How To Save Your Marriage Before It’s Too Damn Late (All Men Should Read This)

Better hurry up bro...

Better hurry up bro…

I want you to answer this question very honestly. Are you ready?

How much do you love your wife if you had to rate your love from 1 to 10? With 1 being you couldn’t care less and 10 being you feel like you’re 14 again and you’re dating the hottest girl in school.

If you’re not hitting at least a 7, then you either need to file for a divorce or you need to work your arse off on making this marriage work.

Choose now, then move onto ways you can fix it below…

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Do something rewarding together

It’s been proven that couples who do things together have more rewarding relationships and therefore stay together for longer. This could be a personal project in the house or it could be running a marathon together. The act of going through some pain and stress to reach achievement, will help to solidify your love and your marriage.

Show her some empathy

One of the most important parts of a relationship is being able to not only recognise feelings but also share them during at the right time. Women are way better at this than men are.

Psychologist Albert Maslow, PhD says “Women want their feelings to be understood and validated” meaning that men need to learn how to share and understand more if they don’t want to constantly get into fights with the wife about never listening to her.

Get more kinky with sex

Sex is a MAJOR part of marriage. If your sex life sucks, then so will your marriage… eventually. Love can only go so far after all. It’s important that you learn how to become a masterful lover in the bedroom. Use foreplay, become amazing at giving your wife orgasms and start sharing fantasies, so you can keep things fresh and exciting.

Get ready for sacrifices

There are some things you’re doing right now which are making her hate you. It might be that you’re wasting a couple of hours each night playing on the Xbox or you might duck out every Wednesday and Friday for a fantasy football league. Whatever it is, you need to make some sacrifices in order to keep the peace.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t do things alone, it just means that she may want to spend more time with you and you’re just ignoring her, because you need your own time to breath. Just limit your time alone, treat yourself with it. Don’t run away and hide from her. She’ll just end up resenting you.

Stop being so predictable

Your predictability is killing your sex life, pushing your wife away and poisoning your marriage. If you come home every day, grab a takeaway, sit in from of the TV, go to bed and do the same thing again the next day, why is that sexy, exciting and going to make her crazy for you? Well it’s not, it’s just boring.

Make time for spontaneity. Sign both of you up for a salsa class, book a weekend away to Rome, start learning a new language, surprise her with a meal at a Michelin star restaurant. Just keep changing things up here and there to make your relationship more enjoyable.

Be her protector and provider… occasionally

Women want to feel protected, they have been protected and provided for by daddy when growing up, so they naturally like the feeling of another man doing this in their life. You don’t need to be the sole provider of the family or treat her like a princess, just relief some stress of hers by paying a chunk of the bills or showing her that you’re their when she really needs you.

That might be a family related issue or she’s having trouble at work and you provide an ear for her to vent. Women find great relief in men they can trust and unload on emotionally.


If you have children, then there’s a bigger reason to save your marriage as you’re doing it for them also. But if you’re incredibly unhappy with the marriage and have just fallen out of love with your wife, then why go on?

Follow your gut and divorce her. Having said that, a lot of marriages out there can be saved… I mean you once loved her enough to marry her right? Well that love doesn’t just vanish, it just needs a kickstart again.

I mean sure she doesn’t have the body of a 21 year old anymore, that’s fine. Maybe you don’t look like Tom Hardy, it’s all relative.

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