Power Corrupts… Absolute Power Corrupts – Women!

Most men do a crazy thing as soon as a good-looking woman enters the picture – they give away all their power and status and become just another chump. We’ve all done it – we chase her around, change our plans to fit in with her schedule, give up our interests and friends. Rather than maintain the things that might make us attractive, we give them all up and as we focus all their attention on the woman. And, thing is, the more attractive the girl is the more we are tempted to give up.

This is not the way to do things.

Since it’s common male behaviour during the chase, women have got bored with it. They’re fed up with being given all the decision-making power. Women like to be presented with a challenge. They want to work for a man. They don’t want to think that all you have on your plate is them.

They want a challenge, and they don’t want to think that all you have is them. A feminine woman wants a masculine man, not a supplicating wimp. Modern men are less attractive because they don’t have manly qualities.

These are the rules you need to follow to separate yourself from the herd and make yourself a more attractive guy:

1. Take the Lead

“Can I have your number?”  “Are you free on Wednesday?” “How about Tuesday?”  “What time?”  “What would you like to do?” Asking these questions transfers the decision-making power from you to her and they are the kinds of questions that get asked before the first date. Not good. Try these kinds of questions instead: “I’m hungry, let’s get something to eat”. “We should hang out, give me your number.” “I’m going to watch a film, you should come.” Can you see the difference? There’s no supplication here, is there? You’re not even really asking – you’re leading her politely, giving her an opportunity to join you in your fun life.

2. Have Other Passions

Make sure that you have interests. Make sure you have friends that you care about. Don’t abandon all that when you meet an attractive girl. They are part of the equation that makes you attractive in the first place.

3. Have A Purpose

Be ambitious. Have goals. Know what you’re doing in life. People who wander around aimlessly or give away everything for a woman are not attractive.  Decisive people on a mission are attractive. Be one.

4. Be High Status

I was reading a scientific report the other day and it confirmed something I’ve known for ages: men go for looks, women go for status. It’s primal: women look for a man who can provide a secure environment for their children. That doesn’t mean you have to be loaded. It means you should be confident, strong-willed, prepared to walk away, and able to set the agenda. High status males turn women on.  Be one.

5. Don’t Change Who You Are

This is really important. You need to be confident enough in yourself not to change anything. If she says she doesn’t like something about you – your music, fashion sense, taste in films, whatever – listen to her point-of-view but don’t change your whole life based on. If you agree with her criticism, make changes. If
you don’t, you shouldn’t change a thing. Half of the fun for a woman is trying to change you into her “dream man.” She wants the challenge of taming you and changing you – but it is just that, the challenge, that she likes. She’ll get bored very easily if you roll over without a fight.

So there we have it – five tips that will help you maintain your status and, more importantly, your attractiveness to your target.

Turning into a confident, alpha male who IS high status vs just acting high status is something that not a lot of guys get.  Luckily, I’ve managed to break down exactly what steps guys need to follow to be the man that women want.  It’s the magic combination of the 4 ingredients of my $700 for $1 Special Offer.  So do yourself a favour and check it out.

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  1. Nice shit.

  2. All of those steps are so true!! Thanks, it worked :)

  3. Bartman – u find the women u want and then stop looking.

  4. what happens when u can game everybody? when does it stop? how do you find love when you know what everybody is thinking? we all fill our heads with all there is to offer but never think it will come to fruitian! then it does! so i ask of you what will you do with this power once you have it?? there is no goin back from this point!!! so the big question remains? where do we take it from here? bartman

  5. you don't

  6. Totally agree with the bit 'men go for looks, women go for status'.
    Great shit Gambler
    keep it up

  7. Those were what I needed to hear. I liked the "Asking the girl out somewhere part"

  8. Hey, nice article. I was just wondering what sientific article you read that you mentioned? I think I would find it interesting…

    Cheers, Sam

  9. Daniel says:

    I knew this… but at the same time, I guess I didn't. I think most things are just there for us to see and learn, but sometimes we refuse that, and keep refusing for years and years.
    Thanks for saying it in a clear way.
    "women go for status"
    …but why do they play games anyway? and why do they perform this games in a group? I've seen a lot of this when I was a DJ. I was like "Why do you think you're better than the others?" …"why do you think I'm gonna approach you, when I have dozens of other girls performing the exact same game?"

    it seems like women can't be original when it cames to attracting.

  10. good shit

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