Influencing Girls And Other People To Do What You Want

How cool would it be to influence someone to do whatever you want them to do?

Well, it’s very possible and I’m going to teach you the techniques I use to do precisely that. I’ve been using persuasion for years now and it’s helped me to bed models, help friends lose weight, bring shy friends out of their shells and just live a happier life.

Once you’ve watched the video and practiced everything I teach, you will be able to use subtle persuasion to make people do exactly what you want… so make sure you take note.

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Don’t follow established “no paths”

An established no path is basically something known as a reflexive response. It’s when you say no, without thinking about it because helps you stay in your comfort zone.

For example: You’re sitting down on a Friday night in your fat boy pants, slobbing out and watching Netflix… then your friend calls you and says “dude, come out we’re getting a table tonight, it’s going to be sick!” to which you reply… “Nah dude, I’m at home… don’t fancy coming out tonight”.

So why do we use these reflexive responses which hinder our experiences in life?

Well, it’s usually because we’ve experienced a lot in life and realised that some things bring us pleasure, whilst other things bring us pain.

The friend who called you up to ask you to come out may have called you several times before and you’ve said yes. But those situations led to bad experiences (i.e spending too much money, getting rejected by girls, getting into a fight etc). The conclusion is you have developed an automatic response of “no” (your reflexive response) to keep yourself safe and in your comfort bubble.

This same “established no” path response happens with women too. That’s why they are quick to say no to guys when they go in for the number too soon, ask them out on a date or stop them in the street. When you get the no, its because you’ve triggered something in the girl that makes her recoil and not say yes.

Follow the “yes set” instead

There is something called the “yes set” which is pretty well known and goes like this… you ask someone 3 questions that will guarantee a “yes” as an answer. Then the 4th question is your real question that you want them to say yes to. They are more likely to say yes to the last question because they are following pattern of saying yes.

Sounds simple enough right? Well that’s the problem. It’s TOO easy.

The basics make sense and I believe they work, but you need to tweak the questions more so they are natural and fit within the flow of your conversation with the girl.

It would be weird to ask them 3 questions in a rapid fire fashion, so you need to stay on a “yes track” so to speak, where they are saying yes to 3 subtle questions over a normal period of time.

For example, if you meet a girl in a bar. You may want to approach her and say “Oh I see you’re drinking a Mojito, I see you like cocktails” to which she would say yes. At that point you will be building more rapport by talking about your favourite cocktails, what your likes and dislikes are and what she also likes.

After talking for a few more minutes you want to then transition into the next “yes” question. Something like “Oh, there’s a bar I know down the road which makes incredible cocktails, it’s called the Cocktail Lounge, have you been?” She may say yes, but could say no… that’s ok. If she says no then you can take that opportunity to sell her the idea of going and then ask her out by saying “We should go sometime… put your number in my phone and we’ll arrange something soon.”

The key is passionate agreement. You want to use the yes set as the basis to persuasion, but also utilise her interest in something to build momentum for accepting the idea of saying yes.

Illusory choice (AKA the double bind)

Women love men who take the lead, it’s in their nature. But they also want to feel as though they have some power and choice in the matter. So taking the yes set method above and example with the girl at the bar. We now want to arrange the date with her and use Illusory choice so she is committed to meeting.

Let’s say you text her the following “Hey, it’s Rich. Let’s meet at Kings Street station on Thursday. What’s a good time for you.. 8pm or 9pm?”.

What you’re doing her is leading, you’re being a man (which she wants) but you’re also giving her a choice over something that really doesn’t matter to you, but it make HER feel better, knowing she had some say/power.

Another example:

Let’s continue with the same girl at the bar and imagine that you’re still in the bar with her. But you want to take her home with you. You can start to downplay the bar and say “Man, it’s getting a little lame her, the music sucks… we should go somewhere else.”.

At this point she will say something like “Yeah maybe” or “yes we should”. Now it’s time for the illusory choice technique again. Say to her “Do you want to finish your drink or go now?”.

See what you did? You’re still giving her the ultimate decision which doesn’t affect you in any way, so it’s a non entity.


So I want you to remember this… you’re not going ask girls or your friends, colleagues etc the same questions everyone else asks. This will only lead to a no due to their established “no paths”. What you want to do instead is start out with a “yes set” in combination with rapport building and then finally use illusory choice to keep her committed and with a feeling of some power.

Good luck with these techniques. Make sure you practice them often and let me know how you get on in the comments below.

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