Night Game Masterclass Part 2 : Approaching Groups, Winging And Sexual Escalation

If you haven’t watched part 1 of this bar and nightclub masterclass then you can do so by clicking here.

In this video, I’m going to be walking you through even more techniques for attracting women in bars and nightclubs, including body language, sexual escalation and even wingmanship.

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Approaching groups

There are different situations and dynamics in bars and clubs, so you’ll find yourself in various scenarios that require you to be on top of your game. Here are the most common.

A group of three + girls

If you see a set of 3 or more girls that you want to talk to and the girl happens to be on either end, then that’s much easier as you can open them without having to talk to the whole group and the other girls will start to speak to each other after a while. If it’s the girl in the middle, then you’ll need to open the group, build some rapport and gain their trust before talking to the middle one.

It’s very important that the girls on either side of the one you want to talk to actually like you, so that when you get to talk to the middle girl, they don’t try and sabotage it for you.

To extract the middle girl, you can use some tricks like asking to see the colour of her eyes with a slight raised smile and leading her into the light a bit more, or creating a reason to check out her shoes away from her friends slightly. The key here, is kino and extraction away from the group.

A group of two girls

This is the hardest in terms of groups, because you can’t extract one girl without the other being left alone… which isn’t ever going to happen. So you need to engage them both and focus slightly more attention on the one you like more. If you can’t find a good way extract the one girl from her friend, then it might be a good idea to get her number and leave.

The best case scenario would be that her friend goes to get a drink or goes to the toilet and let’s you have some time alone. If this happens, then you have the friends approval, because she trusts you enough to leave you both alone.

Groups recap:

  • Extract the girl you like fairly quickly if she’s on the end of the group
  • Engage the whole group if the girl you like is in the middle
  • If her friends are protective, just get the number and followup

Winging (Wingmanship)

To start a conversation with a group girls, you should always start the conversation first, knowing that you’re going to pull your friend in at some point during the interaction. Ideally you want to peel away girls from the group, breaking them up so that they don’t get the chance to walk away or change each others minds.

Start by directing her body language to face you, so that her back is to her friends and slowly extract your girl that way. Your wingman should do the exact same thing. Then if for some reason the conversation dries up with you, the friend will look over at your friend engaging in conversation and carry on talking to you. This prevents boredom on the girls part and ruining the set completely.

Advanced winging

When your wingman introduces you into the conversation, he can introduce you in a funny way that’s a little cheeky. Something like “Hey, this is my friend Rich… he’s a child murderer…” with a smile on your face. The girl obviously knows you’re not a nutcase or murderer, but it’s a different way to bring you into the conversation rather than just plainly saying “Hey, this is my mate Rich…”. Be creative and different!

The next step to this advanced approach is when you go to get a drink or nip off to the toilet. You leave your wingman with the girl you like and then all he does is just big you up, building comfort and trust with the girl to paint you in a good light. He would say things like “Rich is such a cool guy, he’s really genuine…” etc.

It’s incredibly powerful when someone else is saying this about you and has a profound effect on women. You’ll notice an immediate change in the girl when you get back to her.

Winging recap:

  • Bring your friend in after a few minutes
  • You focus on one girl and your friend focuses on another
  • Leave your wing with the girl you like so he can big you up

Sexual escalation

A lot of guys NEVER do sexual escalation which is my opinion is the most important part of the whole interaction. Without it, you won’t get laid… with it (correctly) women will sleep with you like crazy.

Touch with the back of the hand, it’s waayyyy more tentative as opposed to using the back of the hand which can be viewed as intense or intrusive to a girl you’ve just met.

So when you’re in conversation, make it a point to touch her on the arms, shoulders and hands when you lean in or need to exaggerate a point. Another thing you can do is (stealth kino) which is lightly touching her hand/fingers during conversation, her friends won’t see you doing this, but it’s a very sexual move that will turn her one.

When in a club it can be very loud, which makes it perfect for kino because you need to get close to talk to her. As you lean in, touch her on the head or shoulder with one hand and place your other hand on her waste or hip. If you want to go for the triple threat, then touch the inside of her leg (or outside) with your leg, this is incredibly intimate full body contact.

Other things you can do to increase the sexual tension are looking at her and keeping eye contact, brushing her hair out of the way, looking at her lips and basically slowing down you movements so they are more seductive. If you’re feeling cheeky, then you can use playful touches like pretending someone pushed you so you can lightly touch her breasts. It’s funny when you do it in the RIGHT WAY.

Never stay in one place for too long, because the sexual tension will become less intense as the night goes on. So lead her to different areas of the club, so that you can work up to the kiss. Kissing her should be easy, slow your movements down even more, get closer, linger with your words and keep the eye contact. Brush her hair back, hold her face lightly and then smoothly go in for the kiss.

There are other ways you can transition into being sexual. Being playful and role playing a little will loosen her up, allowing you to get a little closer and touch her more. For example, if she has a drink, you could say “Hang on, let me see that for a minute” take it from her, pretend to take something from your pocket and sprinkle something in her drink (all while smiling and pretending to do it, so that she knows you’re being funny).

Sexual escalation recap:

  • Touch her with the back of your hand lightly
  • Brush the hot spots (arms, hands, shoulders, stomach, legs, waste and hips)
  • Use the tripe threat stealth move when leaning in and speaking in her ear

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