How To Sexually Escalate With A Girl I’ve Known Years (Reader Question)


Man up dude… she’s waiting for you.

Got a question from a reader of the blog today, he’s having some trouble sexually escalating with a girl he’s known for a good few years. This is such a common problems it’s on the verge of being cliche.

Anyhoo… let’s take a look at what he has to say and then I’ll give my advice at the end:

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Readers Question:

Hey Gambler.

I’m a shy introverted dude and am having a little trouble trying to express my feelings with a girl I’ve known for years. What I mean that is, I want to get physical with her. From the way she looks at me, I’m pretty sure she wants to have sex with me too, but she’s waiting for me to make the move.

Only problem is, I’m just too scared that I’mm fuck things up man. It’s really getting me down, because I think about her all the time and when we’re alone I feel like I’m so close to doing something, but I just wuss out.

I’ve already missed out on doing stuff with her twice now, she’s had a boyfriend and split up with him in the time I’ve known her (almost 5 years) and I really don’t want her to get another one before I make a move again.

Can you help me? I really need to know what to do. I just keep thinking that I’ve left it too long and she thinks I’m not interested in her anymore.


My Answer:

Ok, so from the sounds of it, she’s still into you which is cool, but you’re getting a vibe that SHE thinks you’re not interested in her because you never actually follow through with busting move and taking things to the physical level.

So there are a few things you need to do:

1. Man the f**K up

You’ve already seen what not being a man has done for you, she went out and got herself a boyfriend. Lucky for you, she split up with him. So start working on your confidence issues. You say that you’re an introvert… so was I, I’m guessing more than you were. So put yourself out there more, join some classes, meet new people, get some new hobbies and keep pushing your comfort zone, until you are literally removing yourself from your comfort zone by getting out of the house.

2. Get some options

Women react to competition, they are very protective of what they want. So if she still wants you and you seriously can’t make the first move, then you need to force her hand. What I mean is get some more options (women) around you, so that you give off a certain (I don’t give a f**k) vibe. She’ll pick up on this and will think, if these girls are trying them I’m gonna try!

3. Step up your flirting game

When you’re out with her next, either with friends or on your own. Be a lot more flirty than you usually are, this means using kino… touching her during conversation and being a lot more animated with your hands/body when telling stories and engaging her. Remember to touch the parts of her body that signal you’re more than just a friend (legs, stomach, lower back etc). Playful teasing will get you what you want.

That’s pretty much it dude. If you do all 3 of those things, I guarantee you she will make the move or you will finally step up and make the move for her.

You’re in a great position because she likes you, if she didn’t then it would be much harder getting out of the friend zone.


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