How To Date Multiple Women At Once, While Being Honest

Does dating multiple women always lead to heartbreak and dishonesty? Well in my experience… no.

You can if you want to, date multiple girls whilst remaining open and honest with them. That means no sneaky tactics, tricks or games that will cause them to dislike you or even hate you.

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Her expectations and behaviours

Some girls want long term relationships and others want short term relationships, but there are also girls in the middle that are “good girls” meaning they don’t really date.

Not because they have something wrong with them, but mainly because they are just all around good girls.

These girls are the type that have never had a one night stand, rarely kiss guys, don’t stay out too late and party, maybe even still virgins out of choice. Just decent girls.

These girls should be off your radar, because you don’t want to hurt them.

Be sure to ask the right type of questions when you’re on a date with these types of girls so you can get a good understanding of who she is. Her morals, ethics, beliefs etc.

Your behaviours

It’s very important to understand how you are behaving also. Because in most cases you are presenting yourself in a way that may lead to hurting a girl in the long run.

Not building deep connections

You don’t need to focus on deep rapport building if you want to sleep with her. It’s not the only way to fill the time or even turn her on, so she’s attracted enough to have sex with you.

It’s possible to just be funny and not worry so much about the deep serious conversations. You know, keeping it light and fun. No misleading banter.

Sleeping with her quickly

Speed is an important thing too. The quicker you try to have sex with a girl, the more likely it is that she won’t think you could potentially be her boyfriend.

If however you wait for 3, 4 or 5 dates before you sleep with her, then she’s going to start getting feelings for you.

Be honest with her

If she asks you “Are you dating other girls besides me?” your answer should always be yes.

The reason why is simple, you’re not leading her on. You are letting her know that you are a man who’s in demand (very attractive) and she’s not the only girl you are sleeping with.

If she is getting attached and your honesty isn’t repelling her. Then just be less attractive! For example, more clingy, less decisive, less manly etc.

Other smaller things to consider

  • Don’t meet too often (max every 3 or 4 days to keep the right distance)
  • Don’t text her all the time (keep it light)
  • Don’t buy her gifts or give her anything of meaning that you don’t give to other girls

That’s pretty much it. If you follow the advice I’ve laid out above then you will never have an issue with breaking a girls heart because you’re lying to her or being dishonest just to get laid.

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