How To Deal With Objections Like A Pro


Dealing with objections is easy.


Objections will come up with every woman in almost every interaction at some point, which by the way is a GOOD thing. If you’re with a girl and she doesn’t object to anything, then you need to worry. Having said that, if you get objections frequently, then you’re game just needs to be super tight.

Most guys either make up stories or pander to girls so that they can get in their panties quicker. However this is the wrong way to go about it. I use very specific techniques for making sure her objections seem laughable, because they are so ridiculous.

Let’s get into it:

1. Blow every little thing out of proportion with humour

By taking everything she says and blowing it out of proportion in a funny way, you make light of what she’s thinking. What you need to understand is this, most women are brought up by protective (sometimes overly protective) parents and these parents instil beliefs that make them scared or wary of men.

Things like, “all men just want you for sex” or “be careful, girls get raped everyday you know”.

So sometimes you’ll get a girl that says something like “How do I know you’re not a murderer who’s going to rape me”. Obviously this is said in a joking way, but there is a real deep fear of this actually happening to girls.

I respond with something like.. “Well, if you come back to mine for some tea I’ll prove it to you. My apartment is nice, not creepy… red walls, chains hanging from the ceiling and big bolts on the door… also I sound-proofed it recently too, so the neighbours can’t hear anything”.

I’m being dramatic and saying this with a smile at the end. This will open girls up, they will trust you more through laughing about how crazy they are thinking in the moment.

2. Don’t counter her illogical thought process

As I said, most men will counter the objections with needy responses like “No I’m not a murderer, I’m a really nice guy… I promise”. This is boring and unimaginative. Women a lot of the time, come out with illogical thoughts and beliefs, so when you pander to them, it not only reinforces those beliefs but she feels no attraction for you during the conversation.

Use those crazy thinking moments as ways to build deep rapport with her.

3. Asking for permission will lead to objections

When I’m ready to take a girl home and it’s coming to the end of the evening, I don’t do this “Hey, so do you want to come back to mine?”. If you’re Leonardo DiCaprio, then the answer will always be yes, however if you’re a normal guy like me, then the answer will almost always be no, unless you do the following…

At the end of the interaction, pay the bill, order a taxi and say to her “Cool… ready? Let’s go”.

Don’t say anything else after that, the plan is to take her back to your place.

If she doesn’t say anything, then great. But if she does say something like “Where are we going?”. You can say, “back to my place”. If she objects, just say… “Only for a tea, then I’ll get you a taxi home”.

Once she’s in your place, as long as you don’t go full retard… she will sleep with you.

4. Don’t make leaving a big deal (be casual)

Casual assumption is the best way to get girls back to your place. In my early days I used to dread the interaction coming to an end, in fear that she would say no to me asking her to come back. Later on in life I learned that you just don’t ask. When you lead, most girls just follow and then when they question you, all you do is tell the truth in a casual way and they continue to follow. Simple.

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