How To Easily Get Her Number Fast

This is it.

It’s where the rubber meets the road. It’s where the boys get seperated from the men.

Going for the number… Here’s how you do it.

Now listen, I’ve been in the game long enough to see where most guys go wrong. Nine times out of ten, guys talk nervously for ten minutes and then stutter out a request for the girl’s number. It doesn’t work and they get blown out. It is possible to make a connection by small-talking someone, but it takes ages.

There are better ways to do it. Try this. The next time you are talking to a hot girl, keep in mind that you should be directing the conversation towards the goal of getting her number at all times. Those kinds of conversations are based around connections and common interests.

Here are a few questions that I might ask if I was trying to make a connection. Try them out.

  • What does she do when she isn’t working?
  • How does she spend her time?
  • What food does she like?
  • What places does she like to go to in the evening?
  • Is she a party girl?
  • Does she like the arts?
  • What is something she would like to do but hasn’t yet (e.g. salsa class)?

You might think that these questions would lead into the small-talk I told you to avoid. They don’t have to. They are common interest questions that lead to possible connections. Here’s how I would take a question like that and cash it into a number close.

Me: What places do you like to go in the evening?

Her: I like club/bar X.

Me: Cool, its good there, have you ever been to club Y?

Her: Yeah/No

Me: Well, me and some friends are going there on X day, you should

Her: Yeah/okay

You: Excellent, give me your number.

Or try this one:

Me: What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

Her: I like to go to the theatre/exhibitions/museums/ballet.

Me: Have you been to that new show/exhibition/whatever?

Her: No

Me: Me neither, we should go

Her: Okay, sure.

Me: Great, give me your number.

Do you see what both have in common? Neither conversation features me directly asking for her phone number. By having her agree to do something with me, it’s absolutely natural that she should want to give me her number. In fact, it wouldn’t be unusual for the girl to offer me her number without me asking. It just seems like the thing for her to do. Smooth, right?

Now, I’m not saying it will always be easy to find a connection – you might be too busy to do it, or, for whatever reason, the conversation isn’t flowing like the ones above. In those cases, pull out your trusty all-purpose number close. This one:

Me: You’re cool/It’s interesting talking to you, we should hang out.

Her: Yeah.

Me: What are you doing on Thursday?

Her: Blah. Here’s my number…

Getting the meeting

Even after getting a number, it can be difficult to convert that into a date or another meeting. Here’s what to do!

As she is giving you her number, take her phone and enter yours into the memory. That way, she’ll know it is you when you call. Make sure you’ve arranged something you can do together as described above. And, most importantly, arrange a date there and then. If you’ve already arranged a date, she will be thinking about it. When you call her she will be expecting it. She’ll take the call rather than screening it with voicemail and then binning your message.

There we have it – the do’s and don’ts of getting phone numbers.

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  1. Gregory Magarshak says:

    That is definitely true. I wanted to share what I think is the shortest way to a solid number:

    1) Display excellence in something that interests her
    2) When asked about it, give unsatisfactory answers (this is key!)
    3) When pressed further, ask questions about her before answering, which make her feel good.

    “Listen, let me ask you something. What is your favorite band? When was the last time you went to a concert of theirs?” (assuming your excellence was in music)

    4) Then take turns revealing more about yourself, and asking her deeper and deeper questions which PUAs call “qualification”

    “Yeah, I started when I was around 14 … haha, what did you do when you were 14? Come on, tell me something you were really good at when you were a teenager”
    “So tell me a little about you. You seem like you’re a bit of an artist. … Oh yeah, anything I might have seen? ;-)”


    5) Bring up the topic that you’re excellent in, but this time in actionable present terms. Find something you both like, and make plans. The formula is something like:

    “Hey check it out, there’s a ____________ happening next week(1). I would be really cool to show you ___________.(2) You should come with me.(3) … Awesome!(4), what’s the best way of staying in touch?(5)”

    There are 5 subtle things here which are designed to maximize the chances of her saying yes, but you can probably break all 5 at this point, because if you really built a connection and she’s really impressed by whatever it is you do, it would set up a great date, as you will be showing her more about stuff you’re good at. As Will Smith says, “take her somewhere you are COMPETENT.”

    The 5 things are:
    (1) don’t make it too specific to lower chances of her saying no purely out of scheduling conflicts
    (2) imply you are planning to put in some effort, before asking for something — a subtle sign of respect
    (3) expect her to agree and be on the same page, instead of fast-talking your way to a number
    (4) reinforce the yes to a mutual YES! so it sticks out more in her mind — and yours, btw :) Plus it’s fun.
    (5) Get HER to tell YOU the best way of staying in touch, since you never know this girl’s individual preferences.

    And that’s all boys and girls. I would say this is the most solid close. You could talk for a little bit more and leaving on a high note — although this is a high note in itself, it’s not clear whether leaving right after getting someone’s number sends a bad message. Some say it makes you more mysterious and your time is valuable. Some say it subconsciously makes her think you were only after the number.

    With this particular number exchange, I would say you’ve talked to her enough, and you should leave right away before you mess something up. The only other thing you could do is for the both of you to go back and re-engage her friends for a bit, so they can meet your friends, and everyone can see you’re a good solid guy — so her friends don’t later go “who is this dude you just met?”

    One last tip … if she decides to bring her friend, know that AHEAD of time so you can bring someone of the opposite gender on the date also.

    Okay that’s all

  2. Brent Johnson says:

    I have had some luck with giving girls my number and telling them to call me. The first thing I do if im in a loud club is ask them to come outside with me if they say they dont want to its not a big deal. Just tell them they can have your number and call u when they are ready to go outside. From this point I will give them my number and tell them to call my phone as well so I can put there number in my phone. There u go u have her number, and if your really good at it she will call u late that night and u will end up meeting up with her. Ok u might think this wont work, but think about it what girl will say no to taking your number none they will always take your number. Then from there you have her phone in your hand putting your number in it. You can always just press talk and hand it back to her saying you are just going to save her number in your phone as well.

  3. How life should go to share all of thing to is req. give some tip for girl.

  4. This is really good advice. I actually have discovered this on my own by just talking with different girls. I actually did something very similar to the club X/Y one above, that went like this:

    …talking to her about why she was in the cafeteria (she works for pepsico) etc.
    me: Are you a party girl?
    her: No, actually I'm not….no I'm just kidding I am.
    me: Where do you like to go?
    her: X. that's why I moved out there. I like X and Y.
    me: Oh yea? I've never been to Y.
    her: You have to go there!
    me: Oh yea we should definitely go *kino touch the shoulder*
    her: Yea, sure.
    me: Gimme your # so we can set it up.
    her: *proceeds to give me her #*

    Where as when I make small talk and then at the end ask for the #, regardless of whether I'm in the zone or RAFC, it doesn't work nearly as well.

    I will say that I was surprised at the all-purpose number close as you're not asking for her number, and it doesn't seem to live up to the Gambler eliteness I've come to know and love.

    I like the putting your number into her phone bit because if a girl asks for my number I'm usually like "Well, here just give me yours, that will make it easier." or something similar, but a lot of times if I call I have gotten voice mail and never an answer, like you said. I wonder, what's a good way to do this without taking her phone? A way to get her to do it?

    All in all this is a GREAT post. I also definitely recommend the $1 deal for the Approaching Confidence mp3 alone although the Stealth Attraction videos that come with it have definitely taken my post-comfort game to the next level.

    I say post-comfort game because I notice when I generate attraction using those kino methods I find that while I gain attraction enough to have the girl giving her # on a silver platter, the attraction often dissipates when I'm not with her.

  5. This seems like pretty standard afc chat up to me. I don't like the idea of asking her questions- it makes her feel like the prize rather than me. Yes its good to say 'give me your number' rather than ask for it, but the rest of the sample interaction has way too many questions. A better approach would be to get the same information using cold read statements, something I use regularly to great effect. Eg. 'Now something tells me you're the sort of girl who is into chick flick's (teasing//neg). She will almost certainly get curious and ask why you say that, then that gives opportunity for more cold read. Another line I use after a very brief introduction in bars/cubs is (said with a smile- v important to smile) 'you look a bit out of place in here'. Try it – its a killer line- she will climb the walls trying to find out why you said it:-)

  6. Matthew Graham says:

    1, why don't you get a life and get off of your computer. You know whatever your views on Gambler or the PUA community, if you don't have something constructive to say don't say anything. What have you done lately to help someone better themselves in an area they have troubles in. Get a a girlfriend or boyfriend which ever you prefer and go do something constructive with your life.

  7. to be honest. all of gambler's 'ex-girlfriends' are clearly just whores to be honest. any woman who would get with a guy that calls himself a 'pua' must be a slut.

  8. very very very good!!!

    Great article!!!

    thanks gambler!!

    I will put this in practice…

  9. Feliciano says:

    Great Article Richard A++++
    Mr. Peter that Usual happen went report is missing in not connecting with someone. So at some level, showing that you’re like another person will allow the other person to feel safe and comfortable around you and so be happier to communicate and share ideas.
    Tried this next time send text message creating High Value be funny show confer. Used Phrases like, “Wow you sure are a feisty on” call this # Eight one three-five two six-XXXX………ha-ha If she is not respond text again
    Or Did we go to elementary school together? If she is not responding text again. Or REPLAY WITH: You don’t have to impress me. I already think you are cool just the way you are ….ha-ha
    Or I think you know my friend? Wait for respond Send text REPLAY WITH: Tom…haha {name} seem kinda nerdy in fun way…ha-ha

    If she is feisty in the text message REPLAY WITH: Calm down there cowgirl, I’m just having some fun…call this # :D Or You’re kinda cute when you’re all riled up ha-ha

    Make it fun Tension + Cocky = Attraction……Cheers

  10. Hey man thanks for the great suggestion I actually tried a technique very similar to that and got a number from this hot girl. Everything is cool but now she's acting kind of strange not answering her phone and doesn't call back when I leave messages, so what would you suggest for this kind of behavior get back and let me know, thanks..

  11. Also should I always leave a voice-mail when the girl does not answer? What should I say in the voice-message? I don't want to sound unconfident or desperate.

  12. hello! I really appreciate all the suggestions given above and thank u for that. I just met a hot girl, she seems cool at the beginning but now start behaving a bit strangely. i don't thing i did something wrong. the problem is she is originally from iran altough born in europe and she's always with those iranians friend who might not like to see her in company of a black man. I used ur suggestion but it didn't work. she only promess to add me up on her facebook which she hasn't done yet. what should i do to establish a strong connection and get her number?

  13. hello! I really appreciate all the suggestions given above and thank u for that. I just met a hot girl in my uni, she seems cool at the beginning but now start behaving a bit strangely. i don't thing i did something wrong. the problem is she is originally from iran altough born in europe and she's always with those iranians friend who might not like to see her in company of a black man. I used ur suggestion but it didn't work. she only promess to add me up on her facebook which she hasn't done yet. what should i do to establish a strong connection and get her number?

  14. Hi Brother, Thank you for your suggestion, wonderful, very diplomatic, I will try the same way to talk diplomatically & get my dream girl tel. #. Once again thanks for your concern.

  15. Matthew Graham says:

    That was great man I have not had problems #closeing my problem is getting a day2 so that really helped. I have actually just recently began studing your stuff though I have been in the community for a while. Guess it is because we are so far away. Thanks for the info cant wait to read more.

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