Is She A Ball Breaker? How To Deal With Women That Play Hard To Get

Here's how to turn her into a softie.

Here’s how to turn her into a softie.

Have you ever been out with a girl that you really liked, but she ended up playing hard to get… which made you frustrated and you just couldn’t be bothered to chase her?

Yep. This happens a lot bro.

Women that play hard to get are seriously annoying and they wonder why they can’t find any “good guys” right?

I actually had a woman recently who was a REAL ball breaker, I’m talking not giving a f*ck about me… but luckily I read the signs that she was horny and kept plowing on… weeks went by.

But you know what? I finally got her in the sack. Bam!

Now I’m seeing her a few times per week and she was so worth it.

Amazing in bed, great personality and a witty sense of humour. A rare breed of woman.

So this got me thinking and I decided I’d write a little post on how to deal with women that play hard to get.

Before we get into the finer points, let’s first discuss why it happens.

WAIT! One of the best ways to turn her from a ball breaker, into a softie is by texting her properly. Most guys have no idea how to text, so you will stand out. Watch this video and you’ll see what I mean.

Why women play hard to get

There are 3 main reasons why women love playing hard to get and they are all total bullshit.

1. They read it in the magazines

Yeah I know, stupid right? But it’s true. Women hold glossy magazine relationship advice in high regard. They read these crappy tips which have been made up by “relationship experts” which tells them to keep men chasing them.

2. They don’t want to be seen as “easy”

Women have a BIG issue when it comes to social stigma. They hate being seen as whores, cheap, easy or cheaters so will do whatever it takes to keep themselves away from those associations.

3. They want a man who is strong, secure and confident

It’s ingrained in them I’m afraid. Women love a man who is mentally capable of matching them, so they go crazy for the confident secure guys.

So you’ll probably see girls play the hard to get card at 2 stages, the first being before you get the number and second being after you get the number.

Before the number…

Watch for the signals

Remember this… what women SAY and what they DO are very different. So make sure you get good at reading signals.

  • Does she look for a few seconds? Playing hard to get even starts before you’ve even muttered a word to her, so get ready for it. If she looks over at you as you walk past her… it’s game on. Use a forced IOI to grab her attention.
  • Does she look twice? The first look may have been a fluke, but you can take the second look as a solid “YES I like you”.
  • Is she using flirtatious body language? If she’s standing close to you, playing with her hair, laughing loudly to get your attention… and just acting overly flirtatious it’s because she is hoping you will man up and talk to her.

Plough through the sh*t test

So you’ve decided you want to be a man and approached her… even though she gave you “the signals” it aint as easy as you think dude. It’s time to handle her shit tests.

  • Don’t stop trying if she says no – Let’s say you’ve been talking to her for 10 minutes and you ask for her number… but she says no. Don’t stop there, build some more rapport, connect a little more and ask again later. Don’t let that “no” affect your game.
  • Never look desperate – If you look desperate, women will smell it. Keep your cool around her and don’t slip into lost puppy mode, otherwise she’ll toss you around (not in a good way) and throw you out.
  • Build rapport, break rapport and escalate – Keep these in mind, if you build rapport and then break rapport… you’re connecting and attraction is being established. Then all you need to do is add a touch of sexual escalation and bam, you’re in.

After the number…

Hook her with an intriguing text

Do you have strong text game? If so, then ball breakers will be no match for your skills… if you suck, then here’s what you need to do.

  • Funny, witty and easy to respond to – The first text after you’ve gotten the number is very important. It needs to spark the same attraction you had when you left the interaction. Now women that like to play games, will use texting as a powerful tool to keep men on their toes, it’s up to you to stop this from happening. Text her something that will get her attention, make her smile and want to reply. So something like this… “OMG… I’ve just this second seen a girl who looked just like you outside Starbucks dressed as a giant cookie… please tell me that’s now you??
  • Get her on the phone – If you want to, getting her on the phone is a great way to continue building rapport and you can easily end the conversation by saying something like “…Listen, I need to meet with some friends, but we should meet this Thursday night if you’re free?”

Don’t be emotional

Are you an emotional guy? Then you’re unfortunately going to find it hard to attract women, because you let your emotions get the better of you.

  • Don’t react to what she says – Women like to throw bombshells into a conversation because they like to get a reaction. Whatever they say, you must remain calm and unphased by what she says.
  • Keep calm when she acts strange – They will also try different things like being flirty one minute and cold the next. Again these are mind games they have picked up in magazines to make you want them more… just play it cool and act like nothing has happened.

So that’s how to deal with women that play hard to get.

The trick is to just play the game and keep plowing until she breaks. Don’t give up, trust me they are doing it for the drama, attention and to see if you’re the real deal.

LISTEN UP! If you want to make sure she never breaks your balls again… watch this video.

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    • And That Is No Lie says

      Most of the women unfortunately nowadays need help very badly as it is. And most of them are beyond help anyway.

  2. I was dating a gal for 8 months and next month i was having a conversation with her friend and i told her friend that she was not serious about our relationship and my girlfriend go angry with me and i was nt aware of that then the time i noticed i tried to get her back but she moved i want her back i realy love her i mean she means a world to me help what should i do

  3. Gentlemen are ladies’ soul mates. Well, despite the flaws humans have, it’s great to work together as a couple. Sometimes, we do step out the boundaries, so let’s guide one another and never to give up provided if the person is worth it.

    Women love being chased but the ones who r worth waiting are those women whom u feel care and tender towards. If the women shows concern no matter how hard she plays, she may like u… U may be her suitor. Pls be a man by all means. Most of the women I know who r married, their hubby chased them…

    If u can accept the ladies flaw, she just wants to be love. If u don’t chase her, she may not be happy in marriage. Make her feel more feminine while u feel masculine and together both men and women make compatible partner.

    • I disagree with u man. That is a doormat attitude. If i tell a girl i want her, and she tells me she wants to be friends or other excuse. I move on. Women out number us 3 to 1. Why chase one when u could go out with more, and find a real woman not a girl with stupid games of cat and mouse. A girl did that to me last month. We stayed as friends her wished. We went out in a group. Hook up with her friend took her home. Now she wont talk to me or the girl. Thats what happens when they play games. In the end. I confront her and ask why she is so butt hurt we are friends. She told me she liked me so i told her to find a boy whi wants to play games im a man.

  4. many women nowadays certainly need to be better educated.

  5. robby B.M.T says

    hi guys, okay, am a student in my first year of college, met this really cute girl in campus, who i have known for like three months now, she claims she has a boyfriend, but we kiss and flirt.i love her and i have told her that i do, and the next thing she says is that she has a boyfriend, though she says she loves me too. is she using me as a decoy or do i stand a chance over her, and does she really have a boyfriend or is she trying to make me jealous, and right were she wants me to be?

  6. i rllllyy need some help, i met this girl 2 days ago and we gave each others numbers when we immediately met (well i asked for her number but she told me to give me my number to her and she’ll text me, AND SHE DID) and tht day after work we texted for like an hour and she kept asking me me hu i was and repeating how we met and kept asking little details about me, and saying we shud hang out sometime. the next day i texted her we talked pretty good, she called me cute and stuff THEN BAM she stopped talking so much and wen i asked her if she was free the next day maybe we can hang out, she changed the subject, then suddenly, just like tht, didn’t respond or reply, this left me completely and untterly confused? did i scare her away (im very outgoing and friendly and she’s quite shy) I RLLY LIKE HER i need some advice, did she lost interest or is she just playing hard to get!?

    • My advice is to tell her how you feel. Do not wait we live only once. She will tell u yes or no so you could move on. But before u tell her to be tour chick. Go out touch her flirt. If she gives u the signs kiss her and tell her how u feel

  7. women that play hard to get need to grow up, and they are very stupid in the first place. that just shows you how many uneducated women we have out there today, especially when there are many of us serious straight guys looking to meet a good woman today. and i really don’t expect to get cursed at when i am trying to start a conversation with a woman that i would really like to meet, and it did happen to me. there seems to be much more gay women nowadays that i have noticed, and that may have something to do with it.

  8. women that play hard to get haven’t grown up yet, and it is bad enough that many of them are so very hard to start a normal conversation with. many of us men should not be blamed for everything, since there are many of us very serious men looking to meet a good woman and have a good relationship too. it is very sad how women have changed over the years, and they are nothing like the women were back then. my aunt and uncle are starting their 65th year together, and that just shows you how long many marriages had lasted. most of the women are the reason why the divorce rate is so out of control today, since many of them like to cheat so much now. i myself was married for fifteen years, before she cheated on me. i was certainly a one woman man at the time, knowing what i had at home and didn’t have to go out looking for it anymore.

  9. Ok so there’s this girl I like but she’s sort of playing hard to get. I’m kind of quiet and shy and surprisingly she is too I see her talk to her friend all the time but when I try to talk to her she won’t say much and it’s hard for me to keep up a conversation with anyone I don’t know so well and then when I’m talking to her she doesn’t say much and then there’s an awkward silence for a minute and I try to say anything so I can get her to talk to me. Another problem is she doesn’t like to text she says this to me but I don’t know if she actually doesn’t text anyone, I know she texts her friend because girls talk all the time. There was only one time where I actually had a conversation with her on texting but she would take forever to text back. I’ve actually followed some of the steps on here like I would try to not talk to her for a few days or text her so I wouldn’t look desperate. Now I don’t know if she isn’t interested in me or if she is too shy to talk to me, I really like her and I want to get her to be my girlfriend can you give me some advice?

    • Hm….. You’d have to try to beat her at her own game, I mean the fact you don’t wanna look desperate. Hm… But for me whenever I’m in your position, I”ll just be care free, and would just ignore her and I would just play oblivious. And ifI you’re gonna use this, you’ll need to make her see you looking at her and when she does no need to loook away just look at her, she’ll probably think that you’re pussling, why you had liked her in the first place. If she has feelings for you, You’re sure to get her by showing loss of interest. You also have to show independence and at the same time you find her appealing. But even if she comes to you, you’d continue pulling her strings; she fall easily in your hand. But if she does show interest I mean, she stop talking to you completely, just leave her be, Hm…. One less girl…. Girls still play the hard to get game whenever I try to get them, but it always fall in my favour, Hm….. Just don’t think for a split second that you need her..

  10. Ok so there this girl right, with been friends for quite a while now, known each othe since yr 7, and now in 11) and we could talk to each other about anything,..i mean we sometimes talked about my dick and her….Mad shit right! its sad how i aint fucked her yet, – the only reason i aint done it is bcoz shes really religous so tht sucks….u can tell tho that we ‘WAS’ close…but anyway, this one time my friend comes up to me saying tht the girl likes me and i didnt kno what to do, i mean i would DEFO bang it ( body of an angel, big ass and boobs) but i dont want to ruin our friendship because she liked me… oh well, i didnt care, i still went to her during school, (alone in at the top of this staircase) we kissed, but then it was reeeeeeal awkward… terrible thing, i hated the shit, any way , weirdly it was so awkward we didnt speak till later the day, . we both discussed our feelings and she says to me tht she cant go out with boys anymore coz of her religion (LIES, coz she used to tell me all the boys she checked) and i said thts fine, but inside im thinkin WTF DUDE! she loved me off so much then thts all shes got?? anyways couple months after we kiinda drifted apart and she now trys the same thing my 2 closest friends (dosent work tho) i dont kno what kinda shit shes pulling , but jealousy is not working on me….then when i dont speak to her at alll / ignore her .. FINALLY move on..she always come back . Its f*cking annoying!!!
    Everytime im playing football, i can just see her speaking to my friend always hugging him and tht .(he dont care) always saying ” can i have your jacket plzz” begging it basiccaly.
    its got to the point to it was we were close friends who can talk about anything without the slightest shyness, and now its like we speak at all…

  11. women that play hard to get are not worth the time of day, and seriously have a very bad attitude problem too. women are certainly not like they use to be nowadays when they were much better educated years ago, and accepted their men for who they were. today so many women are looking for a man with a very large bank account, and you women really need to grow up. i am a very serious straight good man that had been married myself at one time, and i was a very caring and loving husband before she cheated on me. many women just can’t seem to be committed to just only one man anymore, and need to have a different boyfriend for each day of the week. i can easily commit to just one woman, but finding the right one will be very hard for me now. whatever happened to the real good women that we had back in the fifties and sixties?, and they were certainly a lot nicer and easier to meet too.

    • Yes, and everything was so much lovelier back then when the woman’s job was to tend the home and listen to their husband :/ Listen, the thing is that men play games and women play games and neither one is better than the other. Many times if a woman plays hard to get it’s because she wants the man to put in some kind of effort to show that she’s special and not “just another lay.” Most women who date several men at one time do so because they’ve done the monogamous, put-your-hear-completely-on-the-line relationship so many times and aren’t going to waste all their time and love on someone unless he’s “the one” and isn’t going to break their heart.

      • I agree with this comment. Could not have put it any better. No one wants to end up with a douche. Think of it as a vetting process.

        • while i agree that men and women both do it, ask yourselves this: if men date multiple women at any one time, would it still be an acceptable vetting process? Or would he be labled a player?

          Women/Men, just keep it real and stop using your past experiences as an excuse. opening the emotional door lets in the bad WITH the good… playing games just proves you arent strong enough to handle the heat.

          no hate here but please, think before lashing out comments.


        • Setu Madhavan says

          Lol. Look at the comments by the two ladies above.

          Kara writes this:

          ‘Many times if a woman plays hard to get it’s because she wants the man to put in some kind of effort to show that she’s special and not “just another lay.”’

          And then immediately in the next line, writes this:
          “Most women who date several men at one time do so because they’ve done the monogamous, put-your-hear-completely-on-the-line relationship so many times and aren’t going to waste all their time and love on someone unless he’s “the one” and isn’t going to break their heart.”

          Think about what Kara just stated. A woman wants MEN TO PUT IN EFFORT to show that THE WOMAN IS SPECIAL and NOT JUST ANOTHER LAY. (In other words, women don’t appreciate men who are looking to sleep around. Women want men to treat them as that SPECIAL SOMEONE).

          But in the very next statement the same lady Kara has a TOTALLY DIFFERENT standard/yardstick/rule applying to women:

          “Most women who date several men at one time do so because they’ve done the monogamous, put-your-hear-completely-on-the-line relationship so many times and aren’t going to waste all their time and love on someone unless he’s “the one” and isn’t going to break their heart.”

          In other words, while Kara doesnt like men who sleep around and treat women as JUST ANOTHER LAY, offers full justification when women sleep around. Wow! You see, women sleep around with several men because they have done the monogamous routine and its wasting all their time and love on one man. Unless he’s ‘the one’ and ‘isnt going to break their heart’ it is not worth it to be exclusive/dedicated to just one man.

          Somehow…somehow…when men do the exact same thing, that is not acceptable. But when women do it, well it is somehow justified. It is all men’s fault, you see.

          So this lady Kara first says that women play hard to get because they want men to put in some effort to show that SHE IS SPECIAL and not JUST ANOTHER LAY.

          And what does another woman Sheila have to say in response to Kara’s double standard? Well Sheila supports and justified what Kara stated:

          “I agree with this comment. Could not have put it any better. No one wants to end up with a douche. Think of it as a vetting process.”

 when men sleep around with different women, they are bad guys, players etc etc. But when women sleep around with multiple men…it is nothing but a mere vetting process, because when don’t want to end up with a douche!

          Wow, somehow in women logic, only women are okay using this ‘vetting process’ of sleeping with multiple men. If men do the same ‘vetting process’ of sleeping with multiple women, then women are not happy. LOL. you just cannot make this stuff up. Classic example of women logic.

    • Ok, so for you and all the other guys who keep complaining about being cussed at by a woman, and how immature they are must be confusing being rejected with playing hard to get. If a woman xusses you out and tells you to get lost it means shes not interested. If a girl is really into you and is,playing hard to get getting cussed out probably isnr gonna happen. And youre talking about women being uneducated? Perhaps being able to accept being rejected is not one of your strongpoints. Either way yours and tge comments like it seem ignorant and uneducated

  12. First I’d like to add that if a woman pursues a man IN ANY WAY he will either lose interest or use her. So this whole thing of “playing” hard to get isn’t as much about games as some guys like to claim. It’s much more about conforming to male psychology. I am a go-getting, assertive, a female warrior/huntress….but where this attitude works for career, it DOESN’T WORK WITH MEN. Guys I’m not interested in have always chased me, guys I like never have if I chased them at the same time. So I had to learn to treat guys I like the same as guys I don’t like. It’s not about games, it’s about biology and what works to attract men. At least isn’t not about gaming boys for me, I can say that there are definitely women who do run obvious games, I just want to communicate that not all women who “play hard to get” are intentially trying to run some manipulative game, they are just trying to act as men will react to in a positive way.

    Additionally I would like to add that a true ball breaker will ignore text messages, because we know that men who text are either insecure or a playa’ (at least mature women, young girls still think texting and chasing boys is proper ettiquette) If she wants a real man who’ll make a real committment she will ignore texts and he will either get it and call her, or he will get no dates.

    • Your logic is flawed. There is no guarantee every guy will lose interest in a girl that pursues him. Some guys actually do want a game-free relationship. I don’t know why all women label guys as “players.” But you know what will make a guy lose interest? Women who give attitudes or cold one-word answers. Big turn-offs..It’s one thing to play hard-to-get, but impossible-to-get is what women play nowadays and it’s gross. It’s just a shame how most women are no longer friendly like they were 5-10 years ago.

      • Im going through this right now. She promptly replies to messages, returns phone calls and has accepted a 3rd date. We have been close, (no sex, but some escalated kissing). I will continue to ‘plough through’ as the article suggests but I must say, her lack of effort is killing the excitement and very frustrating, quite frankly I dont think I will put up with it for very long, whether its a shit test or not.
        Ladies, you have it wrong if you believe playing under the guise of ‘hard to get’ is attractive to a man. If a better offer comes along, its going to be her loss.

      • agreed… no games for me

  13. women that play hard to get are such losers in the first place, and many of the women today do certainly have a very serious attitude problem too.

  14. There is this girl I talk to a few times in the past fortnight. The second last time I chatted with her she said at the end of a convo was hopefully see u soon. Anyway the next and last time we chatted I asked for her number which she gave. I gave her a text later that day but got no reply. Wat do u think lost cause or she just playing hard to get??

  15. I like this girl, she’s my schoolmate. I went out with her once. she smiles a lot to me in class everywhere, I got attracted, I always ask her to study with me and shes said she available at the library usually. However on a sudden day she stops smiling. An act all not interested looking away. She seems to avoid me. she hide somewhere to study but I caught her. I consult her why is she sad nowadays and than She smiled which she gave that old smile she usually gave. but immediately she show that not interested face again, the poker face. And today the whole period she didnt seems to be interested looking away from me and even ask her bestfriend(lives another part) to come along with him when we are going back home. However I still do notice she keeps looking at me once a while in class but when i look at her shes not interested or not looking at me at all. she does not reply my messages this few days and had been busy. But when I speaks to her She smiled which makes me really happy for a moment and than gave the poker face again. Fustrating and confused! Is she playing hard to get or is she not interested in me? need your help.

  16. Guys I really need ur help there is a girl that I usually see around and we always look into each others eyes but I dismiss it after 2-3 seconds however after 2 weeks she saw me and stopped me after i opened two doors for her and started a convo what’s ur name etc and she even replaced the elevator and took the stairs just to walk with me and continue the convo after that she left to do her work however after 20 mins she came back with a friend and started to mimic my moves with a smiley face while i was talking to my friend then she waved and left. after a week I saw her in the library and she was with the same friend we had a quick convo then she invited me to go out and eat with her and her friend. We had a Gd time and she gave me few obvious compliment like u r gentleman etc. her being friendly continued for a week but after that she started to blank me and act like she doesn’t care. Another thing when we hug each other she gently grabs my hand and holds it until I pull it away and this happened twice. Her actions are confusing me and I don’t know what to do and I don’t know if she likes me or not. I need ur help ASAP.
    Thanks in advance.

  17. (1) I was in NY and I was in a mall . I saw this beautiful girl. Never saw someone like her before. She was workin at a store called Michael Kors . I tried on some glasses they have there and went up to her and asked “how do I look?” she said that those glasses looked fine on me. Then I tried another pair and she said those are good too but the ones I had on before , she preferred. Then I had said really? Thanks and I took them off and had a conversation with Her. Made eye contact and all. But near the end of the convo I asked if I could hit her up sometime and she smiled and said she has a Boyfriend . But I think she was sort of testing me I don’t know. So I thought of something quick and Said , oh no. You’re and interesting person and she took my phone and put in her number. She was like “you could look me up on Facebook too” I said ahh I don’t really go on there ” She then said “oh I only go on there when I’m bored” . Then I lightly shook her hand. Said my name, she said hers and i said I had to go. Then she said alright then we said bye.

  18. I met this girl and got her number she told me she doesnt like to be the first one to text and that i can text her anytime.At some points ill be texting her and she wil stop replying or she will tell me that she will brb her sister needs her and she wont text back until i text her indont no if shes playing the game or wat

  19. women that play hard to get are such losers in the first place, and it is bad enough that many of them have such an attitude problem to begin with. so many low life loser women that we have out there today, and they were certainly much better educated year ago. there are many of us good straight men that are looking for a good woman to meet, but the way that the women have changed makes it much more difficult for us. i can’t blame myself for so many women that seem to play games, and then turn around to date loser other men that treat them like shit anyway. many women today like men with a very large bank account, and they take advantage of them as well. with so many women these days that are into other women now, that just shows you how brain dead that many of them are now.

  20. So after reading that last comment….sounds like she is using you as a emotional tampoon!:( not a good thing!
    Tell her she is too imature for you to be dating…you prefer older more mature women
    And when she brings up boy friends…tell her listen. Honey sounds like you need some counseling
    I do counseling for 200.00 bucks per hour…two hour min…and I’m a little busy right now!
    Also take her out and flirt hard core with every girl you see…introduce her as your sister!:)
    Who is the prize….you or her? Eggs are easy to get…find good seed!:)
    I’m done…work on inner game…just saying! I come in love and peace!:)

  21. I have no trouble with confidence going up to girls and meeting them, striking up conversations. But I find that after about 5-10 mins of chatting they start to get bored. They enjoy the first bit, they obviously don’t mind at first. I usually try and keep the conversation focused on them. But it isn’t true that all women like to talk about themselves. At least not more than for a few minutes. What tips do you have for escalating a conversation so that it becomes a little flirty and fun and they want to keep talking to you.

  22. I am a 17 year old asian boy who is currently trying to have some success in female attraction. I keep a notebook with all the short interactions I have with different girls. The setup goes as follows: Name, Summary, Pros, Cons, What to Work On, Overall Score. I met this beautiful russian girl at the beginning of the year and for some time (4-5 wks) she would be willing to come over to me before class started and start a conversation. Usually all I can manage is to laugh and smile with short objections. Now, she just simply walks by and almost ignores me (no glances) unless I call her name. I am not afraid to touch her or approach her. It just seems the attraction went away. Any Advice?

  23. Ok heres one. I know this girl. We first meet while i was involved with another girl. We made out a little. Mothing mucha little kiss and tickle. No sex. At any rate about a month ago. We made out a little again. Then out of the blue she hit the brakes. It was like go brake go brake go brake then she asked me to take her home. She says im too old for her. Any ideas as to her game. I know she doesn’t want to seem to easy. But dam. Oh and she keeps calling and texting me about her boyfriends.

  24. There’s this girl with I like who is perfect… except that she has a boyfriend. They seem to be okay together. How do I handle this?

    • PUA Training says

      You leave her alone to be happy? If she’s not happy then just wait on the sidelines and make your move, but if she is then you should leave her be.

  25. I met this girl at school a couple of months ago, and we are in a couple of classes together, and she showed interest for me from the very beginning, but we both had someone. I broke up with my girlfriend, and I dont really like messing someone else’s relationship, so I kept some distance and meet different girls in our classes and outside, always keeping some interaction, even one day, kinda joking, I got her to talk about my penis (hahahaha). 2 weeks ago I told her we should go grab a bite, something I actually owed her from very beginning I met her, and she couldnt the day I told her, we changed it for the next weekend and kept it cool while we were at school. I told her to tell me if she could, since her mother was at the hospital. But she never told me anything, I called her and didnt answer. Week passed by and tried to keep it cool, but was actually pretty mad and kept some distance. That friday a friend in common was celebrating his birthday, so when I was in my way to the bar, she phoned me and asked if we could get there together, since she was afraid to get there on her own. I went to her place and we headed to the bar.

    At the place everything was ok, but since she didnt knew many people I felt kinda forced to stay with her. I broke and asked her what happened last saturday and answered, “I thought we said I was gonna tell you if I could.” I knew it was a bunch of BS, so decided to star talking with some girls at the table, one instantly showes interest on me (not very attractive) and kept the chit chat, then she did the same. Kept it going, reeling her every now and then. In the end when I took her back to her place i leaned for a kiss and got totally rejected. And said how “she wasnt an easy girl and she had feelings for her ex, yadda yadda” I told her it was ok and walked her back to her home and headed back to my place.

    I guess at the end I broke fast and looked way too needy, right now things are ok with her, yet I don’t know if there is something to save or leave it. It might be an ego thing for losing this easy set.

  26. So o started talking to this girl and then I got her number and so then I overtexted her and so she’s annoyed but I apologized but she’s now ignoring me in school and by text and recently she texted me saying she has a thing for another guy when I asked what was going on……what is she doing is she playing hard to get

    • PUA Training says

      Nope, you just ruined it by being too needy. It happens to all of us, best thing you can do is let her see you around other girls and texting other girls, so she gets a little jealous.

  27. I really like this girl, who is kind of a ball breaker. Sometimes she really plays hard to get, but when I stop texting her for awhile, she texts me. She says Im cool and stuff, but I don’t know how to take it to the next level. Her friends tell me she is a hell of a ball breaker with other guys not me, but I really feel shes playing hard on me and I don’t interest her. Help me, do I have and opportunity with her? or am I just another guy for her?

    • PUA Training says

      Keep playing it cool and act as if you have other options. So when you’re around her, say things like… “Listen it was cool seeing you again, but I need to meet with some friends tonight… let’s meet for a coffee or something next week”. Take her to some nice bars, be very sexual but also laid back at times so you don’t come across too strong. Basically ball breakers want guys to work hard for them, because they have options themselves, so you need to make it clear to her that your a catch, so she needs to work for you.

  28. Hey, I total suck @ getting laid, each time I meet new girls they like me @ first but after a while I can’t tell if they still like. What could be the P? Am I too nice or needy cos I know am fairly handsome

  29. hey ,
    i have this thing happening to me ,i happen to be pushed away by galz and some time l8r they den come back wen i have moved on.i dnt knw y this happenz nd how to get the results wth the first hit.

    • PUA Training says

      Be the same guy you are when you’ve moved on… when you first meet them. Meaning, don’t be so needy. I reckon that might be the vibe you’re giving off.

  30. Hey,
    I met this girl 5 years ago on holiday. We instantly fell in love and stayed in touch for a good 3 years. She was totally obsessed with me and i loved it. However, The distance was eating away at me and I began to ignore her on and off for 2 years! Recently, it has seemed she has given up with me and although she says she wants a future with me, we are barely talking to each other. It is always me starting the convo. If I don’t start the convo, we could easily ignore each other for weeks. She says that it’s an important year for her because its her final year at Uni, but I just don’t know what to do !?

    • PUA Training says

      Play it cool. To be honest, you screwed up by giving her the cold shoulder for 2 years, so now you need to back peddle a bit. Just keep it cool, send a few txt’s here and there, keeping the connection alive. If it is her final year, then she may be under pressure so you can’t blame her. If she’s very distant, then there’s a chance she may be seeing another guy, so it’s important to meet up with her, build some rapport, kick of the sexual attraction again and keep it moving.

  31. Been going out with this Mexican girl and she’s a real ball breaker. We’ve gone out a few times, great times, she’s super cuter, much younger than me … I’ve only tried to kiss her once and then she goes ‘I’ve got a boyfriend back home’ … and I’m like woooot … obviously there must be a reason why she had never mentioned him. So she’d be driving me crazy. Came over to my place, cooked dinner, couple of bottles of wine, so relaxed, kinda dancing but she still wouldn’t let me do anything else. And she said ‘let’s cuddle’. What the fuck, seriously! What girl says that geee … so we cuddled, stayed in the same bed overnight but nothng happened. My friends tell me she just wants attention that’s all … so not really sure what to do at this stage, I’ve been pretty much ignoring her, waiting for her to ask me out etc … but it’s been pretty obvious that I like her so she’s got all the cards to play with …

    • You need to escalate more confidently, qualify (see posts about that) and next her if she is just keeping you on the hook. Remember there are 5 more just like her you can open today.

    • Thom, I live in Mexico… it’s not the first time I hear what you say. Girls in Mexico are a lot more conservative and therefore you need to work a serious relationship out before escalating

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