How To Text A Girl You Haven’t Seen In Months… 3 Awesome Ways To Reiginte Old Phone Numbers

Want to know how to text a girl who you haven’t seen in months because you lost touch?

Well my friend has created a few surefire techniques for texting girls that I think any guy can use to reignite old numbers.

It’s actually crazy how well these text messages work! Especially cocky funny texts.

However before I get into the messages and techniques, I first want to tell you a short story about one particular girl I hooked up with after almost a year of no contact.

So around a year ago, I met a girl in a popular club one night whilst out with my buddies.

I remember that night vividly… I was on top of my game and could pretty much do whatever I wanted with any girl in there.

After catching the eye of a particularly attractive eastern European girl, I approach her and began chatting to her.

Things started getting heated really quickly… I used a few of my Stealth Attraction techniques on her and we were kissing within minutes.

The sexual tension was obvious and I was pretty full on…

For one reason or another we lost each other in the club, but I managed to get her number which was lucky.

I texted her a couple of times over the course of several days but had no reply.

My guess was we were a little too heavy in the club and she was resisting seeing me because in her mind she’d already given up a lot and the next meet up would mean sex.

So about 9 months had passed and I was flicking through my phone… I saw her name and thought, why the hell not not… let’s shoot her a text.

This is what I sent…

“Hey Anastasia happy 1 year anniversary :)”

She replied almost instantly with…

“Haha, It’s only been 9 months! how are you? x”

Game on!

Long story short, I managed to get her round to mine later in the week… we watched a DVD and did the deed :)

This is the girl ;)  We dated for 9 months

So you see, it’s not that hard to reignite those old numbers that you thought were dead.

Let’s say you have 10 girls’ phone numbers you haven’t spoken to or texted in 6 months… if you texted all of them, I reckon at least 5 would reply and out of those 5 you could meet up with 2 of them.

Cool, let’s move onto the good stuff.

3 awesome things to text a girl that get them hooked

Ok, here are some quick and simple opening text message you can send any girl you want to start a conversation with again….

1. “Hey, sorry i missed our anniversary ;-) how’s things?”

I used this in the above example, it’s very short but quite funny and easy to reply to.  These are the keys of a re-ignition text.

This text should be sent after a full 6 months have passed. It doesn’t matter if you’ve only spent a little time with her, or if you’ve kissed her or even slept with her.

2. “OMG you’ve been kidnapped, don’t worry I’ll rescue you. I hope they have been feeding you.  I’ll bring chocolate… white, milk, or dark?”

This is overly dramatic and funny.  Girls will reply with a “LOL” and then let you know what chocolate they like or maybe tell you they prefer ice cream ;-)  Role playing text messages generally are fun and sexy.  Some girls will actually play along and say they have been kidnapped so you need to come over and save them ;)

You can send this one to a girl who didn’t reply to your last message, which could have been a couple weeks, or a few months ago.

3. “Did I just see you in Crocs?  I was passing (in Maybach)”

This is a great text on two levels, the first is because women love shoes and wouldn’t be seen dead in Crocs… the second is because you said you were in a Maybach while she is in the worst shoes on the planet, it’s a funny status play.  You’re bragging but in a funny way.

Send this one if she has gone cold for a few days.

Rules to follow when texting a girl

Now that you’ve got some messages you can send her to get you back on her mind, here are a few ground rules you must follow so you don’t screw things up.

  • Shorter the better – Keep your intro messages short and funny/intriguing. Don’t ramble on or ask any stupid questions like “Hey, haven’t heard from you in a while… it’s Sam (the guy from the funky bar in town). It’s a dull message and she won’t reply.
  • Never ask for a date in the first message – The very first message is designed to get her thinking about you again, you need to build rapport and connect with her again before asking her out.
  • Always suggest simple meetups – Try not to put pressure on her with meeting up, always be subtle. After a few messages back and forth, try something like this “i’m going to party on friday with some cool friends, you are more than welcome to join us”. Don’t you think that sounds better than “Are you free tonight, lets meet for a date?”.
  • Don’t beg – If she doesn’t text you back or doesn’t respond to your questions, just leave it and don’t bother hassling her. It just looks pathetic and she’ll think you’re desperate. Especially nudes, guys always take things too sexual too quickly.

So that’s it. Now you know how to text a girl you haven’t seen for ages.

I’ve used every technique above for reigniting old numbers and turning them into dates/sex etc. So you can easily do the same. If you really want to ramp things up with text messaging, I would recommend you check out these guys.

I have also written some killer tips on texting girls, like why a girl doesn’t text back even when you thought she was interested. Here are some PUA text game examples you can use to started seeing replies, instead of being left on read.

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  1. I never delete girls’ numbers, you never know when you’ll be able to reconnect. Even if a girl doesn’t respond, I will wait sometime later and text again. Perfect example happened to me 3 weeks ago. I randomly met a girl about 2 years ago. That night I treated her to drinks/food and had an enjoyable night, but nothing sexual at all. We briefly texted after, but nothing came of it. Then recently, and after 2 years of no contact, I decided to text her. I first asked if she remembered me. She said yes, then we arranged to meet for food that evening. Long story short, we ended up in my bed at the end of the night. The gist of this is to never give up, and to never assume you’ve lost your chance with any girl. You never know what she’s going through because she doesn’t reply, and you shouldn’t assume it’s about you.

  2. Am a fan of your work Rich! I’m just 20 but over the past few years I’ve tried to better my skills with women because, regular people just don’t teach this stuff! & I’ve probably had more success than the average guy my age. Nonetheless, whatever age you are you will still have questions, here’s mine:

    Met a brunette- slim & serbian- at the club about a month ago.
    Things went smoothly (I’d say im not a bad dancer ;)
    As we text it’s quite clear there’s some commonalities which only become more apparent on our 1st date soon after (which easily is the best I’ve had).. 23 yr. old masters student, teaching assistant, film critic/reviewer, sketch artist… on and on but artsy to the core (my preference)

    Anywho after the 1st date we stay in touch with some stimulating conversation, on new years eve I txt her saying I’ll save her a kiss (charmed her socks off) but after a couple weeks (& I did try for a day 2 but for honest reasons it didn’t work), I’ve hit 3 “no replys” from her in a row, one text asking if she ever catches herself busting moves at home, another with “!Hola!”, & the third was a brief voicemail. Was going to wait a week or so & facebook her (she wanted to add me after our date) but i know the message i choose can easily make or break it…

    Can you give me some insight/advice on this?

    • Hi Dez,
      Serbian young girls operate on different frequencies, 90% are after money or social status, give some attention who is going out with and company around her.
      Try sending her message in serbian, if you not native Serbian speaking guy, she will love the effort.
      Send her this: Jao, tebe su kidnapovali! Da li te hrane? Dolazim da te spasim, kakvu cokoladu volis, belu, crnu ili sa lesnicima?

      This is translated ” chocolate rescue program” :) I’m serbian, I know this line works every time
      Good luck bro

      • Thanks Magic! I added “If some veggies are more appealing I can see what strings I can pull ;)” to the end of that (she’s vegetarian). If she again doesnt reply should my next step be anything other than giving up?

        Thanks again I should have an answer sooner than later- keep ya posted

  3. Hi,I met a girl online and we were chatting for hours and hours.she was interested to much in me and I was too.we were talking day and night but suddenly she turned and were saying you are annoying and I agree I was doing such she don’t give me a single reply even she wrote to me “fuck off”.i told her I’m serious involve in you now and she replied come it was just Internet or phone shouldn’t be serious.i’m really disturb now.she is on my mind every time I can’t give attention to my routine you have any suggestion for that I will really appreciate your help. Thanks

  4. hey, met this girl and everything went smooth at first, kissed her on the third date and after that shes just been too busy(made me wonder if something was wrong with my kissing, but couldnt be as im known to be a gret kisser) and when we did hooked up again we kissed again, but our relationship was still dull so i decided to just leave her alone. did not hear from her in three week then just all of a sudden she text me saying shes just checking up on me but i didnt entertain her text too much. that really confused me alot, shes leaving the country for the festive season and im comtemplating if i should text her before she leaves or do i just leave her until shes back and i maybe one bump into her. really like this girl alot but wouldnt want to be with her if she doent feel the same way about me.

  5. I have a question for Richard if he’s actual. Curious, no that i’m trying to knock this in any way because it actually makes alot of sense in most areas, though let’s say hypothetically that these text messages work and everything goes kopestetic. when you meet with her what do you say then, now that you’re not texting her anymore? does the conversation change or how would you even know what to say?
    if you could answer back that would be awesome!

  6. Send more out on texting! Im do have good sucess with women. Read your book the natural which has defined my game. The one area that im willing I lack, is getting a number at a bar or club scene (after building a rapport) and then text a girl but it ends up being a text chase. Few times i have met them for a date but most cassaes the girl trys to dominate and stay in control. Girls love texting way to much. Any suggestions?

  7. Hey man, great article. I was just wondering about my own situation; basically there is a girl who I got really close to area months ago. We were both in relationships at the time but both not enjoying the relationship. We used to text daily, meet up etc. I have now moved away, and we have both split up with our respective partners.. Thing is we text a few months ago and she just stopped replying. I was wondering how you’d reccomend playing it? I can’t really see any of the three lines working :S any help would be appreciated.

  8. Al Villegas says

    Well I always knew about this and had always worked pretty great.
    But even since a turn 22 my looks became not attractive for a girl. So is this cause broda you are a good looking g pal and there no chance we get the cute girl with faces like ugly dudes. Not being confident, sociable and topical good or bad guy will work. So we are to stick to be alone for many years to come.

  9. I was with this girl along time ago and it didn’t last very long, mainly because I was real shy and quiet around her. I’m normally real good with girls but I choke up around her for some reason. Out of nowhere I will think of her. I haven’t talked to her in about a year or two. I want to text her but have no clue what to say and how to get her interested. Is it to late to try and start something back up? If not could you give me a tip on what to say to try and start it up.

    • PUA Training says

      Sounds like you’ve built this girl up in your head far too much. You need to take a step back… when was the last time you spoke to her? Use one of the above texts to get her attention again and then just don’t follow up with any needy texts.

  10. In The Natural you recommend against smiley faces in texts. Did you change your mind on this?

    • PUA Training says

      I recommend you avoid using them as much as possible because they are cheesy, but sometimes thee “wink face” just adds that extra funny element to the text.

  11. Hey,

    Thanks for this awesome article. I have used a variation of the last trick. I just messaged her saying ” Hey I saw you in *insert cheap restaurant here* . I was passing by in my car. ” That did the trick , she completely responded. Also one more nice trick would be this:
    Me : Who is this?
    She : This is bla bla bla
    Me: I know , I was being an ass :P
    Continue the conversation from there.


  12. I never believed in the game of hard to get. After reading this blog and one of Neill’s books, at age 58 I finally understand.

  13. Really enjoyed this article, it was funny because this happened to be something that was on my mind last night before I’d even began to read it.

    Rich, I’ve read, and seen firsthand as well, that it’s cool to get on the phone with a girl after exchanging a few attention-grabbing and value displaying texts (The idea being that you can display higher value and that you are a busy man over the phone as well as secure a date quickly with a better commitment than over text).

    Do you think that going on the phone is necessary, or that it’s preferable in some cases?

    • PUA Training says

      I think the phone is great if you’re comfortable talking to women. You can create a deeper connection on the phone rather than just a simple text message which is very distant and can actually be misinterpreted wrongly. Mix things up and call her once a week.

  14. When a girl has a boyfriend and you know she’s starting getting into you, what to do? I don’t have her phone number yet! She works at the same company as I but we dont work together so we don’t have much opportunity to talk, only a few times in person and the main of the conversation is about work. I’m concered to ask for her number and mass up all my investiment on her. I have already her facebook so that’s great cause increase my chance to chat with her and in fact I noticed she enjoys my conversation, she always says: (so você mesmo Paulo in portugues of course because we’re brazillian :) in english it’s sounds like “only you to say that” “I really liked to know you better”. So any tips? Sorry for some erros on english grammar.

    • PUA Training says

      So she has a boyfriend and you want to sleep with her or date her? Dodgy territory my friend you need to be careful with that one. If you already have her Facebook then you should keep chatting to her on that, then casually invite her along to a party or something where there’s other people like work drinks or something. Then you can iscolate her and start building rapport.

  15. This is a great way to reopen and does work so thank you :)
    What would be a good way to follow up (guidelines) so the conversation won’t just fall flat after a while?


    • PUA Training says

      1. Keep the conversation light and casual, so that you don’t put any pressure on her to txt you back.
      2. Don’t be too eager, txt her when you can… not a second after she txt’s you. You can’t see too available.
      3. Meet up with her, so you don’t have to keep thinking of things to say via txt.

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