Mens Weight Loss Before And After: How To Lose Fat Fast… And Start Dating A Model?

How To Lose Fat Fast For Men

Mens Weight Loss Before And After: My best mate Alex.

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A few years ago, I was very worried about my good friend Alex. He was 103kg/227 pounds, smoked 20+ cigarettes day, and used to be exhausted and sweating from climbing a flight of stairs or just walking a few blocks.

He’d eat burgers and kebabs, and drink endless vodka redbulls on nights out…and most nights were nights out. Once he told me he got pains in his heart and nearly died during sex ☺

Alex Before

Alex at his heaviest.

I’ve always lived a pretty healthy life and decided I wanted to help him. During the time I was helping him, I was amazed at the “advice” that people would give without being asked.

About how much protein he should eat, that he should eat 5x a day, that doing weights in the gym was useless, or that training more than 3x a week was wrong, that drinking any alcohol meant that he was never going to lose weight.

These were often fat, inactive, or unhealthy people, and their advice did nothing to help. In the end though, we got the result. Below I want to tell you how we did it, and you can take this advice like any health and fitness advice – as an idea of things that you can try if you want to get in better shape.

Exercise: “Fun” Cardio

We managed to get Alex doing 5 or 6 one-hour+ training sessions per week. The way we did it was…

Putting Alex on the treadmill or a bike was a big fail. He’d do 7 mins and then say “can’t do more, stop this thing” and that’d be that. Yeah he is lazy, but I understand that it is actually pretty boring. Same with swimming, I really wanted him to swim because I think the combination of cold water and exercise burns a lot of calories, but he’d do a length or two and then want to go sit in the Jacuzzi.

The solution was to find stuff that he enjoyed and that burned loads of calories, so we did MMA. First time he said “what is this gay shit?” but then when he saw how sweaty he was at the end and realised how hard he worked, he got into it.

We also found out that he liked playing squash. Squash is one of the most intense exercises, your shirt will be dripping wet after a class, so it’s a great one.

Other ideas for cardio that might work are anything in a group class, from spinning to boxing to functional training.

Adding something at the end

I like the heart rate to be high (I like 140bpm+ for the hour) during the cardio work. After an hour you should feel exhausted. Something cool after is then to go on the treadmill and just walk. Even at just 6km/h, your heart rate should stay high because of the intensity of the workout you just did, allowing you to burn tons of extra calories without running.

Weights training

I see a few guys who go to my gym, they have a fat belly, but they are doing “slow weights”, what I mean is doing some bicep curls, then taking a 3 minute break, then doing them again, then going on to the next exercise. Their heart rate never rises and they use sit-down machines vs doing difficult exercises like dead lifts or Olympic lifts.


Queue the Rocky music…

With Alex we would give the muscles a rest, but not really let his heart relax. Doing supersets between two exercises, or bounding sets with one arm or leg then immediately back to the other with no rest ensured that he is working harder during the session. Adding two or three minutes on the bike between sets also is a great way to keep the heart working while letting muscles recover.

As he started to get muscles popping through and see his shape improve it motivated him to continue, and quite soon he was really into the gym and said he didn’t feel as happy or energetic if he didn’t go. Big win!


Obviously this is the biggest part of the puzzle.

My view on eating wasn’t that we should do the standard 6 days of strict diet and then one cheat day. Instead I wanted to build a sustainable diet including filling meals that he enjoyed so that there wasn’t too much of a desire for all the things he missed.

This generally meant zero carb noodles, chicken or fish and vegetables, eggs, low-fat cottage cheese with berries for dessert. We removed most grains, cheese and butter, and sugar from the diet but there was still a little bit here and there, like maybe a few crumbs of blue cheese on a salad.

We also focused on high satiation foods, so for example salmon and a load of broccoli is very filling and low calorie compared to a packet of nuts for example, which would be the same calories but still leave you wanting more food.

When it came to drinks, it was all black coffee, tea without milk or sugar, or water & lemon. Lots of people consume loads of calories with only drinks, whether its milk and sugar in tea and coffee, or hundreds of calories in fruit smoothies. These things don’t fill you up, but they often have the same calories as a meal. We made sure that Alex’s drinks didn’t add any calories to his daily total.

I have heard over and over about eating 5 times a day, but to my mind that just means eating when you are not hungry and eating more than you otherwise would. If you are not body-building or training for the Olympics I think it’s more sensible to only eat when you are hungry.

We gave Alex brunch around 11am, then dinner at 5pm, with the option of a snack either between brunch and dinner, or after dinner in the night. The snack would usually be the low fat cottage cheese and some berries. Each day, calorie intake was around 1500, which is not so few as to leave him starving all day, but also allows a good amount of weight loss to be going on.

Understanding Calories

When he understood that the 100 grams of ice cream or chocolate he really wanted was the same calories as that hour of hard work he did in the gym, he started to not even want that stuff.

Education helped him control himself and make his own smart decisions. Likewise, the knowledge that some vegetables like broccoli were so low in calories that he could eat an almost unlimited amount helped him choose the right foods when he got hungry.

Drinking alcohol

This was another big one. Alex would drink vodka Redbull as default, Sambucka shots, champagne if it was available, and sometimes sugary cocktails especially his fave – long island.

People say all alcohol has calories and there isn’t much difference. My view is that the body doesn’t easily process calories from something like vodka, but something like a Mohito with sugar or syrup, long islands that have coca cola, or beer would be a lot worse than pure vodka.

We deleted everything and made the only drink options vodka plus sparkling water and crushed lemon, and if he really must – tequila shots. He still went out 2/3 times a week and had about half a bottle to a full bottle of vodka each time, but we didn’t see any effect on his waistline in periods when he drank a lot or didn’t drink much. I just don’t think 500 calories of vodka is the same as 500 calories of hamburger…

…and the cupboard was bare

The second big problem with his drinking was that he would often come home and raid his fridge. This meant that 2/3 nights a week he was making sandwiches or spaghetti then heading to bed and leaving things strewn around the kitchen.

These late night 1000ish calorie binges make a big difference when you consider that 1kg or fat is 7000 calories. So he could add a kilogram of fat every two or three weeks just with late night binges on food that he didn’t really need.

The solution was to do daily shopping in the morning and make sure that the fridge was always bare apart from “safe food”. Safe food is unappealing stuff like broccoli and celery. I’m the same, if I have snacks in the house, I eat them, when I don’t, I don’t. It’s an easy solution.

How Often did he weigh himself?

It was very important to only let him weigh himself once a week at most, and also to focus more on his waistline than his absolute weight. Doing a crazy workout and then seeing that the weight is the same or even higher than yesterday is very demotivating.

We can’t control day-to-day variances, but we can control week on week. Sometimes weight won’t be down much because muscle is also increasing but then we focus on the waistband.

Altering clothes as soon as they are too big

Something we did that meant there was no going back, was to take his shirts and trousers to be taken in at the tailor. It’s not very expensive to take in a shirt, but it means that you have committed to the weight loss and won’t be able to put that weight back on and yo-yo.


Like I said in the beginning, Alex also had a major problem with smoking. He was on 20+ per day and would smoke on the way to the gym and then as soon as he’d finish. It really killed his ability to do any cardio and his lungs were in bad shape.


Serial smoker… professional fat boy.

We tried patches and gum and they reduced the need a little bit, but there was no replacement for the cigarette on nights out. He only stopped smoking cigarettes when he tried an electronic cigarette. Of course we had the usual group of people saying “it is just as unhealthy” etc etc, but my view was that without it his lungs just wouldn’t let him do the work he needed to in the gym.

Yes it still contains nicotine, but the fact that it is vapour and not smoke gave his lungs a rest and he very quickly vastly improved his fitness, and stopped sweating all the time. A different kind of “unhealthy” would still give his body a break from the punishment of 10 years of heavy smoking. Because the E-cigs have dials and stuff, you can also gradually reduce the amount of nicotine you smoke.

Apple watch

I’m not a big fan of the Apple Watch, it just doesn’t do much, and doesn’t look that good. However, an Apple Watch or Fitbit or anything that tracks steps can be really good in adding another few hours a month to the exercise you do.

If you have walked 8km and then you are choosing between taking transport to get home or walking, you are gonna choose walking to get that extra couple of kilometres. Alex got the Apple watch and it’s turned him into someone who likes to walk to places.

We did this around 6 months ago and Alex has still kept his same weight, 20kg/44 pounds lighter than he was when we started the program. The understanding about diet and exercise, his sense of feeling and looking better, and the fact that we altered his clothes means there is no going back.

The Results?

See for yourself…

Alex After Weight Loss

Say “fat free cheese”!

Women came flocking.

Alex After Weight Loss

Smile dude! You’re skinny :)

Confidence was brimming.

Alex After Weight Loss

That’s not his dinner plate, that’s just a tip dish ;-)

Final Words

So there it is. I don’t expect you to take this as a point by point plan, but if you get some good ideas from this that you can incorporate, then that’s great. Of course I’m not a fitness or diet professional, so for all the guys who have their own ideas about fitness and diet, that’s cool too, feel free to post anything in the comments below.

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  1. It’s pretty awesome, the results are outstanding, now his next step: brutal muscle gain?

  2. AWESOME job guys. There’s always a way to do what we want a do. This is a good way.

  3. I smoke too. But I have no problems with cardio. Other then not doing it more regularly. My (un)trained leg muscles give out before my lungs do.

  4. Royelmiraz says:

    Amazing transformation

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