Paying For Sh*t: Should You Pay For Women All The Time?

Paying For Sh*t

Does she deserve your money?

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Men have been paying for women since money was invented. Movie tickets, clothes, drinks, dinner, travel expenses etc…

Now as time has gone on, men have started to pay less and less. This is because feminism made it’s mark on the world and told us men that women want to be treated equally and so they can pay half of everything.

However what’s transpired over the last 15 to 20 years with middle aged men and more recently younger men is… UTTER CONFUSION.

So before I give you my two cents on the topic of paying for women, let me first clarify two subsets of the same topic…

  1. Paying for a woman (who is your girlfriend) because you’re in a relationship
  2. Paying for women who you want to sleep with, because you’re single and enjoying multiple sex partners

Paying for your girlfriend

I strongly believe that if you’re in a relationship with a woman, you should be paying most of the time. That includes nights out, taxis, drinks, movie tickets, holidays etc.

BUT… you’re not a free ride, so she needs to pull her weight.

She should be supporting you as her man. Making you feel like a stud in the bedroom by fulfilling all your sexual needs. She should be attempting to cook (even if she can’t, she must show that she’s trying), she should be keeping the house tidy when you’re not around. I’m not saying she’s your live in cleaner, but she should be trying to make it nice for when you get home.

Now here’s where it gets tricky…

What if she has a full time job like you and gets paid more?

Well, if you’re living in the Western world, there’s a 90% chance she will be working a full time job and a fairly decent chance she will be earning more than you.

Now if she earns more than you, then there’s no question that she needs to front 50% of the living costs you both have in an apartment together. That’s a given. If she refuses or tries to dispute, then you need to explain to her that you’re not interested in freeloaders.

But when it comes to nights out etc, just make sure she pays on occasion, by saying something like “You’re turn to treat daddy..”. If she’s got manners, then she’ll realise that you pay for a lot and will offer.

Paying for random women

So the girlfriend isn’t much of an issue. But paying for random women that you want to try and sleep with on the same night, have casual relationships with and even turn in your fuck buddy… these are a different story. This is where the real confusion lies.

In the community you will hear guys saying things like:

Here’s my view on paying for random women.

If you’re genuinely enjoying their company and you want to hang out with them… you SHOULD pay. If you’re inviting them to the movie, for drinks at a local bar etc… you should pay. Because it’s what YOU want to do.

You SHOULD NOT pay when you are just randomly approaching women in a bar and she demands it. If you ever hear a woman you just met utter the words “Are you going to buy me a drink?” or “Do you want to get me a drink?” run away, she’s just a shallow chick who is possibly a gold digger.

You also shouldn’t pay if she asks you to go out and then suggests where to go and what to do. Call her out before you even do anything with her by saying something like… “Sounds good, bring your credit card with you… it could get pricey”. This will let you know what her true intentions are and if she just wants a free ride or not.

What if you don’t have the money to pay for them?

Well, then you need to find free alternative ways to go on dates with multiple women that doesn’t involve much money. Things like going to the park, site seeing in your area, visiting galleries/museums etc. Even a coffee shop is fine for a date if you’re comfortable with it.

What if she offers to pay?

Then she’s a keeper in my books. The thing I hate most is when women EXPECT a man to pay and then live the predictable double standard life most Western women are living these days. You can either accept the offer or say “No way, it’s on me… you can get me next time”. That last line puts the though in her head that you don’t tolerate freeloaders.

Bottom line

There’s no right and wrong here. It’s up to you and the girl in that given situation.

If you feel she’s taking you for a ride, then call her out and see how she responds. Say something like… “I hope you’re not just using me for my money and good looks”. It’s tongue and cheek, but also sends the message.

Don’t be a bitch. Any woman in your life needs to know that you are not a pushover and you are only paying for her, because you enjoy spending time with her… not because you want her attention or you want her to like you more. It’s about YOU… not HER.

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