How To Find Your Dream Girl – My Foolproof Method For Hunting Down That 1 Special Girl

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So you want to know how to find your dream girl.

You’ve been working on your game for a while and you’ve fooled around with enough chicks to know that you’re ready to settle down.

Maybe you’ve not fooled around with many women but you just want that one girl as your girlfriend anyway (some guys are like that).

Whichever guy you are, I’m going to give you my refined method for hunting down that one special girl and making her yours within the quickest time possible.

I guess you can use this as kind of a vetting process for each new girl you meet over the next few weeks to several months.

So here goes…

What are you looking for and what do you want?

  • Go on a lot of dates to see what you like and don’t like
  • Write down the qualities and characteristics
  • Think about where you want to meet her – Bar or club is possible, but you can also think smart about where to meet her. Do you like girls that keep fit? Go to the gym or group classes… maybe you like girls who are a bit creative? Go to Photoshop classes or painting groups.

When you meet a new girl

  • Check if she’s a good girl – To do this you need to escalate quickly, which will tell you if she’s easy.
  • How long were her previous relationships? You can tell how serious she is based on the length of each one.
  • Ask her about her ex boyfriends – If she says that her ex’s are all crazy guys, then she’s obviously the kind of girl that attracts idiots. She might even be crazy herself!
  • What’s her appearance like? Look for visual clues… does she have tattoos, piercings, fake nails, eyelashes, boobs etc. This may tell you something about her personality and characteristics.
  • Lead the conversation in a positive way (paint an acceptable picture) – This is a good trick for seeing what she’s like as a person. If you say something like “This is an awesome club, I love going to places like these… do you go out a lot? If she says yes, then you know you have a party girl on your hands. With this approach, you’ll be able to find out exactly what type of girl she is and if she’s what you’re looking for.
  • Does she check out other guys? Look at how she acts when you’re with her in clubs or bars. When you go to the toilet and she’s on her own, see how she reacts if guys come up to her.

So there you have it guys, my concrete method for finding your dream girl in the shortest amount of time possible.

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  1. How much did you pay those girls to hang in the background?

  2. Dear richard

    I need your advice about a girl i work with. She is polish and i have gotten to know her quite well and she gives me ioi’s one moment then the next she doesnt and its confusing me.

    We went out last night me, her, her friend and my friend and i was happy i got her number and arranged the night and thought i was in with a chance. The night started good as we were drinking in the hotel rooms we were staying in, then we all went to a club and i knew it was gona be my only chance to make a move and i blew it as i was afraid to physically escalate with her but my friend was encouraging me to do so too as he said he can clearly see that she liked me but i didnt know because of the mixed ioi’s i was getting.

    As the night went on we got more drunk and i was still being the lame one who woudnt risk physical escaltion with a girl i like so much i dont want her to reject me and i know you know how that feels from your book. I try and implement your techniques but i jus dont feel confident to do it because im 5 foot 3 and skinny and i know this is a factor of me not having confidence but this girl liked me for who i was but everytime i approached to dance shed move away or turn or do something similar and that just knocked me down even more then she started dancing with another guy and thts when i gave up hope and i know what i did wrong but i just need help in actually escalting physically.
    Your courses look like they mite help me do you have to pay?

    Then after that commotion we headed back to the hotel room and after an hour we left they went to sleep and we went and had a joint and spoke about the night then after i did the most stupidest thing ever n text her all drunk sayin how much i like her and sayin sorry that i didnt escalte etc .

    She hasnt text me back for a day which is expected as the message was abit creepy lol. I was just wondering is there anything i can do now to try and het he girl i want or have i messed up bigtime and dont boyher ??? Please help thanks

  3. Dear Richard,

    I have been thinking about using your techniques but I personally find them to be a bit on the deceiving side I dunno maybe I don’t have the balls being still a virgin an all.
    The point i’m making is I want my true love your techniques are just focused on getting laid by tricking the girl I prefer to get the girl without tricking her cos its more authentic and genuine. Also I feel more attractive when I can pull a girl without using techniques.
    Richard your techniques forget about true love, you seem to only want serious relationships with women who you think will not cheat on you but who’s to say she will agree to take you seriously when you are not giving her the same back, trust me you will not be good enough for her.

  4. Hi Richard,
    Great video…thank you. You’re one of the only guys whose stuff I listen too because you’re genuine and not manipulative or contrived. Is there anyone else you’d recommend I follow because they also share many of the same values you do?

  5. Hey Richard.
    I’ve got a question that you’ve probably never needed to know the answer to, but how do I tell a girl that I want to be in a relationship with, that I’m bisexual. My friends parents recently broke up because the Dad never told the Mother and I don’t want it to be an issue for me. A reply would me a lot to me.
    Thanks, anon.

    • Richard La Ruina says:

      I think it’s something to introduce a few months in…I think most girls would be okay with it…as long as you don’t want to sleep with other people while you are together.

  6. Dear Richard,

    I wish I had had this advice when I first met my girlfriend.

    We’ve been together for 7 months and I’m in love with this girl. I’ve been in love once before and swore I’d never waste time on the wrong girl again.

    I’m questioning what type of girl she is/was because I want to be as sure as I can be before I make any serious commitments with her. Maybe I’m just being silly doubting her but I’d like to be content that I’m not wasting my time on the wrong person.

    Do you have any suggestions on how to assess a girl you have already been with for some time?

    I obviously can’t test her now with the things that I could have done when I initially met her and I can’t really get much out of her now by asking questions and leading them in a positive way because she pretty much knows my views on everything now.

    From the things that you have already put forward in your video she shapes up well – apart from a tattoo and the smoking.

    Also, in one of your interviews you said you could test a girl when first sleeping with her to see if she would do it without using a condom – I did this too and she wouldn’t have sex without protection.

    I know you can’t tell much without meeting/knowing her but what other things could I be asking myself and her about to help me decide whether to go forward and have a future with this girl or not?

    P.S. Your first book really helped me out after splitting up with my ex. It was kind of like I had found an older brother or friend to give me the advice I needed to help bring out my true self – a confident person who doesn’t have to settle for girls who aren’t worth your time. After a little perseverance I soon found it natural and easy to get dates and sleep with pretty much any girl I wanted. When I met my girlfriend it was like I was selecting her from all of the other options I had and I lost interest in other girls because I got on so well with her. She was the best option, not the only option.

    I have bought copies of your book (and a couple of your new one since) for my friends because it changed me in a way that having a great person in your life does. I hope that doesn’t make me sound like a crazy fan boy!

    Also, have you ever thought about bringing out more material for people like me who is over sleeping with lots of girls, I’m getting older and want someone (and make sure that she is) worth settling down with?

    Methods of pulling girls may evolve but instead of keep tweaking something that already works maybe you should move on to the next step? I’m trying to convince you because I know how much it would help me and other people.

    Your thoughts on my situation would mean a lot to me and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Very best wishes,


    • Hey James, thanks for the message! Yes, I personally think lots about relationships and things, but still 90% of questions I get are about openers and text game ;-) So there isn’t a huge demand…
      The stuff is the video is supposed to show you how to figure out a girl quickly, like in 1 or 2 dates, but if you have already been dating a girl for seven months, you should know by now. Do you trust her when you are not with her. How does she behave when she is drunk or with friends. Are they bad influences on her.

      Don’t try to find small problems, there are always some, as long as this is a girl you can trust, who wouldn’t cheat on you if you ever had a big argument, or who doesn’t appreciate your qualities…then you are probably okay.

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