trying to get better and I can’t be in contact right now as it brings back sadness etc obviously coz of the baby as well and coz I love him…

    And I can’t have a baby when better in that environment drugs and don’t want him to do it as it changes him..

    So, I said maybe when I’m better with hormones I will be able to deal with it better. And that I hope he is okay.

    He said he hopes I get better really soon and to keep my chin up and a kiss ….

    I don’t know why he called me, I’ve always just split with boyfriends and not had any contact. I do still love him but couldn’t have that life style and I’m getting older and need stability and a baby..but miss him a lot and am sad that it all went the way it did.

    Do you think he still wants to be with me? I don’t think I could be friends as so much happened and I do still have feelings and wouldn’t want it to stop me moving on if that’s all it would be..

    Don’t mean to sound selfish but maybe. When I’m better and have a life and someone new I’d be friends…but it feels weird him just calling me to sEe how iam..

    And when he says he there for me where was he 6 months ago!!!

    Confused …I’m only just starting tablets and am lonley perhaps then I will just move on..but love him and miss him…so much :( x

  13. hey my case is alot more complicated!!
    I am very angry person and broke up with my ex in feb!! I had startd smokin which she dint lyk she loved me alot wen we wer in relarion i also put many restrictions on her and she followd everythin bt still i felt insecure!! Till 20 march she called me talkd nicely with me bt i dint gave a good response bcoz of some family problems!! When i startd tryin on her she talkd for 2-3 days and dan said dat she dnt want to hav relation with me!! I m very desperate and really love her!! She has a frnd group and two boys always call her qnd talk wit her!! I askd her if she had bf, she said she dint had bf and those guys wer jst her frnds she dnt even lyk their faces!! I tried to convince her till june bt she is nt at all interested!! And she dnt want to talk anymore with me She says she is happy as single and dnt want any relation for now!! What should i do??

  14. Dhruv Bhagat says

    Hi Richard,

    Every thing you explained is just superb!!

    But I have a different problem and I really need help from you!!

    Recently, my ex girlfriend called me and was really upset… She wants to meet me just because to show her current boyfriend (whom she really loves right now) that she is happy with me!!

    She told me the plan and how its gonna be work… Please lemme know whether should I help her?

    She is just using me and nothing else!!

  15. Hi Richard, meetings from Brazil.
    I was desperate, and the first place, I looked was in your blog , the I try to use the tips part by part.
    me and the girl work together was pretty difficult to not go for her or cut everything, but I did and after a month that I begin to use the technics, I have her back now!!!
    Thanks to you!!!
    P.S. one thing that helped me a lot was visualizing her getting back to me, a lot!!! this helped me stay calm and cold, that things will become better, and get my mood higher, what helped me go for another girls in front of her, but I really like only her
    sorry for my English

  16. Florent Devos says

    i wish i watched this video 8 months ago, now shes just moved in with her new boyfriend. It sucks being in love. Even after sleeping with other woman, I still cant completely dettach myself. What if your not sure what cause the breakup, what if it was never completely discussed. She still talks to me and i always tell her about awsum times ive been having camping, surfing, new job and such. I told her i still loved her. I dont even know if i want her back, i just never came in terms with her leaving, i was only with her for 3 years living together. I went to europe with her travel then she left when we got back stayed over at her mums and just dissapeared for 2 weeks. I dont know theres too much in my relationship to explain all details, but i just feel this empty feeling all the time. Like to me she was familly i wanted to travel the world with her, have kids. I get that all people have to say is move on man. But i dunno your advice is very good tho, I dunno if it gets me back the girl i love then dude hi 5

  17. Amazing article, is there any other way like how to get her back if you were apart for a long period

  18. Me and my girlfriend has just split up , and I love her soo much and can’t stand to loose her , we have had biggg rows in the past because of my insecurities of past relationship but everytime we’ve broke up , we go back together the next day , and now some ugly girl has came between us , but I genually looked at her just as a friend , but my girlfriend could see the girl apparently fancies me , she then asked and accused me if I was cheating on her and I obviously wasn’t because I love her , and so we got over that and then we went to a party and that girl was there , but mg girlfriend hugged her and said hello and everything , so I genually thought oh okay maybe it’s okay , I then was sitting down outside and the girl came and gave me a friendly hug , and being in a awkward situation I just gave her a hug back and my girlfriend saw , and now she’s finished it with me properly , she wants all her clothes back , but I have to see her every day because we are dance partners , she still says she loves me and when she came round to talk , we rowed but then acted as if nothing happened and was cuddling and kissing me , and laughing , but we spoke on the phone at night and she doesn’t want to change her mind , I love her with all my heart and I don’t want to loose her , can you please help

  19. i think my girl likes me,she blushes everytime we meet and talk…bt she doesn’t reply to my texts and when she came to i like her and want to move in..she says she doesn’t think of me tht way bt i think she’s lyin..n she’s damn unpredictable..pls tel me wat to do

  20. How do you mean leave the contact. I often see her when we have break at school and she sends me a message on facebook first. Should i ignore her or what? It looks rude to me to ignore message..

  21. Is it ever too late to try and get your ex back?

    • PUA Training says

      If she’s married with 3 kids… then yes :)

      • Haha nah she’s not she recently started dating this other guy that according to her, isn’t close to who I was. But she seems happy.

        • PUA Training says

          If she said that, then you still have a chance. Use everything I mentioned in the video as soon as you can, so that the other guy doesn’t get a chance to stake his claim.

  22. Sounds good but what about if she is in another country (in the first place / distance relationship / I visited her twice in 4 months / the rest over skype ..) ?

  23. Hey Richard.,
    You are the best..i love the way u explain things and im gonna try this one…

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