Good Guy Game: How To Be The Guy Every Woman Wants

Women want these kind of guys in their life.

Notice I said “good” guy… not “nice” guy.

There is a BIG difference between a good guy and a nice guy, women know this and are always on the lookout for a good guy.

They think they want a nice guy, but when they find one, immediately toss him into the friend zone or bulldoze straight over him to get to the bad boy.

Then after being treated like a piece of meat with the bad boy, they then realise that they need a good guy, which sits firmly in between the nice guy and bad boy.

Confused? Let me explain a little further…

What’s the difference between a good guy and a nice guy?

There are quite a few major differences between a good guy and a nice guy, so let me break them down for you.

  • Good guy – He’s emotionally strong, financially stable (career driven), doesn’t take any nonsense from women, isn’t afraid to speak his mind, but also has manners, is very polite and is a grounded well rounded person. He takes care of himself, is friendly, sociable and is the kind of guy you want around on a night out.
  • Nice guy – He’s predictable, needy, has zero self worth, even less self confidence and takes whatever he can get with women. Always seems to send up in the friend zone and doesn’t understand why. He has a good job, doesn’t’ drink a lot, never disagrees with women and always sits on the fence. He basically wants to be liked by everyone.

So now you know the distinction, let’s get into the nitty gritty and discuss how you can start putting certain attractive “good guy” qualities into practice.

Drop the nice guy act

Women like a “real” man, they say that all the friggin time in their silly glossy magazines. What this means though is they want a guy who tells it like it is and isn’t scared of offending women. Now I’m not saying you should be a dick, that’s where guys go wrong when they learn this stuff.

I’m saying, if you’re having a conversation and she says something that you don’t agree with, tell her dude! Say “I couldn’t disagree more and here’s why I think you’re wrong”. On the surface, she may looked pissed off, but deep down she loves it!

Adopt the “good” characteristics of a badboy

We all know that bad boys are complete dicks, but they get laid. Now you seriously don’t have to be a bad boy to get the girls, you just need to adopt the good characteristics that he has (granted, there aren’t many).

1. Don’t show that you’re offended

If you’re having a conversation which gets a little heated and she says something that offends you. Never ever show that you’re offended, it makes you look weak.

2. Think about yourself

A gentleman thinks about women in ways that average guys don’t, by opening the door for her or pulling out her chair. However a “good” guy will also think of himself, so he’ll take time to do what he wants, when he wants and he’ll make damn sure the girl knows it.

For example, if you’re on a date and you’re bored. Tell her you’re bored and tell her what you want to do next, lead her and she will follow. This just says that you’re not a pushover who panders to women’s needs.

3. Remove any emotions

Now it’s fine to be emotional, but you have to show your emotions in the right place. For god sake, please don’t cry in front of her or get overly angry and snap in the heat of the moment, this will kill any attraction she had for you on the spot.

4. Add some drama to the conversation

Women LOVE drama, that’s why they read trashy novels, crap magazines and gossip with their friends about pointless things. They need it to make their lives interesting.

So you need to add level of drama, so it keeps her on her toes. Tell her you like her and don’t call her until she gets back in touch with you, always leave her second guessing and wondering if you’re the type of guy she can settle down with. You have to think like a player almost here.

Challenge her mentally (playful and intellectually)

Aside from drama, women need a playful guy who can tease them both physically and intellectually. So stop being so serious and wind her up once in awhile. Also challenge her intelligence by calling her out on certain points.

Always sexually escalate from the beginning

Men of the world… always show a woman that you want sex and you’re not afraid to show it by sexually escalating. Women love a guy who isn’t sexually mild, you need to show her that you’re getting turned on by her, this is gratifying for a woman and turns her on also.

Nice guys, never escalate that’s why they never get laid.

So there you have it. Be the good guy… not the nice guy or douchebag. The middle is where you’ll get plenty of action, without the hassle.

What women want (interview with a woman)

Now you know that being a good guy is what women look for… here’s what they REALLY want.

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  1. Just wrote you about girl about Walgreen’s wants to meet me again when coming Los she has clothes Business

  2. This was obviously written by another gold digging whore trying to teach men to be pliable to the feminist movement. Women are pros at using passive aggressive tactics to convince others to succumb to their often dream-like state of being.

    Notice the “nice guy” has a “job” but not a “career”? This should be the first clue as to the gold digging lesson being taught here. Or, rather, the “how to be taken advantage by a gold digger” lesson in this case. Let’s break it down:

    Don’t show you’re offended: ~ Whore Translation ~
    “I will say whatever stupid shit I want and if you have an opinion AT ALL this date, and essentially my vagina, is off.”

    Think about yourself: ~ Whore Hidden Agenda ~
    Notice the following paragraph after this statement goes on to describe a date in which the man needs to tell the woman he’s bored then ask permission to go to the next step of the date.
    If I’m buying, you’re flying and to what ever destination my bored ass decides. You feminists want to start treating MEN to dates and actually live up to the word “equality” and we’ll talk about you deciding anything on said “date”.

    Remove any emotions: ~ Whore Translation ~
    “I’m not actually looking for a man, I’m looking for a companion. You know, like this small dog I carry around all the time that has to throw a fit and shit on everything before I remember I have the responsibility of feeding it.” (trust me guys, a gal like this will treat YOU the exact same way once she gets your bank information)

    Add some drama to the conversation: ~ Whore Translation ~
    “Let’s get this started with some back-stabbing and trash talk, that way when I do it to you I don’t have to feel bad, because I know you’re just like me.”

    Gold Digging is EXTREMELY popular now days. Men, remember if you have MONEY you will never lack VAGINA! That’s really all there is to it. Women are looking for money the same way men are looking for tail. The only difference is that men (like throughout all of history) aren’t lazy and are willing to work and do more than open their legs to provide for themselves.

    Women’s equality my foot! Women will NEVER, EVER be equal to us. EVER! We are so superior. Women are quite literally on this earth to have sex and make babies. It’s the reason why women have invented a couple dozen useful things in this world and MEN HAVE INVENTED, MANUFACTURED, and DISTRIBUTED every single thing else.

    “Get back in the kitchen.” ~ Want to know why the free world is so lacking in freedom? Ask women. They’re the ones that not only wanted to vote (which the majority do on feeling and word of mouth rather than information and knowledge) but they also wanted equal pay (for working half as much) and better education (even though their grades will never compare to men’s). Funny how FAR more women are now graduating college than men, yet they can’t seem to find as much success. Wonder why that is. It must be “the man” right?

    WRONG! “The Man” is gone. “The Man” is now “The Public” and “The Public” says it’s your own damn fault ladies. You go from every man having a job and every man providing for his family to women stealing half those jobs and saying “This is MINE that is OURS” and guess what you got? I bunch of underemployed men that don’t really care what women think anymore.


    • Dude you honestly seem pathetic, and most definitely fall under the nice guy category. Try not to be so angry.

    • Yea obvious man u clearly don’t know how to run game on females. There is a lot of truth to what’s said in the article. That’s how I get laid on the regular lol. Matter fact I’m engaged to a former ford model. Not all women care about money. The only thing a women respects in this whole world is honestly. And all a women wants is to have a good time an feel wanted lol. Once u figure that out and quit being a douche U’ll get pussy. Until then have fun beating ur dick lol.

    • Dude, I’m sorry some chick fucked you over and (clearly) fucked you up. You should really seek counseling.

  3. condescending jake says

    No such thing as good and bad boys, they are the whey protein of the fitness world (which means it’s all fluff), its all in your head. Stop being pansies and go get it, how can you get quality women if you’re not quality material yourself, you don’t become quality material by studying ‘game’, it means excelling in ALL areas of life (physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, company, etc) those things come with experience by seeking opportunity and studying worthwhile subjects, books, or people. Above all, girls want a man, not a girly boy (do you like manly girls?), this means: be confident, be masculine , speak clearly with your chest voice, straight back, don’t let your emotions fly off the handle, caring about and giving thought to YOUR opinions and wants. I feel that people here are trying to fill a void by getting as much snatch as possible, but having 3 hook ups on speed dial still won’t cure loneliness like a girl or friend who will trust and understand you.

  4. Be “pleasing” this shows you are equal of above her thoughts. Women don’t want to be Dominated but, they are use to it. A healthy woman is a grown up little girl and are use to that frame. You want to treat them at least as well as what they are use to.

  5. I thought this was a great article up until point #4. The way the first paragraph was written is extremely chauvinistic. I feel as if the same point could have been made without adding in the degradation of women. Although men are generally found to lead the female, that does not make a male superior to a female. Otherwise, like I said, great article.

  6. Hey Richard, in your opinion, how much experience do I need in order to be able to know whether having a girlfriend is right for me? I’m still a virgin, but as far as characteristics in a girl and personality, I believe I do know what I want, because there were countless of opportunities where I could have had sex with a girl, but was not physically attracted to them. In the end it’s really up to me to decide, but you’ve got more experience than me, so I’d like some guidance. Thanks.

  7. don’t netter how mach i try to work on my self ,it just piss mi off so mach wan women tales me : is that all You wont . i just disconnect my self from that woman ,and look for the next .i think it is most degrading think woman can say it showers her twisted and stupid mind .Yee im pretty pist off because of that and i hear it qwait a bit .Hope sun i find one with seance of humor . Next one will tell :is that all You wont ,my answer will be :Ye what the f++k else You have to offer .

  8. Hey guys, i totally agree. The “good” guy is the best way to get some women. I don’t want to say that nice guys haven’t a chance, but if you wanna to improve your level, we should watch over. Mixing experience from bad, nice, shy, funny, romantic etc, choosing what best suit you and adapt to the situation make you a “good” guy. This Article Rocks indeed. The guys have explained in the best way. 10 points to pua training ;)

  9. I slightly disagree with this article. Of course all of this works, but it’s not what I’ve always imagined a good guy to be. Can’t a guy just be himself without ending up a nice guy or a bad guy or following the rules of the “game” and still be succesful? Because that’s what I think is a goodguy.
    Hope I get some response soon. . .

    • PUA Training says

      A good guy is a perfect mix of both, I’ve seen it time and time again. Haven’t read the rules of the game so wouldn’t know what the advice was, but I can tell you first hand women respond te best to good guys. Bad guys get a terrible rep and quickly burn bridges, nice guys get walked all over and good guys run the game.

      • this is good advice, fellas….pay attention!!…i’m 54 and been in the game a long, long time……nice guys get lots of conversation, and no phone numbers……bad boys are a dime a dozen….and women know it, right after one of them jacks her around…….bottom line? think before you act, or talk…

    • “Can’t a guy just be himself” sounds easy, but for most, that “self” has grown up to be a desperately repressed approval-seeker, hiding behind a “bad boy” or “nice guy” mask.

  10. Girls seem to stereotype at first glance, I don’t know if it’s because I’m small or not that handsome! how do you get past this?

    • PUA Training says

      If you’re small, then you can’t do anything about that obviously, so I’d comprimise by going nuts on the social proof side of things. Women will see you as desirable, even though you’re not as tall as they might want. If you’re not that handsome, it’s much easier to appear more handsome these days dude, even the ugliest guys can dress in a unique style and groom themselves so they look awesome. Play with the cards you’ve been dealt bro!

    • Dragonblood says

      Duuude, all you gotta do is open your mouth a little with a lot of confidence!! Use your words to distract her long enough to drop some of her guard so as to hold the convo. once you past that, make it a bit of a sidemission to hold that distraction of words to destroy that stereotype. Leave the normal bob’s to be stereotyped. You wanna be a PUA, act like one. You’re an individual… utilise that to your full advantage!!!


    • Girl from Sydney says

      Hit the gym everyday, alternate between lifting heavy (for big massive muscles) and lifting light (for endurance). Include some testosterone building exercises so you get some of that natural confidence back (you’d be surprised how much we can read just looking at you). A little bit of muscles on a short guy is hot. A lot of muscles on a tall guy is hot too. We are just as visual and shallow about looks as you are. Hook us up to a polygraph and we confess we are into looks as our number one criteria.

      Grow a little bit of a beard /goatee (about an inch) to polarise the difference in the less masculine and you (although I’ve heard most women want that removed at the time of sexual relations)

      Puff your chest out, take up lots of room, get a wingman that will allow you to push him around a bit (and make sure he doesn’t push you back – you may have to repay the favour when he’s trying to impress a girl).

      Once you’ve gotten her attention, stare her out. Dont open your eyes like a creepy stalker, give her bedroom eyes so she knows you dont want to kill her but you want to date her.

      Once you’ve walked up to her, get to know her, have lots of subjects you can talk about. If you screw up with her, think of it as a practice and tomorrow try your conversational skills on another girl. Again if you screw up, it’s not failure, it’s practice to make perfect.

      Once you gotten her passed a conversation
      Direct a girl in what you want, “pass me that ……………, would you”. Tell her we are going to such and such after this, not “What do you want to do”.

    • What girls are ‘stereotyping’ is the fact that your method of approach is that of a man who is trying to play women.
      What women want in a man is one who doesn’t need to read websites like this or be told how to treat someone. That’s it plain and simple.
      At every turn you are treating women as one big category and saying things like ‘what do women want’ and ‘women are complicated’ and always forgetting that they are individual people, this is because you have no sense of self-identity and you are _acting_ like a man when you are barely human. If you play any kind of numbers game on a woman she will know this and will not be interested, that is unless she was also looking for meaningless sex, in which case, you’re perfect, but later you will be on another website complaining about how she, sorry, ‘women’ used you up and moved on and you will be whining like a pussy and looking for more tricks that only work on stupid women.
      And if your are here, thinking about paying a stranger on the internet to tell you how to pull, then you are a stupid person too. The whole attitude is completely wrong and it will never get you what you want, mostly because you don’t know what you want beyond getting laid.

      Know what you want, be yourself and get off your arse and go get it, but don’t blame women if they don’t like the way you treat them and don’t put them all in the same category, that will always lead to failure.

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