How To Never Get Dumped Again (Even If You’ve Been Dumped Multiple Times)

Doesn’t it suck when you find a girl you actually like… you start dating her and then only a few weeks or months into the relationship, she dumps you?

That’s what happened to me several times.

I would go on dates, be cool for the first hour or so… impress the girls enough.

Then after a few weeks, I would begin dating them. Ya know, I’d make it “official” with them.

However after only just a few weeks, each of these “mini relationships” would fizzle out and I’d get a text like this…

“…I really like you, but I’m just not ready for a relationship right now…”


“I think we should just be friends, what do you think?”

Obviously this hurt and I couldn’t figure out why I was getting dumped so often.

Then after several years of falling in and out of short term relationships. I finally understood what I was doing wrong.

That’s what I’m going to teach you today.

How to never get dumped again. EVER.

Once you apply my tips, you’ll be able to get into a relationship with a girl and actually keep it for years if you want.

No more getting dumped!

So let’s get into it…

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The #1 reason why she lost attraction for you

I want you to think back to one of the girls you recently dated for a second.

Now, when you first met this girl. What is it she liked about you most do you think?

Were you…

  • Dressed well?
  • Strong?
  • Flirtatious?
  • Spontaneous?
  • Cool/Funny?
  • Ambitious?

If you were, then chances are she liked something about you in the first few times of meeting that you haven’t followed through on since.

What I mean is, you might have been funny and cool on the first few dates.

But now you’re in a relationship, you’ve become less funny and boring.

That means she will begin to lose attraction for you.

How to keep her interested in you FOREVER

If the girl you are dating is hot, then you are in for a shock.

Not only will she be hit on constantly by other guys, but a lot of those guys will be cooler, better looking and richer than you.

So how do you keep her interested in you so the thought of dumping you never even enters her mind?


You MUST remain a bit of a challenge.

Keep her thinking, wondering and guessing at all times.

This will keep the level of attraction she has for you very high.

So don’t overdo the following:

  • Sending her messages that you love her
  • Buying her gifts
  • Tagging yourself in photos with her
  • Liking all her photos
  • Showing all your feelings to her

Everything above is ok to do in moderation.

But I’m talking every few months, so she’s not expecting it.

The more you show you are available and completely hers, I guarantee you… it’s game over.


Because it’s feminine to show too much emotion and affection. Your removing the attraction phase.

The most important thing you should never do if you want to keep her

Ok, so we’ve spoken about why she lost attraction for you and how you can keep her interested.

But what is it that most guys do, which gives the final push to a girlfriend so she ends up dumping them?

They become too NEEDY.

The moment you sense that a girl is being distant with you and you can just feel like she’s going to break up with you.

Do the opposite of what you WANT to do.

So for example…

If you feel a gut wrenching desire to smother her, ask if she’s ok, text her more than she’s texting you, pander to her, buy her things etc.


Just stop doing all of that and wait for her to chase you.

Go on with your life as you would if you were the best looking and richest guy on the planet.

Why does this matter?

It matters because she will begin to notice your disinterest in her and the attraction will spark off again.

Conclusion: What next?

Follow everything I’ve said above.

Be your own man and stop being so feminine with your actions and emotions. I swear to you, it will be the biggest thing you can do for any relationship you have.

Now I’ve got a question for you…

Have you been dumped in the past? If so, what do you think you could have done better?

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  1. This topic hits me so hard hahah. Because I have knowen a girl since March and I was always fun and I´ve done everything right I think. But one day she asked me “What do you want” and she said I should be honest so I said “You” and than we talked a lot about it and I said I want her and like you said I said all I was feeling and thinking and she said it´s complicated because she is not over her ex, but at any other time she would say yes. Than we lost a bit touch and rarely texted and after a long time now she said we live in two different worlds and I´m to young bla bla bla.

    What can I do please help me?!

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