Quick Fire Techniques To Pull Her Back Into The Interaction

Whether you’re in the club or you’re sitting in a coffee shop trying to chat to a girl… one thing is for sure. No matter how hard you try or no matter how good your game is, the girl will always have the option to just get up and walk away. There are situations when this is more likely to happen than others.

Like if you’re walking down the street for example and a cute girl walks past who you’d like to talk to, but she’s in a rush and although you’ve opened her, she hasn’t fully stopped to talk… she’s kinda just hovering and sloooooowly walking off at the same time.

This sucks, because you’re instinct is to say “wait, stop, come back and talk to me please!” but you can’t do that because you will look like a little bitch. So what do you do? How can you stop the girl from wandering off mid conversation, so that you can engage her, hook her in and close her?

Well, there are various techniques that I use to use…

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Technique 1: Re-engage verbally

There are 7 magic words that you can use which work every time and buy you an extra few seconds. It baffles me every time I use them, because they work so well. Are you ready?

“Just one more thing before you go…”

I’ve said it, maybe 4 or 5 times during a conversation with a girl on several occasions and she’s stayed an extra couple of minutes, without realising it. It’s basically her being polite, but I’m taking full advantage of the time given, so try my hardest to build rapport and hook her into a conversation before she goes.

Technique 2: Re-engage physically

This heavily depends on the situation and it’s not something you can really do in the day time, but re-engaging physically basically means, taking her arm or placing your hand around her waste and telegraphing were you want her to go. Because most people are designed to follow, if you do this a lot of girls will follow.

Along with physically re-engaging, you want to say something like “Come here for 1 second…”

Technique 3: Adjust body language immediately (prior to approach)

So this is more of a technique used before approaching, but makes a very good point that will hopefully help you make such an impact on the approach that she won’t even think about leaving. When approaching you should be free of any mental anxiety (things like thinking about what to say or if she will reject you) because this will prevent you from making the right first “micro” impression.

On the approach, open with strong eye contact, a very clear and authoritative voice and use your hands to motion STOP, but not actually saying the word stop.

Potential issues

With any approach, there could be issues. So you need to be prepared for them, this is how I deal with them.

Other girls watching in close proximity – So the best way to handle this is by being generally flirty and indirect with your approach. It’s far better to create a playful vibe when you have a lot of girls watching than it is to be sexually aggressive with your approach. When you’re funny and flirty, other girls will begin to like you and compete over you.

Aggressive rejection – On some occasions you may get an aggressive brush off. I’ve had girls say to me “Not interested… go away”. Which is a pretty bold rejection right? depending on the situation, you might want to have the last word by saying something smart like “Woah, calm down… what makes you think I was interested in you?”.

Busy environment, so high pressure – Nowadays I don’t care who hears me, but if you’re still self conscious about people around you, especially other girls overhearing your approach. Then you need to make sure you don’t fluff it up. Just be super confident with the approach and if it doesn’t work out, just go back to your business. Trust me, guys that overhear your approach will think “man he has balls, wish I could do that”.

Multiple friends (group approach) – Friends of the girl you’re approaching can cause problems, because a cock block might drag her away before you can do anything about it. There’s not much you can do other than work quickly and analyse the situation before approaching, so you can gauge how to play it.

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