How To Work With What You’ve Already Got… And Still Attract Women

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We all have hangups about our self. It’s part of our nature, especially with the amount of pressure that is increasingly put upon us in today’s self analytical world.

We think we need to look a certain way to make ourselves more attractive to women. Well, I’m here to tell you… yes YOU… that’s it’s NOT true.

You can attract beautiful women, like women you only fantasise about. Seriously, you can have a model if you want, regardless of the way you look.

Now I know the inner voice in your head is screaming at the screen right now…

“F**k you man, I’m short… women hate short dudes”.


“Yeah right, it’s easy for you to say… you’re a pretty good looking guy”.

Just stop your inner bitching for one minute and here me out.

Whatever you’ve been handed in life physically, you can work with it to make you more attractive than you think you are or perceive to be. Below are the most common mental issues that most guys have with themselves. Let’s discuss them in detail.

1. Beard

So you like rockin a beard. You feel more manly, more confident and feel as though your testosterone is oozing from every pore. Now even though this isn’t a permanent characteristic like most of the others below.

Some guys feel as though it’s part of their identity and if they shave the beard off they won’t be as confident. Some women LOVE beards and some women HATE beards. As long as your beard is well groomed, as in trimmed, clean and tapered off. Then you won’t have a problem.

Hair in general needs to be trimmed all over, from your bushy pubes to your whispey back hair. Keep it trim!

2. Tall

Studies have shown that women find men who are considered tall, most attractive between the height of 6ft 2” and 6ft 4”. So if you’re over 6ft 4” then you’re verging on the freakishly tall side. If you’re a tall guy, there are several things you need to do. Keep your shoulders back, don’t slouch and if you’re skinny… put some muscle on. There’s nothing worse than seeing a tall skinny guy, it just isn’t sexy to women and they won’t feel safe around you.

3. Short

Ok so you’re Tom Cruise short. So what? Well women aren’t known for liking short men, so you need to make up for your height in other areas. What is it most guys do when they’re short? They get aggressive, defensive and bombastic. This is a huge turnoff not only for the women around you, but also any cool guys.

Focus on your humour and self confidence. Women will soon forget about your height, once they fall for your charismatic personalty. I’ve seen tons and I mean tons of “short” guys hookup with models, actresses and all round smokes, just because they are such nice guys to be around.

4. Fat

Being fat is a turn off for most women, sure you have your chubby chasers and slightly deranged girls that like the security of a big fat guy around them, but for the most part being fat is not an attractive characteristic in a guy.

You have to make a mindset shift, stop the sugar intake, the high carb intake and focus on a more high protein diet along with high intensity cardio/weight training to strip that fat away. You don’t need to be Brad Pitt Fight Club fit, but a slim and toned physique is generally considered the most attractive with guys.

5. Bald

Male baldness is quite common, it’s something that really affects the confidence of guys when it happens in their early twenties. So instead of freaking out about it, you should be doing one of two things. 1) go to a hair stylist and ask them what type of haircut they would recommend for a balding guy, if there’s enough hair to work with without looking stupid then go down that route. 2) give yourself a number 1 or 2 all over.

Depending on your face shape, you CAN look better with a bald head. Just try difference shorter hair styles until you find one that works with your face shape and doesn’t make it look like you’re hanging onto every last healthy follicle. It’s horrible when you see a guy who’s going bald, but insists on having long hair, so it turns into some crazy mullet.

6. Glasses

Bad eyesight? That’s no excuse for bad glasses dude. Getting some contact lenses should be your first mission, if you’re not a contact lens guy then you have two more options. You can either opt for laser eye surgery and rid yourself of eyewear for good… or you can buy some trendy glasses. Look at GQ, search for “top 10 designer glasses for men” and choose a few pairs you can rock with different outfits.

7. Big nose

Depending on your facial features, a big nose can stand out quite a bit. This means you can either go for some pretty serious surgery, which I wouldn’t recommend… or you can engineer your looks in a way that will take the focus off your nose IF this is turning out to be a major issue with your self confidence.

Try some designer stubble to take the focus off your nose, designer eyewear which will compliment your nose and different hairstyle (yep, even a different kind of hairstyle, can take the focus off your nose).

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