How To Think More Abundantly: Which Will Lead To More Women

Think More Abundantly

Focus… let’s become more abundant.

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As you approach more women, game them and sleep with them… you will notice certain patterns that emerge. These patterns will allow you to sleep with more women as a result, because you can run the same game that worked the last time on new girls.

However as you learn and grow… sleep with hotter women, your standards will naturally go up and you won’t settle for women that don’t meet your requirements. Even physically.

Most guys, when starting out will try and sleep with pretty much anything.

Then when they do, they notice it’s just not that hard to game women. After several successful lays, they try and game hotter women with the SAME EXACT GAME they tried on the average chicks.

This doesn’t work. EVER.

Although, yes there ARE similarities. Your game and mindset needs to be taken to a whole new level if you want to bang models and smoking hot (in-demand) women.

That’s what I want to talk about today.

Your mindset. I want to show you how you can think more abundantly, so you can attract the most beautiful women in the world. The type of women that are so in-demand, they wouldn’t notice you if you didn’t have this mindset.

How to think more abundantly

Having an abundant mindset will set you apart from the rest of guys who are just gawking at hot women and doing nothing. If you ever notice a hot girl speaking to a normal guy, it’s ridiculous. The girl is just being herself and the guy is fumbling over his words and looking like a bag of nerves.

Think in abundance

  • Think the best… not the worst: It’s incredibly easy to think negative thoughts. Maybe you walked past someone and they were looking at you and you thought “what the hell are they looking at, what’s wrong with me?”. Or a girl rejected you at first glance and you thought “I knew she was too hot for me, I’m ugly”. Whatever it is, you need to stop that voice from thinking negative thoughts in your head. Change them to positive thoughts.
  • Think yes… not no: You’re scared a lot of the time and that’s natural, but it’s not beneficial. Especially in game. So start thinking yes, instead of no. If you’re friends call you up when you’re chilling in bed watching Netflix and ask you to come out… it’s a yes. When it’s Friday and no-one wants to go out and the only option is going out alone… it’s a yes. Make it a yes more than a no. Your life will improve dramatically if you do.
  • Use your imagination to fuel confidence: Just like a sports star. You need to imagine yourself surrounded by beautiful women. Imagine them coming up to you and asking for your number, calling you, texting you… be the guy in your mind that you want to be out in the real world. Forget any woo woo stuff, this is what real athletes do, so it’s good enough for you.

Speak with abundance

  • Talk with absolute confidence: When speaking to women, talk as though you’re the boss. You are confident with every word you say. Because you believe in every word you are saying and she needs to hear it.
  • Speak directly, pausing briefly but with strong eye contact: Take pauses during your conversation, to increase the amount of suspense. There’s no rush. Keep a strong gaze, so that you can increase the sexual tension. Also speak as though you are a somebody, she will pick up on it. Like you have better things to do with your time than talk to her.
  • Don’t be afraid to offend: Stop feeling like you’re going to offend girls or scare them off. If you do, so what. As long as you’re not intentionally trying to offend them, you shouldn’t monitor what you’re saying in fear of offending.

Act with abundance

  • Buy some new clothes: Clothes are a great way to make you look cooler, more handsome and to give you a quick confidence boost. You don’t have to spend a lot. But spend enough so you can use those clothes for a good few years.
  • Walk with confidence: Unless you’re in a rush, you should be walking at a normal pace with your chin up and your chest out. Walk around like you’ve just sold your company for $100 mill or you have a 13 inch cock.
  • Don’t be overly emotional: Letting your emotions get the better of you, will take you back down to a scarcity. Let your logical mind take over most of the time and push your emotions back. Otherwise you’ll be doing stupid things like saying “you’re so pretty” when she knows she freakin pretty.
  • Stop acting needy: Abundant men do not feel the need to seek approval from any woman. No matter how hot she is, it’s just not in their mindset. The moment you feel yourself asking for approval, give yourself a mental kick up the ass.
  • Let go, it’s fine there’s more: Don’t attached yourself to one woman and hope she will like you as much as you like her. Waiting for text messages or call backs. It’s not going to happen. If you don’t get a response from a girl that you want, then you need to move on immediately.

Bottom line: You have to think like a HOT woman, if you want to get HOT women. The abidance mindset that a hot girl has over an average girl is varsity different. Same for a man, so once you use that mindset to your advantage, you will get laid with way hotter chicks. Guaranteed.

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