How To Talk To Women During The Day: Advanced Conversational Techniques That Build Rapport Super Fast

Yep… these techniques are THAT good!

When it comes to daygame there are a ton of “wannabe” pickup artists out there who think they are superstars at picking up women during the day.

When in actual fact… they suck… big time.

So this got me thinking.

Is there anyone out there that actually “does” what they teach?

…And the answer is yes!

I’m not going to go into too much detail, but there is a guy by the name of Tom T who I’ve seen on the streets in action… who absolutely destroys it.

I’m talking… approaching some of the hottest women in the streets, the same girls that other guys would just stop and stare at… getting their number, going on instant dates with them and bouncing them back to his apartment.

He’s the guy behind Conversation King and the main man on the bootamps over at

I got in touch with him last week and had some questions for him, this is what he came back with…

How to talk to women during the day

1. What are some things you should never say to a woman during the day?

Don’t over-compliment a girl, putting her on a pedestal. Don’t kiss her arse by agreeing to everything she says. Don’t ask her permission with questions, instead make statements and lead. Don’t brag about yourself – put the spotlight on her.

2. How long do I need to talk to her before enough rapport is built?

A good daygame interaction is 5-10 minutes long. If you’ve gone direct then the Attraction Phase can happen really quickly, meaning she hooks and the Rapport Phase begins almost immediately – the beauty of daygame.

3. Are there any body language techniques that help with rapport?

Smiling on the approach and being playful, then when she hooks it’s best to dial down body language and keep a neutral vibe. Folding arms works to flip the script and get her to open up more. Mirroring often happens unintentionally when rapport is reached.

4. How can I come across as less needy?

To be less needy, don’t nod, smile and agree with everything she says. Replace “oh cool!”, “wow” and “amazing” with the simple word “ok.” Tease and challenge her. Don’t kiss her arse. Get her doing the work. Don’t grill her with questions but instead make statements and assumptions. Watch that your voice doesn’t go up (inflect).

5. What type of questions should I be asking to keep the conversation going?

You can only really ask her questions once she’s hooked and starts investing. At this point the questions should be big open questions that get her investing. These type of questions are qualification questions in that the spotlight is on her:

“So what’s the story with ____________?”
“What do you like about ____________?”
“What is it about ________ that you love?”
“How does _________ compare to ________?”

You can also use something called “Parroting” where you repeat back to the girl what she’s just said to get her to invest more.

6. What can I open with that gets her to stop and listen?

The Daygame Blueprint begins with the Capture Phase – stopping the girl directly with a low-investment compliment. That’s the best “opener” in the world as it’s real. “Hey, a bit random, but I just saw you and I think that you look really nice.”

7. How can I get her to invest more in the conversation, instead of me talking too much?

A girl will only invest in the conversation once she’s hooked. You have to do the conversational work until this point (we call it “crossing the assumption bridge”) – the Capture and Attraction phases of the Daygame Blueprint.

Once you notice a hook (she crosses her legs, plays with her hair, asks you a question) then ask some of the big open questions from above. If she asks you a question, answer it but then quickly relate it back to her. We follow the 90/10 rule of investment.

8. How much (if any) should I touch her during conversation and where?

Don’t “kino” her in the day, unless it’s what you’d do with your friends anyway. Because you’ve gone direct, you don’t need to “escalate” on the street. Save that for the dates.

9. How can I be more funny? Because I’m not, are there any tips?

It sounds counter-intuitive, but in daygame it’s NOT good to be that funny. Being “funny” usually means you over-investing and trying to impress her. Telling a joke actually breaks rapport and is often done from nerves. Better to be Bond than Borat.

In the Attraction Phase you can tease her with some good old Cocky Funny – push-pull statements that tease her like you’d tease a little sister or friend down the pub.

10. What are the biggest mistakes most men make during conversation with women in the day time?

  • Being needy / kissing her arse / over-investing
  • Talking to women too quickly
  • Inflecting your voice (through neediness again)
  • Trying to be funny / dancing monkey (over investing again)
  • Talking about yourself too much (over investing)
  • Being “gamey” – running nightclub routines or lines on the street

So that’s how you talk to women during the day.

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Easy right?

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  1. Hey Gambler, will you ever use direct game towards a girl during the day or night when another friend of hers is standing right there?

  2. im not sure i understand inflecting what do u mean voice go up like how ezactly

  3. Will you ever use IOI’s or teasing during daygame or just leave those two more for nighttime, and just be more direct during day approaches?

    • PUA Training says:

      Always use both during daygame, granted it’s a different level compared to night game. But teasing leads to sexual tension and causes her to give you IOI’s so keep doing them.

  4. What can I do when I’m afraid to say that?

    • PUA Training says:

      The only thing you can do… man up. The first one is always the hardest. Once you approach the first one, you’ll get a natural and this is when you need to build on that high, by approaching other girls.

  5. Tom is a true hero of mine. Can’t wait to get my hands on his Daygame book!

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