How To Win Her Back: 7 Super Sneaky Ways To Turn Back Time And Get Your Ex Back For Good

So you want to know how to win her back? Read EVERYTHING below and you will stand a good chance of getting your ex-girlfriend back within weeks. Maybe even days.

How to win her back

Get her back for good.

Chances are you’ve been crying your little heart out, sobbing like a baby lamb looking for a teet to suck and just feeling incredibly sorry for yourself.

Well if that’s the case, I’ve got 2 things to say to you…

1. Stop being a bitch (Nothing good comes from being a miserable pathetic loser who moans about what he hasn’t got).

2. If you really want her back and you know she’s the one for you, then get your act together. Get pumped, get angry and change yourself so she BEGS you to take her back.

Before I get into the steps you need to take that will show you how to get back with your girlfriend… you first need to understand why she left you in the first place, so that you NEVER go back to being this dude again.

Why did she leave you?

  • You didn’t excite her anymore mentally – In other words you are way too predictable, so she can guess what you’re going to do every day. Where’s the challenge and excitement in that? It’s boring!
  • You didn’t satisfy her in the bedroom – Yep. You suck in the bedroom. Why do I know this? Because even if you were boring as a person, she would still stick around for a while longer or talk to you about things if you were AMAZING in the sack.
  • You stopped being the guy she was initially attracted to – There was something that first got her attracted when she first laid eyes on you… that’s now gone and so has the attraction.
  • You became clingy and needy – The two deathly causes of any relationship. The dreaded clinger and needy guy, yuck!
  • You got too comfortable – Meaning you got fat, complacent and wrapped up in your own little world… not for a second did you begin to think about making her happy. Shame on you boy!

Ok enough with the beat downs… it’s time to make you a man again and let her see what she’s missing.

Are you ready to get your girlfriend back?

Gimme a hell yeah mutha fuckaaaaaaa!

Cool, let’s do this…

Quick Note: If you’re serious about getting your ex back, then I would highly recommend you watch this video to the end. Although the tips below work, this video has advanced techniques that a friend of mine developed which apparently work like CRAZY.

How to get your ex girlfriend back quickly

Each step below is equally as important as the next and helps give you the upper hand at each point during every interaction you have. You’re basically leading her into the mindset of being back with you.

The first step is for guys are feeling as though things are going wrong and she’s not that into you anymore… but if you’re at the point where she’s already left you and she’s officially your ex girlfriend then you can move to step 3.

Step 1. Ditch her first

Yep you heard me and no I’m not crazy. Hear me out.

When you feel things are going wrong, you should be the one who says “lets just be friends, it’s not working out”. This will immediately put you in control of the whole situation and spark feelings of loss on her side.

Step 2. Leave it for at least 2 weeks

You leave it for 2 weeks so that she has plenty of time to realise what she’s missing, how much she loves you and what she can do to get you back. In this time frame you need to carry on living exactly the way you do.

If she texts you, reply casually. If you see her randomly, be cool and act as if you have someplace to be. Don’t contact her on Facebook, tweet her or text message her.

Keep her thinking. That’s the key, she’s going to be mentally rehearsing you over and over in her mind which is a good thing.

Step 3. Reinitiate

You reinitiate contact saying that you hope she is well and saying that now the emotion has cooled, it’d be good to keep in touch as friends.

She will feel a rush of excitement and feel all giddy again. The feelings of when she went on the very first dates with you will be coming back. This is what you want.

Step 4. Casual contact

Over the next few weeks, you have some casual contact and then arrange a non-romantic date like a coffee in the middle of the day.

Keep the conversation light and don’t discuss anything to do with the relationship, how it ended or anything that could ruin what you’ve built up.

Step 5. Meet as friends

When you meet, you’re friendly and polite but you treat her just like a friend. You cut things short and seem like you have moved on and all is cool.

This will anger her, make her want you more and feel like she has lost you.

Step 6. Rinse and repeat

Repeat a few times over several weeks. Allude to you having dates by talking about a new film you saw at the cinema, or an Italian restaurant you have been to. You don’t say who with, but it’ll get her to thinking about you and will spark jealousy/intrigue.

Step 7. Meet and close

After weeks/months of laying down the groundwork between you both, meet her at night, have some drinks, and bust a move.

Kiss her, then say “we shouldn’t do this, we should just be friends, this is a mistake” and things like that but keep continuing.

You come up with the objections so that she will take the opposing view and say that it’s fine.

Then depending on how you want to play it, you can either take her back that night and have make-up sex or you can leave her wanting EVEN MORE and say that you should meet again soon.

The danger with leaving things too long is that she could potentially lose interest and start seeing other guys, so play it right and everything should be fine dude.

And that… is how to win her back bro.

I never said getting your ex girlfriend back would be easy… but if you want her, then you know exactly what to do now. So go do it!

If you want some more advanced tips on getting back with the ex, then I strongly suggest you check out my friends awesome video on rewinding an entire relationship.

As ever, if you have any questions about how to win her back… just post them below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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  1. I have cheated lied abused gave her a std and this girl gave me her life since she was 16 and now it’s hard to get her back when she is 23 I’ve did so much but I’m 27 doing what I can to prove her I’m not who I was. We argue but hell anything not spoken is a secret right? I’ve put her and her mother as well as he sis in problem but that’s not who I am now what do I do n we have 2 kids one is mine and another isn’t but I treat them as one how do I get her to love me when she seeing another I’m sorry doesn’t cut it n gifts what do I do

  2. Wennds Myrtil says

    Hi. I was dating this girl for 2 years and we just broke up last week. We did a long distance relationship for the first year and I would go visit her when I could. I just moved to her home state to be closer to her and we could take our relationship to the next level. She has been distant with me 2 months before the breakup. In the early stages of our relationship we texted and snapchated everyday. She is 18 years old and I am 20 years old. She is Jewish and I am not. Her parents just found out about me 3 weeks before the break up. I’ve become needy and I haven’t given her the space to miss me since we started dating. She blocked me on facebook,kik,snapchat,instagram and etc. I really love this girl a lot and I care about her alot and I want to get her back and I don’t know what to do

  3. What’s up people, my ex of 11 years, 2 kids, engaged for 3 years and only in Portugal 4 months ago viewing wedding venues broke it off with me 2 weeks before Xmas this year. It’s now 6 weeks on and I still have the belief that I can win her back. I want her back, I fucking need her back!!! She’s the one no matter what anybody says. I need to know how to doh. I’ve meet for the coffee and it went fine until we started speaking about us and I had to leave because I didn’t want to meet up an dicuss us I just wanted to see her. So she’s given me all the talk that I need to let her go and we are done etc…
    Please tell me what to do, I’m prepared to do no contact with the wxpevtion of talking about the kids and I’ve joined the gym also. I want to get fucking ripped!! I want to show her that I can be a better person on the inside and out. Any help folks would be great!!!

  4. Justin Santos says

    2 months off good relationship and suddenly she Cut it of she said she doenst feel the same i feel but on that to much all i did is for here why suddenly change her mind. She said shes not ready coz of her past relationship and she want to be her own. we decided to be friends but. i m having trouble dealing with coz of i feel something for her. she said i have qualities she likes but she have more Things we never connected. is it because our age different i am 29 she 21. but i m pretty sure she still have feelings for me. i just dont knw what to do. should i let her go or should i give her space but still pursuit her.

  5. Yeah. And after a month or two, she informs you that she has a new lover. Good one, bro! (y)

  6. hello, im 27 years old man living in asia. i had a realationship for 1 year and half. Everything looked okay. At First i wanna tell you why she dumped me.
    In my county, some of women dislike kissing, hugging and touching gf’s body in public.
    When i did that, she used to tell me not to. I didn’t change myself though. I had been stubborn like a idiot. And looked very upset to her. No talking. Wtf… Now i hate myself in the past… And i forced to her to do what i want. She had been really tired of me.
    thus she was gradually changing…
    maybe she doesn’t seem to love me for 2 or 3 months til breakimg up and I could notice her changing little bit.
    I ruined myself and the relationship. I fucked up everything
    Anyways almost two weeks ago… Finally she broke me up. I was very very embarrassed and felt like panic. And i wrote a letter and a poem. I said to her ‘ im so sorry i was an asshole bla bla and what i did wrong from bigining to the end. However she rejected me . she said ‘ im very tired of you and it caused me to love you less than before. So i cant keep loving me and this relationship. I think my decision is right.’
    She was stubborn. I tried to change her dicision. it didnt work though. the last meeting at cafe was not that bad. I asked her ‘could i contact you sometimes?
    Dont feel pressured. Please don’t block me when i contatct you.
    I will txt or call you not as a couple. Like a friendship. and she told me ‘ok’. Since that day… I have felt like living in the hell. Only crying. No eating. No work out. My recent life is full of missing her.
    I dont know what to do… If i could get her back… I will be able to be ready to change myself. If she leaves me forever… I would regret myself and what i did to her.
    I want her so badly. Missing… Feeling so sad. She never gave me a last chance at the cafe. She might have been ready for breaking up.
    2 weeks later… I have not contacted. i have kept the no contact rule. for 2 weeks. i will contact her sooner or later saying that Just ‘how are you’
    im So scared… If She would reject my contact or block me…
    Some people say ‘take a time for 2weeks-1month. dont drink. Go work out…
    Also her birthday is coming. It is About 3 weeks later. my main asking you is if she doesnt reply or say ‘dont contact me. (totally reject ) i dont want to do anything with you or we shouldnt meet even as a friend.’
    i would be really embarrassed and scared of her. Please help me in detail.
    Thank you


    My girlfriend broke up with me a few weeks ago and I am having a tough time letting it go. I know all the advice says to move on and get over it, and I almost have. I still have feelings of resentment towards her and wish to get her back.

    What happened in this case is that we were best friends for about 2 years. When she broke up with her boyfriend, she BEGGED to be mine. A year later, we start fighting, and she calls it quits a few weeks back.

    She made all kinds of excuses. That shes become very negative and it’s not just about “us”. I know I changed and became too forgiving to her when she acted bitchy (I should have maintained control), but I let her get the best of me.

    Now she insists that she really missed it when we were “best friends” and remains in contact. She texts me constantly and wants to stay in touch, although shes not as warm anymore. I became really cold recently and just started giving short replies because she was acting the same way towards me. I don’t call her, she calls me. I dont text unless she texts me.

    Is it possible for me to get her back once I’ve reframed myself? How should I go about this situation?

    Thank you

  8. My name is neal I am 24 my gf and I dating since 6yrs and now situation is damn worst ive seen all ur videos and post but couldn’t find any solutn.
    Last year we had a lil fight den she started dating a guy i was so upset i started tracking her some how we patched up but then she got to know about my tracking thing den she ditched me again her complaint was she is not gettnv freedom on jan 2014 she moved to another place since den we havent seen each otha I begged her so many tyms but no use :(
    In between she was drunk and called me up she said she loves me alot but didnt want to patch up again she started dating another guy spending lots of tym with him. Tgey are frok same office also stay near to eachotha but now she is back home I dont know how to get her back I am missing her alot. Plz try to give me some suggestion thanks

  9. My gf broke up with me and it’s been weird she wanted me back and I Turned her down and now I realize I should have had her it’s so frustrating without her and I really miss her but I heard she kissed another guy what should I do?

  10. My girlfriend left me 3 days ago and i called her message he continuoslybut she didn’t reply and from 48 hrs i not contacted to her i made a littlemistake thats why she left me with anger but i can’t control anymore i want her back right now please help me as soon as possible please

  11. I never though I would care for my girl after she dumped me after being with another dude …I loved her but I wasn’t ready to do things which weren’t appropriate it felt wrong but now its been a month since we broke up n I thought I never loved her but I do its so hard to express my feelings but I guess life has its ways I hope I could gain my confidence again and I still want Lesego kg lee M back she’s with a dude n they wanted us to share her n I told the guy to look after her if she loves him and I’m behind him 90% but 10 % i hate myself for fyting with her I love her bad I lost her :) lol L.I.G.A.F.B.L.T.H

  12. Hi , I’m so confused , can someone tell me what’s going on ?! , My ex girlfriend left me almost 3 weeks ago….she told me that she want to stay alone and rethink her thoughts , she’s has a huge dose of introversion since she was a child ,literally she only had me to talk with, and a firend who also has her own relationship.., a lot of problems in the family with her parents , and i was a little too pushy, i wanted to see her and stuff , and she just wanted to stay home and , do nothing, talk with no one ,she even delete her facebook account ….and i panicked and cried in front of her in the night she told me she want to break up….i guess that’s a bad move, but i couldn’t stand it….just because she promised me, she swore that she’ll never leave me and that i’m all she has , and that’s weird because a few days before she started to became …quiet i might say…she had plans with me , sleep at my place, and planning concerts in the spring break summer……i’m sooo confused …. i dont know what to do…..

    • David Mayer says

      Damn I’m so sorry.. me a different story. I thought it was going well but suddenly she told me that she wanted to be honest and saying she didn’t wanted anyone and then she told me shitty things to cover it up.. fuck that we don’t need them.. they are just fucking heartbreakers

  13. Me and my ex broke up a month ago she said she need space. We was together for almost three year. I really don’t know what happened we still talk on the phone everyday talking and texting we only hung out a couple of times since we broke up. Im just confused and don’t know what’s up she saying she wanna network. Can someone tell me what you think about this cause I do wanna be with her but I’m feeling mixed signals. We slept together one time since breaking up.

  14. hello my name is shane. I recently broke up with my ex about three months ago. She was the only girl that i knew and after i got broke up with her she was not talking to me at all so i let her cool down for a least two weeks and she and me started talking again.i tried to tell her i dont feel lkie talking to her she kept talking to me and i dont know why but when i got a new phone she asked for my phone number and i gave it to her without asking why but we started talking everyday.i still have feelings for her but ii dont know if she does for me a week goes by and she said are you dating anyone and i said no i was confused because she just asked that out of the blew . I REALLY need advice should i get back with her or stay single for a little more .im only 16 years old anyway and i really need help at this time.

  15. This is some seriously good s***! Though it’s seems rather challenging, especially waiting until step 7… and will take lots of self discipline I believe it’s totally worth a shot. There is after all nothing left to lose.

  16. Me and my ex gf has broke just like 24 hours ago, I want to back her immediately. I don’t want our relationship will be end, though i cheated on her multiple times, I guess the tips was really helpful for me I guess this is true but not at all? maybe i was afraid that after 2 weeks she’ll dated with other guys or what? If please help me out with this kind of problem. I’ll probably lose my mind.

  17. So I have a problem with this girl that is sort of similar and I am wondering if anyone can help me. I met this girl 6 months ago. She had just broken up with her boyfriend who she had been dating for 3 years and was engaged to. We hit is off and started hanging out together and spent a good deal of time together. One night when I was drunk I ran into her and she took me back to her place where we hooked up, no sex though. Needles to say I woke up the next morning some what confused and it was a fairly awkward morning after. We parted ways after that and didn’t really spend much time together after that. However I decided to reignite several weeks later and it worked. We started hanging out a lot and I could tell that she really fell for me. However what she didn’t tell me was that she had gotten back together with her boyfriend. This proved to be difficult because when I started to push for us to get closer, more physical, perhaps be in a relationship ourselves, she told me she had a boyfriend and declined. All the while though, she was getting closer to me and we began to get physical. She started to call me her “boyfriend” and would get jealous if I “checked out” other girls. Eventually, SHE brought up sex while we hooking up one night, and I declined several times, telling her no, not while you have a boyfriend. One night she got really drunk (it was both my birthday and her anniversary with her boyfriend). She fought with him, told me she needed me, and other things of this nature. It was a terrible night, but eventually she left with him. The next day she came back to my place and we had sex. But following this, our semester ended and we haven’t seen each other in 2 months. At first she continued to be interested in me, trying to set up times to hang out, constantly telling me how much she missed me and such. But now she tries to tell me that she never had any feelings for me, that I pressured her to do things she didn’t want to. That she only wants to be friends, that she never wanted to date me and other bullshit. I know its all a lie, I think the distance we have right now is putting a strain on things because she can easily see her “boyfriend” but not me. I tried a variant of the Zebra boyfriend destroyer to bring up some of the emotions that she felt before, and I think it worked fairly well, but I still think that she is drifting away from me. I know its not really pick up to try and sustain a relationship, but I am wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to reignite those feelings again, to break away the walls she puts up, such as the “I only want to be friends” “I never really wanted to be in a relationship with you” and especially how she denies all the times when she absolutely wanted me. I also was wondering if anyone has any ideas of how to get rid of her boyfriend. He is a loser, and I know she has been reevaluating her relationship with him lately. My plan right now is to give her time to cool off, then when we get back to school and start seeing each other everyday to lay it on hard, tell her that Im not interested in being friends. I know she values me in her life, and I think presenting her with the very real possibility of losing me might do the trick. Im not sure if this is the best strategy though. Any tips at all would be appreciated, Im really drawing a blank as to what my next immediate move should be. thanks in advance for your help

  18. Hello, so my problem is probably similar to all of the others but I am looking for some advice. Last weekend my girlfriend had a show to perform in so I of course went to watch, and I was also her ride to the show. Not only was I her ride but I was also the only one of us who had keys to her house because she decided not to bring hers. She had to be there early so I went and met with a friend to have a few beers while waiting for the show to start. Once the show started I decided to order another beer and watch the show, which was followed by a few other hard alcohol drinks. At this point things seemed fine and I thought the show was done but she informed me via text that she had to go back on a few more times. The thought of waiting somehow got to me because the alcohol was hitting me pretty hard due to the lack of eating that day and all out exhausted. I made the poor choice of just abandoning her at the show and went home to pass out. Now I know this was a bad decision but it was already done. I woke up two hours later to her standing over my bed visually upset, I don’t blame her, and followed her into the kitchen where she proceeded to empty out all of the beers that I had in the fridge. She left and I instantly texted an apology that was followed up by a few texts and attempted calls throughout the next day. After no response I decided the next morning to bring her an amazing flower arrangement and an apology card which she reluctantly accepted. After that I figured the best thing to do is to just leave her alone and hope that she would contact me. The following evening she did contact me saying that I was the best man she had ever met and would always care about me but that she wants to be single again. I asked her not to make up her mind yet and that I was going to prove to her that I could change this bad habit. I have left her alone now except for one text that said I miss her, no reply. I am wondering if there might be any chance for me with this girl after what I have done, my plan is to not contact her for a bit and then initiate a meeting for coffee or something. Any advice would be much appreciated.

  19. Arnald Palmer says

    My girlfriend and i started dating april 5th, after 3 weeks we had sex it was awesome, 3 weeks later she asked how old i was i said 46 and she was 28, after about a week she broke up with me because of the age diff, i went nc for 4 days, i sent her flowers and that night she stopped by my house, after that she came at me like a fireball, she came back bell ya, she stayed at my place most of the time after that, 10 days went by and she just shut off like a lihht switch, i ran after her like an idiot, i may have lost her forever its been 5 weeks since ive seen her beautiful faceut yesterday i fb mess her and told her i wanted my shirt back, she did not answer, i mess her again telling her to keep it and i was done, reminding her of all the good times we had together, and i said good luck, and she was the most beautiful girl in the word! She mess me rite away and said, i will drop your shirt off this week! Im hoping she wants to talk but i have a feeling she will shove it in the mailbox! What is my next move, what should i do??? Please help,!!!

  20. My gf breaks up with me every month due to her raging pms. I’m serious she literally is a freakin bipolar broad as well as many broads who don’t use contraceptives. Any ways this past month, she called it quits.. The first few months I was in the cool since I traveled during the time of the month and let her be. This time i was caught at home and she was serious. No more calls, blocked networks( facebook, texts, etc). We were still bangin for like 3 weeks after she broke up and that told me that we still had a strong sexual chemistry. Right on. I seriously jut want to bang it out due to wanting to be with her but I know that bangin a broad will only make her feel that I’m always available. So, we stopped banging. I didn’t like that but she continued to see me every now and then and will make out. Hell yeah! I now know she does still like me, but I seriously need to hook this bitch on my dick for good. We had a good convo last night and are you ready for the jerk. I texted her this morning, ” I really loved our time together…
    but I’m going to take some space now.” She got the message and now I wait. Wait for what? Her to hallar or her to fuck off. Either or, I will give it 2 weeks and contact her in a soft friendly message and see what’s up. I. Appreciate the post and straight up have given me hope to do the unexpected, from me ofcourse.

  21. hello my ex and I broke up about a month ago but we still were friends with benefits and just last Monday she got asked out by a guy who she told me she liked while we were going out. now she says she still loves me and wants to be friends with benefits but I want to be in a relationship with her. what do I do? please help

  22. Dhruv Bhagat says

    Well, yesterday, my ex-girlfriend called me on phone and told me that I am only nice guy with whom she can share anything.. Actually, when she is sad, she straight way calls me and talks with me for an hour so that she can feel better.. Now, she told me that she had no romance left with her present boyfriend and all.. And suddenly, she wants me to meet her… She said, its a long time we have seen each other.. So lets meet up!

    I said : okay..

    Though, I don’t love her at this point neither I have loved any girl after her.. But, now I am always thinking to get her back!

    Any extra tips for me would be appreciated…

    Thanks! :)

  23. My ex dumped me a year ago. The breakup was pretty messy. Anyhow currently we have connected again and are hooking up I’d say about once a week and have sex. I’ve never lost my feelings for him and I’m the one who has initiated our hookups. But… What do I do next to get the relationship back? We text everyday leading up to when we meet then after we don’t till I initiate meeting again. Should I stop all together? I was the one who also said when we first started this that it was just a sexual relationship. No discussions of the past, no outside hanging out etc…

  24. Hey im Jaden,
    Im 17 and for 8 months i was chasing after this girl and i was her friend. so everyday, id be by her side and wed be cool. i asked her out multiple times and she said no. yea bogus. but she went out with these two guys when they asked her one time. very bogus. but then, they didnt work out, so she was single for a long period of time and i asked her out again, she called our friend over as a witness and i asked her out and she said yes. I was happy because i was going to prom with her at the time as well. so we went out for 5 days and our friend told me she didnt like me but she liked our mutual friend and i was very confused and heartbroken and at the split second without thinking i dumped her. but i regret it and now she wont talk to me like we used to anymore and i sincerely want her back.
    1. How do i get her to talk to me agian like we used to?
    2. Plz help me get her back.

    Thnx alot :)

  25. Hi my name is Chris, my exgirlfriend lives in Florida and I live in Maryland. She told me that we just want to be friends. If I have any problems I can all ways talk to her and she can help me. She want a normal conversation with me. I can go visit her anytime I want and she can come visit me anytime she wants but she does have a boyfriend. I told her she was the amazing thing that has happened to me. She keeps telling me no we wont go out again but I know some where in her heart she loves me. What can I do about this problem? Move down there so we can hangout more? Tell her great things I am doing?

  26. Danny Clemons says

    Me and my girl friend have been seeing eachother for 11 years and we keep bouncing back and fourth we have lived together and now we just seem to get together and get high and have sex I’m pretty sure she has dated other guys but I don’t think she has had sex with them, she is 45 and I am 54 ,I helped raise her 3 daughters and one of yhem thinks of me as her real dad , she agrees the sex is like none shes ever had and says she still loves me but isnt in love with me , she says she used to be madly in love with me early in our relationship but I wasnt in love with her till she left me for the first time, my question is HOW CAN I GET HER BACK AND KEEP HER???? HOW CAN I WIN BACK HER LOVE AND ATTENTION<??? is it poss ible that she really is just coming over for the buzz and the sex or maybee just the buzz ???? I WANT HER BACK AND HER FULL ATENTION can you help me ?????????????

  27. my names olly im 18 and i might be going to jail for 6 months for getting forced into a robbery long story i know, but thats obviously why im not here im here to ask for some serious advice im in total love with this girl,shes the most beautiful woman on the planet to me and we used to love eachother so much 1 year and 6 months we were together i was stupid and took it for granted at first so i cheated on her and broke up with her then 3 months after it not working in my new relationship i decide to get back with her, shes totally over the moon that i took her back but then i was again stupid and kissed a girl at a party i know what i did was wrong but i got my act together and started treating her right i think we broke up because the trust factor in our relationship went causing her to not love me as much she broke up with me?? this was a shock i begged for her back which is so so wrong but she came back but then ended it again after a month then we got back together once more and it only lasted 3 weeks i was so clingy when we got back together i was always telling her how amazing and gorgeous she was she and i were planning on having a life together! from a young age at 18 this means alot really but the main thing is now were talking again she wants me to change into a good person again because i have a weed problem i smoke too much of it which causes my childish outbursts and anger issues which makes me look stupid, overall i really want her back ive not acted desperate ive only talked about day to day things with her nothing romantic just plain casual saw her this evening and it was great we couldnt stop talking her dad wanted her to go back inside but she wanted to stay out a bit longer but i feel like there is still something she even admitted to me a week before today that she still loves me but sometimes she doesent admit it well most of the time im keeping it cool now i met her today should i try meeting up with her again or what?? i dont want her rejecting me again and me looking like a complete tool u get me? im worried about goin to jail and her getting with someone else and im obviously not able to get her back if im sitting inside a prison cell for months i just need some good solid advice im a right mess atm and need her back but i need a good solid plan first

    • PUA Training says

      Hi Ollie, The advice for you would be the same with this girl. The same as in the video. You are on speaking terms, so I think you can get back with her. But two things are more important to me. First is that you do what is best for her – don’t be with her if you are going to hurt her, don’t be with her just because you don’t want her to be with someone else. The second is to start making positive changes in your life. You are going to be in jail for 6 months, it probably could have been worse. Make sure you take the opportunity of a second chance, read books, think about your life, and try and make positive changes. You might need to change your social cirlce, you’ll need to change some habits. But you need to become a better man. If you do this, you’ll be happier, and this girl will want you more.

  28. Hell yeah mutha fuckaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! I’ve been going crazy over my ex. Game on, time to get her back

  29. she’s not at all intrested in me anymore … what should i do to get her back with me ..??

  30. Hi, I have a question about my ex girlfriend and how to get her back the smoothest way and easy.
    First of, we live around 4 hours from each other. So we wont run in to each other at all.

    She broke it of a little under a week ago, with no real reason to why other than “it kinda didn’t feel right between us the past 3-4 days. Our personalities maybe aren’t right for each other.”
    even after I asked her if it was over, she didn’t give me a solid firm yes..but when she then went home I said that it is what it is, and take care jada jada jada. After it’s cooled off we can be friends, but for now we need both some space.

    took one day before she started message me, that she was missing me, wanting to know how i was, what was happening in my life etc.
    i didnt respond so she kept spamming me.
    so, I told her again today in a video recording(with a cover of a song) that i was sorry i hadn’t responded on her messages, but i was trying to move on and respect her decision of breaking up. which she again replied on with, she understands more than i know and she thinks of me more than i know. and she was sorry she spammed me and that she didnt think it through.

    Also, she still haven’t removed our relationship status on facebook, should i do it?

    I dont know where to go from here…should i keep my cool and let her tex/call/mail me?
    or should i call/text/mail her within a week?

    Much appreciating an answer asap


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