Night Game Masterclass Part 1 : Body Language, Non-verbal Opening, & Dance Floor Game

Most guys stand at the bar looking around, being creepy, bored or ogling. This is why they end up going home alone, drunk and out of pocket every weekend, wondering why they never get laid.

The thing with night game is this… girls notice when guys do very obvious things. Like standing at the bar or staring at them for any length of time.

They can pick up on the vibes and tell whether you’ve got game or not.

So always have fun, smile and joke around so you have a good vibe about you. Girls will pick up on this and gravitate towards you naturally.

Let’s get started with the masterclass.

Note: If you’re serious about becoming a night game master, I strongly suggest you check out my system for bar and club game. Click here.

Body language

When girls don’t want to be approached, they give off a different style of body language which you need to watch out for. Same goes for girls that do want to be approached. Once you know the difference you can increase your chances of opening and interacting with them.

Girls you shouldn’t really approach (unless your game is on fire) – They are positioned close to the wall, backs are turned, very little space between them, not looking around or interested in other people, just engaged in a deep conversation.

Girls you should approach and WANT to be approached – They are facing outwards, still talking to each other, actively looking around, possibly self grooming, maybe they will hold eye contact and may even smile when you walk past.

Working the room

You want to walk around the bar or club, never stand in the one spot. Walking through crowds gives you plenty of opportunity to force IOI’s, open girls, gauge the situation in certain parts of the venue etc. Make sure you move slowly, there’s now rush.

Non-verbal opening

Starting an interaction from a distance and non-verbally gives you a chance to get an honest reaction from a girl, plus it helps to see whether the girl is with some other guys or not interested in the slightest. When you get their attention, you can raise your glass, wave or look at her in a way to generate a positive response.

When you open her non-verbally, make a note of how she responds. Is she smiling? Is she looking at a guy she’s with to indicate that she’s with him? Does she look away and turn her back? Just be aware of her response so you can massively reduce your chances of rejection if you do end up approaching her.

Tactile opening

Opening with a light touch on the shoulder and then stepping back (even if it’s more than one girl) can be the best way to open a set. Most guys will tap a girl on the shoulder or be far too close and it just comes across as amateur. The touch needs to be gentle, it’s a guiding touch, something that a friend would do so it’s familiar. This is less creepy.

Dance floor seduction

Look like you’re enjoying dancing and try to match the girls mood. While you’re dancing, get her attention with some non-verbal communication (eye contact, smiling, hand gestures) and gauge her response. Don’t be creepy, keep your distance until she’s giving you solid IOI’s and then introduce yourself.

With the intro out of the way, keep dancing but now start to face her and notice whether she continues facing you or turns back round to her friends. If she faces you, that’s a great sign. While facing her, present your hands to her so she takes them and then do a little cheeky dance to make her laugh.

After kinoing, let her hands go so things don’t get too intense and go back to dancing whilst facing her, keeping eye contact. After a short while, move back in (once she’s comfortable with you) take your hand and put it at the back of her elbow, then guide it so she rests her hand on your waste.

Move her away from the dance floor so you isolate her and build some rapport away from the loud music and her friends.

On occasion her friends may try to interrupt, so join the group and have fun, until she breaks away.

Keeping it fun

Girls love to laugh and have fun when they go out, so pull some cheesy dance moves in front of them just with the intension of making them smile, not to impress them with your dance moves. After they smile, you can introduce yourself seriously.

So that’s the end of part one in this Night Game Master class. Part 2 will be posted in a few days time.

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