Girlfriend Grabber Method: How I Got A Girlfriend In Less Than 90 Days And You Can Too

Girlfriend Grabber Method

Learn how to get a girlfriend… FAST.

Whether you’ve been single for years or you’ve never had a girlfriend… I’m going to show you step by step how to get one in less than 90 days from now.

So you want to get a girlfriend but you just don’t know how, right?

I get it, I’ve been there. [Read more…]

Why I Decided To Get Married: The Honest Truth

She's a keeper.

She’s a keeper.

You know, it’s a funny thing being a “PUA” or dating coach.

People don’t just expect you to be good with girls or teach others how to be good with girls. [Read more…]

10 Reasons Why Models Make Terrible Girlfriends

Models are stunning to look at, but are they really worth all the effort? I’ve dated models in the past and I’m going to give you my reasons as to why you should avoid them.

Never Date A Model

AS Inc/

Most men would chew off their arm to sleep with a model.

Ok, maybe not an arm… but it’s definitely a fantasy that a lot of guys dream about. They ask questions like… [Read more…]

How To Break Up With A Girl Quickly And Painlessly [+ Mistakes Most Men Make]

So you want to break up with a girl, but don’t know how to do it exactly? No worries. I’ve been there before (been the dumper and dumpee) and I know precisely how to do it.

Syda Productions/

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In this short guide I’m going to give you the absolute best way to breakup with your girl. [Read more…]

The 100 Most Effective Tinder Pick Up Lines Exposed [INFOGRAPHIC]

I’m going to show you the best Tinder pick up lines that have been tried… tested and guaranteed to work.

Having said that, results will vary based on how you look and how good your photos are, so make sure your profile is tight before continuing.

If you’re tired of your matches not getting back to you, it’s usually because your banter sucks. [Read more…]

How To Never Get Dumped Again (Even If You’ve Been Dumped Multiple Times)

Doesn’t it suck when you find a girl you actually like… you start dating her and then only a few weeks or months into the relationship, she dumps you?

That’s what happened to me several times. [Read more…]

Death Of The Real Man: 27 Reasons Why Modern Men Suck

Modern men are in a state of crisis.

The modern man has been beaten down mentally and physically to the point where the only thing separating them from being identified as a woman is their dong. Let’s end this madness, before it’s too late.

Death Of The Real Man: 27 Reasons Why Modern Men Suck

The modern man…. In a word… is a pussy.

He is weak, sickeningly apologetic, unable to handle any real life problems and is slowly morphing into a sexless being. [Read more…]

How To Date Multiple Women At Once, While Being Honest

Does dating multiple women always lead to heartbreak and dishonesty? Well in my experience… no.

You can if you want to, date multiple girls whilst remaining open and honest with them. That means no sneaky tactics, tricks or games that will cause them to dislike you or even hate you. [Read more…]

Getting A Girlfriend Is Very Different To Just Finding Girls To Have Sex With, Here’s Why

What is the difference between finding a girl you can have a serious relationship with and finding a girl (or several girls) you just want to sleep with?

Well, in all honesty they are two very different things. In my experience anyway. [Read more…]

9 Best Sex Positions for Men with Smaller Penises [+3 Positions you Should NEVER do]

Want to be able to satisfy your woman even though you don’t have a foot long dong?

No problem. This guide will show you some of the best sex positions that will make her orgasm, even with a small penis. Make sure you read to the end, we share some tips that will turn you into a sex god. Seriously.

9 Best Sex Positions- For Smaller Penises

The average erect penis size in the US is 5.6 inches long, if you’re not reaching that length, chances are you might not be satisfying the woman (or women) in your life. [Read more…]