3 Things You’re Doing That Is Pushing Your Girlfriend Away

Want to push her away?

Want to push her away?

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Men and women are very different when it comes to a relationship. Compromise is hard and it doesn’t come naturally, but it’s essential if you want to make it work with your girlfriend.

I’d like to run through three things you may be doing that stand a good chance of ruining your relationship with your lady. If you are doing all three, then you won’t be in a relationship for long, however if you’re doing one or two, you will begin to see cracks that will turn into gaping holes of difficulty over time.

1. Overreacting/oversensitive

One of the biggest issues that makes a woman have second thoughts about you is if you’re overly sensitive. This is kind of the woman’s role in the relationship, as woman are more emotional and sensitive in general. If you’re brining that to the table too, it’s just going to add nothing but frustration and exhaustion.

By overreacting to a situation, it causes your girlfriend to change her ways for the worse. She will be concerned that she may offend you and so over time will become quiet or very inward, just incase she says something wrong that sparks off your sensitive side.

Man up, stop being a little bitch and control your emotions. There’s nothing worse than when someone has to tread on egg shells around you.

2. Neglect

A lot of men (unintentionally) neglect their women. Work may be stressful, there could be family issues going on, your friend could be going through a tough time and you’re consoling them. Whatever it may be, it’s very easy to neglect your girlfriend’s feelings and so this will translate into her believing that you’re not in love with her or don’t care about her anymore.

From your side, she may be coming across as spoiled or constantly angry, even though you don’t think you’re doing anything wrong. But I can assure you that if she’s working harder than you in the relationship, then it’s time to step back and asses why she may be quieter than usual or angry for “no reason”.

3. Not listening

You know in all the rom-coms and glossy magazines, women have been banging on about men not listening to them? Well I partly agree with them. Not for the reasons they always drum up, but it’s true that men are very selective when it comes to listening to what women are saying to them.

Now I’m not saying you become a lapdog and take on board EVERYTHING she’s saying, because that’s not a healthy relationship. What I am saying however is that you should listen to what she’s saying, let her know that you are listening by sending a followup text or telling her to her face and she’ll love you for it.


I think that relationships are all about balance. too much of a good or bad thing, can lead to boredom, frustration and eventually a split. So keep adapting, if your girlfriend is miserable or showing signs of anger, then listen to her, see what’s on her mind and communicate.

Having said that, don’t turn into a limp noodle that panders to women, that’s a turn off for her and you are just an idiot for doing that.

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