ATTENTION: If You’re A Rich Dude With No Game, Then This Will Save Your Sex Life

Rich Guy Game

Make money, get bitches.

Wait a minute, if you’re rich you don’t need ANY game, all you need to do is flash the cash and women will come running right? Well, not entirely.

If you’re a rich guy then you have an obvious advantage. Take Dan Bilzerian for example.

You can surround yourself with beautiful women all day long if you choose and still get laid without a good level of game. Whereas most guys that earn a fraction of your wealth have to learn game through trial and error, pounding the streets, going to clubs, crowded bars, getting rejected frequently every day until they reach a level of game that grants them with sex.

But… that doesn’t guarantee you will get laid, even though you earn the big bucks.

You see, most rich guys don’t seem to flex as hard as they could, if they really put some energy into attracting women using their wealth, they wouldn’t need to settle for blatant gold diggers all the time.

Today, I want to share some tips I’ve picked up over the years for rich guys who want to meet more beautiful women by using their wealth and not skills.

Ok, let’s get into it…

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Make friends with poor guys who have good game

You know when you walk into a bar or busy nightclub and you see that guy that every girl wants to talk to, be around and take pictures with? Yep, that’s the guy you want to befriend. He has social skills that you probably don’t have and women love him for it.

If you befriend cool guys like this and bankroll the booze at a table for example, then he’s going to do all the work for you, by brining in tons of hot women and introducing them to you. Your social status will be high because you’re rich, but it will elevate even more because you’re friends with the “cool guy” that everyone likes.

Let your house be the after party location

That penthouse you stay at when you’re in town… yes the one with the 5 bedrooms, grand piano in the living room and hot tub in the bathroom. This needs to be your ‘after party’ location every time you go out. Tell the cool guys you’re befriending that you have a great spot to go to after the party ends at the club, then take everyone (mostly women plus a handful of cool dudes) back to your place.

Make sure you stock up with champagne and try not to get involved with any hard drugs, this would be a slippery slope and you’ll start attracting shady people to your home, which isn’t a good idea. Just focus on cool guys and hot girls.

Make friends with club staff and promoters

Some of the best people to befriend when you’re in a club or bar are the promoters and staff. Why? Simple, the staff are well connected with everyone in the establishment. They know the table girls, the door staff, the club promoters, the managers, etc. So you’re always going to get the best treatment when you roll up to these places.

Not only that, but your social value will increase too, because you’ll be seen as someone important that others will want to be introduced to. “Who’s that guy who all the door staff and managers keep shaking hands with??” It creates a sense of value that women find very attractive in men.

Offer your house and car for photo shoots

If you’re rich, chances are you have a sweet house or apartment and an impressive sports car. You may even have multiple houses or apartments that you don’t use regularly. Why not rent your house and your car to modeling/acting agencies and say you need to be on set when the shoot happens to make sure nothing happens to your house or car.

You’ll be surrounded by hot women who will quickly know that it’s your house they are shooting in. Just talk to them about the house when they ask questions and say that you have wild house parties every few weeks, then say “You should come along with your friends, it’s good fun”. Take the number and boom, you’re in.

Invest in businesses that give you direct access to pretty girls

One of the best ways to be surrounded by beautiful women all day long is to invest or buy a company that has access to hot girls. Think about industries that have the most stunning women, like a bar/club, yoga studio, strip club, modeling agency, porn company, restaurant etc.

It’s better to buy into an existing company that already has the contacts and the pretty girls working/contracting for them, rather than start from the bottom and build it up. You’re doing it for the immediate access to hot women, not because you have a love for the industry or want to make a dent in the market.

Use tools to attract women

Some men would call this a gold digger tactic, but in all honesty most if not all women are gold diggers to some extent. They want security, it brings them comfort and it’s hardwired into their DNA. Money brings a great level of security and thus comfort. Using tools to show women that you can offer them that security is totally fine.

Ways in which you can do that are paying for holidays, cars, watches, shoes, bags and even charging them ridiculously small rent to stay in one of your many apartments/houses. Don’t just throw money at them though and not expect anything in return, you need to make it clear that you’re not a sexless sugar daddie who enjoys spoiling women. Otherwise you’ll quickly be taken advantage of.

Pay wing-girls to help you pickup women

Having a wing-girl to help you talk to and pickup women is one of the best things you can do as a rich guy. Call a modeling agency or an acting agency, pick two or three stunning women and ask them to accompany you as friends to a bar, club or social event. When you meet with them, say to them that they have one job only… they need to introduce you to hot women all night long.

If you hire a pretty girl who is very sociable and loves talking to other people, this is a probably one of the best things you can pay for. You see women are naturally better than men at socialising and pretty girls make you look good, not just to men but to other hot women.

The best part? You don’t even need to invest that much money. A high end model might charge you $500 to a $1,000 bucks for the night. In the time she’s with you, you’re going to be introduced to dozens of beautiful women and the hired girls will be singing your praises, which in turn boosts your social value.


There is a common myth amongst men who aren’t wealthy that if you have money, the puss will just flow into your life. Not true. I’ve seen, trained and socialised with countless rich guys over the years.

Most of them have focused a large part of their life to making money and that has neglected their social life with women, so they have no idea how to get laid other than throw money around, hoping a pretty girl will come to them.

If you’re rich and you use my advice above, I guarantee you… women will flock.

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