How To Surround Yourself With Beautiful Women That Help You Get Laid

When I go out these days I like to follow a certain ratio, it’s very simple…

90% women… 10% men

So if I’m out with just a couple of my closest friends, I’ll always have at least 5 girls with us at any given time.


Because having a group of attractive women with you in a bar or club is the perfect social proof game and will get you laid more than you could imagine… and with FAR LESS WORK!

Usually you see guys in popular clubs in big groups… with no women in sight.

What does this tell you, if you’re a smokin hot woman looking over at them?

It says that you’re low status, you have nothing going for you.

But if she looks over at me and I have a bunch of hot girls around me, all talking to me, laughing, touching me… etc, what does that tell her?

It says I’m a high status male and must have something about me if all these girls are with me. It’s intriguing and attractive to her.

So how do I do it?

Surrounded by girls

Just chillin :)

Here’s how…

Make multiple connections over time

If you go out with the intention of making new friends with girls as opposed to sleeping with them, it’s actually much simpler than you might think and it happens rather quickly.

Your aim on a night out should be to make connections with as many hot girls as possible (but not sleep with them).

When you speak to a hot girl for a while, you should say “You’re fun, you’ve got a nice energy about you… you should come out with us sometime.” Then just arrange a date and time, tell her to bring her friends and that’s it.

Group dynamic tips

  • You get to form connections with certain girls in the groups, regular party girls, friends of friends etc. They will introduce you to their friends and other outside girls too.
  • Talk to different girls in the group (don’t try hard, just be friendly) This is a push pull technique that will make other girls jealous and they will try to get your attention.
  • When you meet an “it girl” who is very hot and thinks she’s better than other girls, just introduce yourself with a poker face. Don’t show any emotion or interest in her, this will spike intrigue with her because you’re not all over her like other guys usually are.
  • The “regular girls” will naturally become wing girls and will help you chat to new girls, get girls back to your house and help boost your social value.

So that’s it. A quick look into how you can you surround yourself with beautiful women and get laid in a kind of lazy way. This is most of what my game is made up of these days and it works perfectly for me.

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  1. Hi Richard! Thank you for a very cool video. At least you look natural as opposed to the four women around you. They live under layers of make up. Without it they would look like bunch of umbillical cords from aborted fetuses.

  2. Hey, how do you do if the girl that you meet is cool and pretty but the friend that she brings is not that cool and kinda ugly?

  3. alex titus says:

    Hey gambler,

    I dont have a lot of freinds that can be my wingman. Im new to all this stuff abd just got out of a relationship and want to meet a bunch of other girls. How do i go out and do this by myself?

  4. Dave Sheller says:

    Hey Gambler, thank you for this awesome tip, never thought about getting hot girls as friends only. But what if I want to sleep with one of my chick friends, how do I ignite the escalation? Isn’t it weird when you’ve only been ‘friends’ before? I’ve never had a hot girl as a friend only and never got friendzoned in my life, so I don’t know what it’s like.

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