Save Money – Close On The First Date

Something special for you this week. A bit of a Holy Grail, I guess – what if I told you there was a way to convert a first date into s”x with consistently successful results? You’d tell me that you didn’t believe me, right? Well, it’s absolutely true. If you know what you’re doing, you’ll be able to sleep with girls on first
dates even if it only took you a few minutes to get her number. Here’s what you do:

1. Meet at Night, Near Your House

I have an advantage here, because I live in central London near all the best bars, restaurants and clubs. But you’re bound to have a decent venue within a short taxi ride of your place. Pick that for the date. When you call her, tell her that she can come with you for a drink at a nice place you know. Plan the meeting for sometime after dinner. Timing the date at night should be obvious – have you ever had a coffee shop date where the s”xual tension and excitement has just fizzled out over an hour or two of boring conversation? I
know I have.

2. Treat Her Like Your Girlfriend

When you meet up, give her a big hug and kiss her on the cheek. Then take her hand, put your arm around her, or walk arm-in-arm. Act exactly like her boyfriend – women love men taking initiative like this. You might be thinking that this is a bit forward, but you need to keep one thing clear at all times: if she’s met you for a date, she fancies you. FACT. She’ll be comfortable as long as you are.  Lead her to the venue if you didn’t meet her there already.

3. Get Comfortable, Don’t Let the Tension Slip Away

Once you are in the bar, sit down within touching distance of her. Don’t leave a big space between you and try to make sure you’re not sitting opposite each other across a table. You’re going to need to be able to touch her. What do you talk about? The conversation should be aimed at making connections with her.  Mix in playful teasing and remember to fire off some sexual looks (check my previous emails for how to do this).  This will mix things up nicely and ensure the sexual tension remains.

4. The Extraction

Okay. It’s going well. You need to get her out of the bar and into your bed. If the bar closes at 11pm, it’s easy – just tell her you should go somewhere else for a change of scene. If the bar is still open, tell her you want to go somewhere else and throw in a reason – the bar is too noisy, too crowded, whatever comes to mind. Lead her outside and head towards your house.  As you walk, keep the conversation going about whatever you were talking about.  She will be distracted until you reach the house. Sneaky, huh?

5. The Objection

You’ll hit a bump in the road around about now in about ninety percent of cases. When she realises you’ve taken her to your house, she will object.  “Where are we?” “Why are we at your house?” Etc. Tell her that you want to show her something (a pet, some pictures, etc), or say that you remembered you had some nice wine so she can come in for a bit. Remember to tell her that you can’t stay up late because you have to be up early.

6. Smoothly Seduce

When you get into the house, let her sit down (I only have a bedroom and she can only sit on the bed!) Get her a drink and then sit a little bit away from her. Put some music on. Give her some space and some time to get comfortable. Tone down the sexuality a little bit (unless she is obviously raring to go). Give it some time then pay her a compliment and – using the tips I gave you in one of my earlier messages – move in and start kissing. Be slow and smooth, and then slowly work up. If she objects, just move back a step and keep things going.

I know this technique works because I’ve used it dozens of times. Got any questions? Ask me – And remember, this is the kind of thing we deal with all the time.

To get the best bar none open-close method of club seduction, check out Stealth Attraction, it’s only 1/4 of my Best Deal Ever but is 3 1/2 hours of the best material I’ve ever produced on video.

Until next time,


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  1. Yogeshkumar says:

    This post is very useful; because, it lays out a game plan. That’s what most of pick up is about having a plan, some idea of where your going. It is relatively easy to generate attraction; however, if you don’t know what to do, when a women offers an IOD/IOI, you’ll be lost.

    Anyway back to the post it’s a reasonable and basic idea for a day two; though, you can not forget to incorporate a push and pull dynamic, be non clingy, unreactive, and fun. The post assumes your on a day two, and the women has invested by coming to see you. Obviously she’s interested. That doesn’t mean leave your personality at home; you still have to be, that man she wanted to see in the first place.

    PS…. To comment on Jenna’s post even though it was written in September…
    I don’t know her; though, it feels via what she wrote, that she’s most against the trickery involved. I’m only going to be brief, but that kind of dynamic should not be involved. You should be conveying value,(DHV) and you should be building a connection

  2. This post is very useful; because, it lays out a game plan. That's what most of pick up is about having a plan, some idea of where your going. It is relatively easy to generate attraction; however, if you don't know what to do, when a women offers an IOD/IOI, you'll be lost.

    Anyway back to the post it's a reasonable and basic idea for a day two; though, you can not forget to incorporate a push and pull dynamic, be non clingy, unreactive, and fun. The post assumes your on a day two, and the women has invested by coming to see you. Obviously she's interested. That doesn't mean leave your personality at home; you still have to be, that man she wanted to see in the first place.

    PS…. To comment on Jenna's post even though it was written in September…
    I don't know her; though, it feels via what she wrote, that she's most against the trickery involved. I'm only going to be brief, but that kind of dynamic should not be involved. You should be conveying value,(DHV) and you should be building a connection

  3. Whoah! brilliant, thanks so much for this gem of information it certainly has made a big paradigm shift in my knowledge.

  4. Lol Jenna u have such an overactive and descriptive mind.
    You can know every trick from the pua world, and very easily NOT succeed.  So it’s not about as much about tricks and negs as u think it is. It’s actually not needed AT ALL. What guys ar wasting time and energy on are finding out what the women want: u say bubble bath, or ask how she is, etc but ur not giving a more deepful meaning to this.
    The thing is yes you can study this romance thing with men and women, but people need to make money so they market it adding lots of unnecessary details.
    There are a few basic things that will attract and consequently get laid with most women – positive energy, charisma, intelligent in all aspects, attractive social person. These women love, and similar basic shit. But it is impossible for him to be able to seduce absolutely every women in the world f he had the chance even if ur the perfect guy (people have preferences remember). So u can only come close to having the characteristic of that guy that would win in most cases, this is what they are trying to teach in the pua world.
    So what I’m saying to u Jenna is ur pre judging, without having met a guy with these tools (didn’t say if he will necessarily use them on u or not) and saying he won’t get laid with u. That’s crap talk. I think u have a very specific preference with guys so not everyone would get laid with u even with these “tools”, absolutely not. Don’t think that’s what we think. 

  5. First off • I am quite sure you will never post this. If you do, unedited, I will be a monkey’s uncle….or somesuch.OK, so here is what I have to say:
    Uhhhhhh, no. I am going to have to go ahead and disagree with you there. In fact, I am going to have to disagree with just about everything you and your fellow “PUA” pick-up aficionado/ lotharios/soldiers have been saying since Day One.

    My girlfriends and I have had a lifetime of men trying every one of these tactics, lines and “negs” on us all to no avail. (Much to the chagrin of the men, I'm sure). Every woman I think is familiar with what you are touting as the “game” on these “PUA” websites, blogs and TV programs. This was long before “PUA” existed or was called “PUA.” Back then, we just called it “annoying.” And, I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but, I recently bought the book "The Game" by Neil Strauss for comic relief. And I gotta tell ya, it’s funnier than Seinfeld.

    “PUA”….hmmm. Well, may I be frank? This quasi-love-child-cum-cult you’ve oh-so-cleverly deemed: “PUA" is actually a long dead, recycled Bowl of Wrong that you’ve pulled out your ass, flipped over, re-labeled and smacked-on-the-butt-and-made-cry again. What should have been left to rot in the darkened shadows and healing mists of time (for I do believe that is what those shadows and mists are for) is good old-fashioned scamming., trying to score, you know, trolling. You and your horny cohorts have instead insisted on dragging out and resuscitating. The highly classified “art” of trying to pick up chicks. Well…WHOOP dee damn doo. Pin a rose on your nose. PUA! (And, psssssssst!!! The idea of “PUA” ain’t no ancient Chinese secret. it’s been around since the dawn of time. Ever since Adam saw the first flash of Eve’s taut, supple thigh he thought, “ I gotta gets me some a that,!! But first I must devise a vast network of complicated lies and intricate deceptions to trick her into falling into bed with me unawares, because surely I cannot conceive of any other way for this to be done.” And lo, God saw that his plan was convoluted and rife with pain and agony for all concerned. And he saw that it would have to do.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I am open-minded and quite fair and I will say that yes, women DO want to be seduced and coerced to some degree, and yes, I will agree that the big “O” face ain’t ever gonna happen if the guy just sits there like a bump on a log. What frightens me most is the intense energy and vast suckage of time you guys devote to what boils down to simple manipulation, lying, trickery and deception. All just to get laid. And, hey – don’t get me wrong — before you even say it –I love me some hot sex, I am definitely no uggo and definitely not a prude. (As many happy, satisfied men I’ve known can attest. (Who do not land me by subscribing to the PUA way of doing things, I might add).

    PUA has become akin to fishing or hunting, complete with its own sense of community, brotherhood, secrecy and language. It even has rules and nicknames, bylaws and such. (I hesitate to ask about any special beanies or rides around in miniature cars). Much like many other sporting activities and hobbies men enjoy, it is burdened down with the various trappings of PUA-specific “gear” and accoutrements to further engage (i.e. waste) one’s mind, energies and time. The life of a true “PUA” connoisseur is laden with everything from "handy tricks and licks" for use out in the field to tight-quarters slight of hand essentials, to must-have props, emergency dating kit dazzlers, bling, magical tricks and mind games and smart looking “outfits” to accompany your “tools of the trade.” (Just one look at that “Mystery” guy’s giant, floppy pimp hat and it’s a “mystery” he’s still in one piece. What in the hell kind of carcass is that thing made of? What had to die? Maybe several whats. And how many times has he had to have it surgically removed from his anal cavity? Oh well, so many questions). …..Moving on…

    Of course, everyone in PUA has a super slick Steve Austin nickname; the language is peppered with high-tech acronyms, secret decoder ring code words, secret hand signals, and legendary stories whispered ‘round campfires and gym locker rooms. These tales are passed down from father to son like some kind of proud Poontang legacy – a birthright, if you will. It is like this “hero’s journey” to finally bridge the coming-of-age transition that this generation’s youth has been sorely missing. And we were worried our education system was lacking!

    The whole thing is ridiculous, sad, and grossly ineffective, but if you guys want to waste your money and time and disabuse yourself of the last tiny shred of what pride you may have left, hey – it’s your funeral. I really do hate to burst any eager beaver-hunter’s bubbles, and I really do hope you aren’t punched in the cojones in the process. I just think there are better ways to spend your time, money and energy. You could take your prospective “’ho” to a nice romantic dinner or secluded island hideaway. Perhaps your “target” would like a nice massage? Or you could do something thoughtful for her, like, I don’t know, talk to her, ask her how she is. ? Draw her a bubble bath. Trust me. You don’t have to believe me (but coming from a real babe who only responded to “negs” with a swift kick in the nards) – this peacocking “PUA” stuff is utter BULL-pucky. Because bein’ a putz or a player ain’t no way to get pussy. WORD.

  6. Never lie about your intentions.

    I found this pretty smooth.
    But it can work very well.

    I guess when you say you wanna show her some stuff, she already knows that sex is gonna happen. She's just seeing if you can conduct well enough.

  7. TheFlarey says:

    The last girl I went out with was a 19 year old Chinese girl – very pretty, worked in a bank but very very sexually inexperienced – pure solid gold 100% virgin.
    I won't bore you with the details to much but we went back to her place (it was closer than mine) and things hot and heavy.
    She would NOT let me take her virginity!
    I felt super guilty because I wanted to have my wicked way with her.
    We went out a few more times and every time things got hot and heavy in the bedroom she always chickened out.
    She was "scared" and we never had full intercourse even though she let me stay the night in her bed.
    Which was very romantic and very nice by the way.
    I decided to end it just last week – I broke it to her gently and told her to find someone "special."
    She obviously wanted "true" love whereas I wanted some fun.
    I just wasn't cold hearted enough to break hers.

  8. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing this nice post.I find here a good platform of these nice info.keep it up….

  9. Ed

    This actually makes a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing.


  10. Kiano,
    the girl is going to be pleased with you.

    everyone secretly wants to be seduced!

    part of her attraction to you is that you have

    the confidence to lead her and you are comfortable

    with your sexuality so you can play the part of the

    'bad guy' and get her into the situation she actually

    wants to be in without her looking like a 'slag'.

    people always justify their choices to themselves

    in a positive way-she will explain it to herself that

    'it felt right' or there was a chemistry there so

    thats why 'it just happened'.


  11. Good article Rich,

    Is it really necessary to be sneaky? I've read of and used excuses to come to my place before actually leaving the date venue. If she says no then try again later. I can see that this will probably be more successful, I just have a problem with the sneaky aspect though, I can easily imagine a girl being horrified after realising i've taken her to my house. Any thoughts anyone?


  12. Good game plan gambler,
    Love how she has no choice but to sit on the bed, nice!

    Hey Fellaz, good way to avoid the down the pants block.. is to get her on top and go in from the back.. Not sure why, but it sets off less flags.. Maybe because she has no visual of ur hands? Out of sight out of mind player, aha!

    PS – Always keep a bottle and some sort of blender+ice mixers in the freezer at all times

  13. Konstintine says:

    Yeah, I know other companies who have female instructors also. Just watch The Pickup Artist on VH1, Its with Mystery, Matador, and … a female!

  14. Some of this could work. The only ones with a female instructor?? WTF!! I offer bootcamps with 7 women aiding, jeez…

  15. Doesn't this come across as sleasy at all? I get the feeling the girl would view the night as a 'mistake' and feel used or whatever? Is there a specific type of girl this is best used on? Like fun, playful etc. ???

  16. Lieven Van de Vel says:

    Hi Richard,
    In the beginning of the year, I've purchased your DVD set "Ultimate Natural Game" with a PUA Training Bootcamp Wildcard combined. I must say your DVD's ROCK !
    Now about the PUA Training Bootcamp Wildcard:
    is it still possible to attend the Bootcamp of 7 & 8 March you hold in London?
    Please let me know something because I have to plan this in advance.

    Cheers mate and keep up the good work!

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