Feel Like Giving Up? Tired Of Being Terrible With Women? Read This Before You Quit…


Arnie didn’t quit. Look where that got him!

I get emails all the time from guys who are ready to quit game. Quit learning about seducing women and becoming a better version of themselves.

They say things like… “I can’t get rejected anymore, it’s too painful and humiliating” or “I’m just not getting any better, it’s been 3 months and I’m still as bad with women, if not worse than when I started!”.

I try and reply individually to them all with advice based on their own personal circumstances, but to be honest… it feels like I’m repeating myself over and over again.

So to every guy out there now who’s thinking of giving up, tired of being rejected again and again, depressed because they haven’t gotten laid in a while… the advice below is for you.

I want you to read every word on this page, re-read the entire post again and apply every actionable point until you start to see results. It took me years to get to this level with women and if you want to become amazing with girls, then it’s going to take years for you as well.

Having said that, you can drastically change your life within a few short weeks if you stick to the basics and keep repeating them over and over.

Ok let’s get started.

1. Focus on having fun

Too many guys focus on getting the results. Yes the whole idea to gaming is getting the girl, I understand that. But you shouldn’t be putting yourself under that much intense pressure with pickup, women can sense it and it will seriously impact your game.

Instead, focus on having fun when you go out. Surround yourself with happy, positive people, do exciting things, be more spontaneous, break out of your bad habits and live life a little more freely.

As you do this, you will soon notice that girls begin to pickup on this vibe your emitting, they will want to hang out with you, talk to you and invite you out to places.

2. Get in state

Getting in state is one of the most powerful tools you have. When you can jolt your mind into a positive state, you instantly become energised, happy, motivated and ready to take anything on.

There are several things that I do to get in state and give myself that much needed confidence boost, I highly suggest you do the same:

  • Yoga/mediation: Calming the mind of all the noise and that annoying little voice that keeps telling you that you should quit is essential to growing and becoming a great seducer. Yoga is awesome for relaxing your entire body and lifting your energy, mediation is incredible for quieting your mind and giving you that inner calmness needed to stay rational and not overreact to situations.
  • Music: I always have my headphones with me and listen to music, it pumps me up instantly, makes me feel unstoppable and gets me in the right state of mind. I’d suggest picking a few dedicated state changing songs that you can listen to every time you need that boost.
  • Exercise: I never too much notice of exercise back in the day. I was convinced that if you wanted a six pack, then it was because you were trying to hide bad game. But now my thoughts have changed a little. Exercising is a great way to get a adrenaline rush and to release any unwanted tension in the body that you’ve been holding recently. Try to exercise daily if you can.
  • Watch motivational videos: Aside from music, You Tube videos are perfect for motivating you in a few short minutes. Try and watch one or two before head out for the night. Maybe even rip the audio from one of the videos and keep listening to it on the train or in the car, until you feel totally confident in yourself.

Here’s one from old Rocky that I love:

3. Learn a new skill

Doing the same things over and over again will not only drive you a little mad, but it will also keep you bored… frustrated and lifeless. For the mind to expand, for you to be able to keep a conversation going with a woman and for them to be attracted to you, your life needs to be full of exciting things.

I always advise my students to learn a new skill. Whatever that skill may be, pick something that’s interesting to you… like playing a guitar, learning a new language, doing martial arts, music production… anything that you can apply a new part of your brain to.

4. Develop a strong habit

We are creatures of habit, that’s been said countless times over the years. But for most people, we are a culmination of BAD habits which help shape the person we become. If you eat junk food, watch TV for 2 hours a night and sleep in on the weekends, every single week like clockwork, then chances are you’re going to be a lazy little git.

So it’s very important to work on good habits that will turn you into an attractive male. Things like exercising every day, reading more thought provoking books, playing games that can develop a stronger memory, meditating etc.

5. Build on momentum

Momentum is a powerful tool and you should harness that natural power as much as you possibly can. Have you ever noticed that when something goes wrong, there seems to be a string of shitty events that unfold, one after the other for the rest of the day… maybe even the rest of the week?

That’s momentum and you’re fuelling that bad string of events with your mindset, actions and feelings. So when you’re feeling down, snap out of it and do whatever you can to get back in that positive zone. When you’re there and you feel good, build on that good feeling by doing something else that will pump you up even more.

6. Get a good wing

A good wingman can make your life a hell of a lot easier. They can pick you up when you’re down, carry a bad conversation until you get back in the swing of things, even remove an ugly girl from the group so you can focus on the hot one. I strongly recommend you do whatever you can to find a good wingman that you go out with regularly.

7. Work on your weaker parts of game

Have you seen those fat muscle headed guys in the gym that are obviously very strong, but they are fat too? Well those guys aren’t focusing on cardio and losing fat. They’re only interested in getting strong and more muscular. This means they may be strong, but they can’t run for a bus without catching their breath.

The same thing applies to you, it’s important to work on all parts of your game. Opening, rapport building, sexual escalation, closing, day 2’s… etc.

8. Stomp out the bitch butterflies!

The next time you’re thinking about approaching a girl, calling or texting her, getting her back to your place… and you’re feeling extremely nervous. To the point were you want to quit because you feel too scared. Understand that those nerves are your “bitch butterflies” trying to bring you down.

Your nervous because you’re entering the unknown, you don’t know what might happen and you’re scared of the consequences. I promise you the dopamine rush you get after you do what you’re scared of will far out weigh the bitch butterflies that are currently trying to hold you back, seriously.

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