How To Pick Up Girls At The Office: 11 Steps To Sleeping With The Office Hottie

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Office romances are very common and it makes perfect sense really.

You’re seeing the same people day in day out, so you start building very deep levels of rapport and trust with your work colleagues. It’s an ideal way to meet women during the day.

Progressing to a relationship with a work colleague is just a natural process.

BUT… some guys just don’t know how to make it happen.

They see the same girl in the office every day, make boring small talk and never do anything to build attraction or take things further.

Before you know it, the office hottie has either been nailed by the company jerk, CEO or is banging someone from outside the company.

I’m going to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Before we get into the good stuff, I first want run over a few things that you shouldn’t be doing:

What NOT to do in the office

  • Don’t creep in the office – An office environment can be a VERY harsh and bitchy place. Once you’re labeled, that label will stick with you until you leave. If the girls think you’re a creep, then this won’t work in your favour when any new girls start.
  • Be careful in this environment, it could get awkward – If you do something the girl doesn’t like, then you’re only going to make it awkward for her whenever you see each other. That’s not cool, just be smooth dude.
  • Don’t be persistent, it could get you in trouble – Persistence pays (but not at work). You’ve got nothing but time on your hands, so don’t rush things with building attraction.

Working close with a girl you know very well

If you work at a small company and see this girl all the time, then you’ll want to follow these tips:

  • You’ll want to demonstrate appealing parts of your personality (playful and inventive) which most of the other guys in the company won’t. This will put you at the forefront of her mind.
  • Send an instant message that’s playful “Hey, stop sending me those Candy Crush requests, I’m working over here”. Or “Stop using Facebook so much, the boss won’t be happy”.
  • Don’t be sexual, just playful teasing. Gauging how she’s reacting.
  • If she doesn’t respond well, then ease off so you don’t get accused of creeping or even harassment. She may be dating someone else, this should be pretty easy to find out.
  • Start using more imaginative things like role play. For example you could say “You need to go and see Michelle in HR right now, you need to book a week or two holiday, we’re going to the Maldives! Pack your bags!”
  • What will happen is she’ll begin to think about you in more romantic ways, rather than another office buddy.
  • Make small talk – Ask her what she got up to on the weekend. Also on Friday’s what she’s planning for the weekend, this is easy small talk to transition onto more interesting topics.

Huge place, see a girl you don’t know

If you work for a HUGE company and have seen a girl you like out and about around the place, then use these tips:

  • Option 1: Be silly and playful, interview her in a playful way. Be confident and stop her, say things like “Hang on, what department do you work in? What’s your name? Ok. And what projects are you working on?”. Do this in a boss like authoritative manner. She won’t know who you are, but the next time you can do it again and at the end introduce yourself and say you were busting her balls.
  • Option 2: Gradually over time. Nod your head, say good afternoon, then make small talk. Make sure you’re extending the conversion every time you see her. Over time she will get used to you and think about you. You should be able to sense if she’s interested in you. Does she’s rush off every time you talk to her? Does she self groom or smile a lot? Does she initiate the conversion when she sees you? These questions are important.

Time for the date

So you’ve built some rapport, read the signs and you want to transition onto actually asking her out. Here’s how to gauge it and do it:

  • You can play it safe like going for lunch or even invite a few other people from the company if it’s in the evening. This is easier for her to accept and agree to.
  • If she’s comfortable around you, casually invite her out… “Hey there’s a new wine bar down the street, we should go there on Friday” – Obviously this is more direct, but if the signs are there, then go for it.

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  1. Thanks for the advise Richard, gonna give it a try…

  2. Awesome advice gambler. But we all dont work in the office how about working with nurses. Is a very stressful job. How do I pick up.a nurse without been a perpuret/ or coming of as needy

  3. As always the video is an inspiration! But what if the girl that you like is your manager or a higher up?

  4. What if we see each other at college at a class and we have a lot in common but I don’t know how to escalate on her?

  5. Hi. Richard.
    Can you give some idea how to date my boss. she is my manager but her age is same as mine, we both are young. she is very polite person and open mind. help me richard .

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