The Truth About Russian Mail Order Brides And Why Most Men Get Scammed

Is it too good to be true?

Is it too good to be true?

You’ve probably heard the horror stories of men signing up for mail order bride services, traveling to those countries and then meeting with gold digging Russian women that only want them for their money and a green card.

But what about the success stories? What about the men that have been speaking to women overseas through these services for months, without sending any money over PayPal or getting married to these women within weeks of meeting them?

Well they do exist, I can assure you.

I’ve even met a few men that have done this, so I know what to look for in terms of scams and women only out for themselves.

So if you’re interested in Russian male order brides in particular, make sure you read every word here, because it could save you hours of wasted time and thousands of dollars.

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What is a mail order bride?

Originally a mail order brides listed themselves in catalogs during the 1900’s. They were shown to be available for marriage and the target market was Western men in America. The coined term has since evolved massively and is now a popular search for men online.

Services such as Anastasia Date run exclusive pairing events where Western men come from America, England, Canada, Australia etc, just to meet with women they have been speaking to online based on descriptive profiles.

Why most men get scammed

Even though there are many success stories of men meeting women in Russia, Ukraine, Romania etc. The reality is that more men get scammed than these services would like to admit. Yes they are clamping down on scamming by trying to uncover the true intentions of the women signing up, but it’s not as easy as you might think.

Which is why you need to be wary of why a 5ft 8″ woman who quite clearly looks like a model would be going for you…  a short fat bald guy.

Here are the most common reasons for men getting scammed these days:

  • Delusion: Some men are just completely delusional when it comes to dating. You think that just because you live in the west and make more money than the majority of these women, you’re god and they are waiting for you to save them. This is simply untrue. Most of these women just want a chance to have a better life… with or without you.
  • Love/lust: It’s very easy for some guys to fall in love or just feel extreme levels of lust towards these women. I mean why wouldn’t you. The average woman in Russia is far prettier, slimmer and better behaved than the average American woman.
  • Stupidity: They don’t way up the options. If you’ve just been matched with a girl who’s beautiful in her pictures and then she refuses to talk to you on a video chat through Skype, but she wants you to send her money to keep the lights on in her house… errrrr are you going to be sending her money? Of course not!
  • Fantasy: It’s fairly easy to get caught up in the fantasy of it all. You meet this stunning blone online, travel to her home town, have amazing sex with her and then bring her back to your home town. Not only that, but she cooks and cleans for you… ahhhhh man, what a dream.
  • Money trap: Some men actually fall into the money trap. They’ve seen the girl on video chat, they have images of her which are accurate and then the girl is just amazing at stringing them along. Asking for small amounts that add up over time.

Can you see a trend occurring here? You’d be shocked to here that some of the men that fall for this crap are actually quite smart. It’s crazy.

How to not get scammed

So now you know what kinds of things happen to even the smartest men. Let’s look at ways you can avoid being scammed and actually increase your chances of meeting a beautiful woman from Eastern Europe.

  • Verify the images: Signing up for a trusted service means that there will be a vetting process before the woman’s profile (and yours) is approved. Having said that, they can be touched up using apps or photoshop. So you need to make sure that all of her images are not only consistent, but they show her face and body.
  • Speak to her on Skype: It’s imperative that once you are paired with someone, you speak to them on either Skype or a video chat feature through the service you’re using. Like I said, images are great but they don’t show you her in true form, which is live and on video.
  • Don’t send money… ever: If she ever mentions money, drop her. Don’t even bother to stick around, it’s a red f flag that she is only after you for the moolah. It’s ok if she asks you what you do for a living though.
  • Be realistic: Please be realistic with what you want. If you are a 40 something, balding, overweight and spotty man… chances are you’re never going to get a 9 or a 10. But you could definitely bag a 7 or an 8 if you’re charming and financially stable.
  • Travel to her local city: Let’s say you’ve been speaking to her online for a while, you have her pictures, you’ve spent time video chatting and you know everything about her. Now what? Well you need to travel to her town and meet her in person. This will be the truest gauge of all and you will be able to see if you’re both compatible.


I think the most important thing to remember here is that you need to keep your common sense hat on and don’t be afraid to ditch these women if they are not meeting your standards. Even if you meet her in person and she’s not quite the same as she was online… ditch her. Go back to your country and move on. Just don’t waste any money or time.

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