Night Club Game Tips And Examples From A Natural (My Friend Alex)

The single most important thing you need to remember when gaming in clubs and bars is this… make sure you create a silly/fun atmosphere that makes everyone you’re with feel good.

When the girls feel good, they trust you (meaning they want to sleep with you) when the guys feel good, they spend more money at your table (this gets everyone more drunk and happier as the night goes on).

In order to have fun and be silly, you have to keep creating funny situations, when you get good at doing this people will just want to get to know you.

7 solid night club rules from Alex

  • Rule #1: Get drunk.
  • Rule #2: Get the girl(s) drunk.
  • Rule #3: Have fun, be silly and create a vibe that everyone wants to be a part of. Role play with characters and keep cracking jokes throughout the night. Rinse and repeat (routines/jokes) when you hit gold to keep girls laughing. The more they laugh, the more they will want to be around you.
  • Rule #4: Get to the club at 12:30am because it makes you look good.
  • Rule #5: Go multiple nights to the same club, tip them highly (like £20), offer them drinks, introduce them to the girls you’re with, get their names and invite them to your after party.
  • Rules #6: Rich guys are usually boring, they don’t know how to get the party going so they need guys like me to make it fun at their table. Introduce these guys to hot girls in the club and befriend them that way.
  • Rules #7: Invite everyone back to an after party.

Examples of club game from Alex

Here are some examples of how Alex would approach single girls, groups of girls and interact with them. The idea is to make them laugh and feel comfortable around you.

Getting a girl to come home with you example:

Tell her you’re holding her family hostage at your place, so she needs to come back with you to sign the paper. If she doesn’t, then you’re going to kill them all and you won’t be leaving.

Starting a conversation with a group of girls example:

Always ask them if they have a lighter (even if you have an e-cigarette) because it gets the conversation going. If you don’t smoke, just take the lighter… start talking to her and then hand it back a few moments later.

Getting the number in a playful way example:

Ask her if you can get her number, then say “Actually hold on, I can’t because I’ve got a business meeting tomorrow so I’ll get my secretary to take it and she won’t even be real”.

Introducing your wing or friend to women example:

Never just introduce your friend, it’s boring. Always be playful and say things like “This is Rich, he’s my driver…” or you can say “off duty secret agent… body guard… assistant… security… accountant… lawyer” etc.

Role-playing a rich saudi business man example:

Go up to a girl who’s alone at the bar and say the following. Remember that you want to have a slight smile on your face so that she knows you’re being playful.

You: “Hey (name) want to party? (use a broken arabic type voice and exaggerate it)”.
Her: Lol, yes I want a drink. Who are you?
You: It’s me, hey I am from internet, you private party, back to my yacht?

Another quick one would be role-playing a German character to open very hot girls at the bar in a fun and unique way.

You: I understand you arrange party yes? Two man one girl?
Her: What? Lol, no… haha.


So there you have it. Alex is a pro when it comes to attracting stunningly beautiful women in the clubs, he’s mastered it and everything he does I can vouch for. Do what you can to emulate this approach to gaming in clubs and I promise you that women will stick to you wherever you go.

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