How To Handle A Jealous Ex Girlfriend Who Is Bat Sh*t Crazy

How To Handle A Jealous Ex Girlfriend

Is she a crazy fool?

Some women are bat sh*t crazy. If you’re one of the unlucky guys out there, then you may have an ex girlfriend who just won’t leave you alone and decides that it’s her mission to try and ruin every new relationship or potential bang you have.

This is obviously not ok. But what do you do? Women are harder to reason with as they are overly emotional. Here’s a rundown of how you can deal with an ex girlfriend who is on the crazy side, before she poisons every part of your life.

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NEVER introduce girls to your ex

I don’t care how close you are with your ex or what she’s done for you in the past. If she’s showing signs of extreme jealousy, then you should never ever introduce her to girls you like. Why? Simple. She will plant seeds of doubt in there mind about you and make them think that you’re not all your cracked up to be.

She will also mark her territory by saying something like “Yeah we are broken up, but we still see each other regularly”. Thus implying that you’re still sleeping with her and making you seem more complicated than you are.

Delete her from all social media accounts

If you like your photos, videos and social media updates then you absolutely need to delete your ex from every account. Yes that means unfollowing her, blocking her and removing her from everything. The reason being is because it’s like feeding her jealous mind with snippets of your life without her.

It’s only going to fuel her jealousy and make want you more. “Who’s that bitch with my man!” Ugh, the drama that comes from social media is just not worth it. Block that hoe!

Don’t take the bait when she contacts you

There will be times that she will contact you by text or by calling. Even sending you a DM or something (but that shouldn’t be an issue because you blocked her right??) but you need to ignore her. She’s going to try and do things that make her look helpless or innocent, but I promise you there is a reason she is contacting you… she wants you back.

When you get a message like this “A babe, I’m in the centre of town and I can’t find the girls, where are you? xx”. Just ignore and delete. This is bait to lure you in so you can save her. Don’t be captain save a hoe.

Make it clear that you won’t stand for her nonsense


The next time your ex steps out of line, you need to tell her straight that it’s not ok and there are limits. By not setting limits you are allowing her to do and say whatever she pleases. This could cause you trouble in the future with other women and of course your life, due to stress.

Call her, text her… damn, right a hand written letter for all I care. Just make it perfectly clear to her what is right and what is wrong.

Don’t visit places you know she may be

It’s very likely that you will have the same friends. If you come from a small town, then you’re going to be bumping into your ex on nights out. However if you know for sure that she’s going to be somewhere like a bar or club, when you’re going out. DO NOT go there, it’s only going to make things worse for you.

Don’t encourage her!

If you’re still in touch with your ex on a regular basis through text, DM’s, phone calls or even meeting up for lunch on certain days. All you’re doing is just encouraging her. Stop seeing her, if you know she’s crazy. The more you stay in touch, the more she will think in her crazy mind that you love her and she can get you back one day. F**k that. Cut her off completely.


If you’ve read all the above advice and still choose not to apply any of it, then maybe you like the drama? Maybe you want a crazy woman chasing you forever? It’s something that you need to accept if that’s your thing. But don’t mad when you can’t get into a new relationship because your ex is scaring off potential women.

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