Seeking Arrangement Review: Is It Legit Or Should You Stay Away?

There are dozens of websites out there looking to help men and women find virtually any sort of relationship they could possibly want. These range from "hookup" sites such as Tinder to dating sites catering to individuals in their senior years.

None of them have quite attracted as much controversy as Seeking Arrangement, founded by MIT graduate Brandon Wade.

Screenshot of Seeking Arrangement.

As far as who Seeking Arrangement is designed for — well, the website says it all. It's designed for "established men" to meet "attractive women." It's also listed as "the elite dating site for millionaires to meet their matches."

The question to be answered is whether or not Seeking Arrangement is worth your time.



  • According to the latest information, Seeking Arrangement offers some really sweet odds if you're a guy. For every guy on the website, there are four women.
  • The women are real women. They are not bearded men from some far-off land who have created fake profiles to lure unsuspecting men in.
  • When you visit the site, you'll see a large number of extremely positive reviews, and the ones I've looked at seem to be the real deal. (Believe me, I've spent enough time dealing with phony reviews to be able to tell who's real and who's a paid spokesperson.)
  • Another positive aspect of the site is that it's upfront about what it is — and so are the members. There isn't any gameplaying here, and that's pretty damned refreshing.
  • There is a great deal of protection regarding your privacy here, too. The site has taken great pains to make sure you can protect your identity while you're looking to make a connection with someone — and it protects their privacy, as well.


  • For one thing, public perception makes it sound like Seeking Arrangement is a prostitution site, which it isn't. Just because two people have come into a business arrangement when it comes to dating or relationships doesn't make it shady. In some countries, a man has to pay a woman's family some sort of dowry in order to marry her — and that doesn't make her a hooker.
  • Okay, it's a little on the pricey side. If you want to do a monthly membership, that's going to run you about one hundred dollars to get unlimited access and video chatting setups and a great deal of privacy for your account.

Seeking Arrangement stats

As I've already mentioned, the women-to-men ratio is definitely in a man's favor. Most of the women (known as Sugar Babies) fall into the 18-25 range, and most of the men (known as Sugar Daddies) are in the 35-54 range.
There are two tiers available:

  • Free
  • Premium ($99.00/month)

Although the site doesn't provide exact numbers in order to protect the privacy of its members, Seeking Arrangement (now known as says that some of its members (both men and women) are married.

Quick Note

Yes $99 per month seems like a lot. But the reason it's priced that high is because most people are lurkers. This price range will stop the time wasters so it actually is a good thing to pay it.

Digging Deep Review

The first thing I noticed was how clean and neat the site looks. It definitely projects an air of confidence and class. There weren't any misspelled words and nothing that spoke of anything less than a top-tier site.

I set up a free account to see what could be accessed. There's a really in-depth search engine that took me a few tries to really understand but once I got the hang of it, I found that it provided me with the opportunity to really narrow down my search for women with similar interests and goals and what they were looking for.

In addition, I was able to search for anyone who was currently online.


When it comes to profiles, Seeking Arrangement makes it effortless and allows you to reveal as much or as little information about yourself as you want.

Obviously, the more information you give out, the more likely you are to get someone interested in you. The more precise you are in what you are looking for in an arrangement, the better the odds are that you'll get what you're seeking.

Contacting women

Okay, so how easy is it to contact women? It's almost idiot-proof — which is what I require from just about everything. I saw a woman who interested me, clicked on her profile page, and was able to send her a message.

The site also has some interesting information on the best ways to attract a person's attention in a message and what you might consider when going out on a date with a member.

Premium features

So the premium option gave me more privacy, as well as told me when the messages I sent were received. It also kept me from being inundated with ads and had advanced filters for both my search options and my inbox. It also gave me unlimited access to the premium Sugar Babies profiles.

Frequently asked questions

Is Seeking Arrangement ( legit?

This site is definitely legit. It's been spotlighted by CNN and The New York Times, as well as Esquire Magazine and dozens of news organizations.

As I've mentioned, it's generated controversy with what it offers, but it's also generated conversations about the changing landscape of relationships in today's world.

Is Seeking Arrangement ( safe?

From what I've seen, it's about as safe as it can get. I have complete control over what information I want to be made available and the site is very explicit about how to keep yourself safe and avoid scammers.

If anything seems suspicious, the site asks that I contact them so they can investigate and, if they find something's not right, they'll remove that profile from the database.

Is Seeking Arrangement ( any good?

Just like with any dating site, it depends on the individual. If you're someone who has a quick wit, doesn't come across like a total douchebag, knows the right way to approach a girl, you shouldn't have any problems — as long as you're aware that you're on a site where the girls are interested more in your bank account than in who you are.

Is 25 too old to be a Sugar Baby?

Absolutely not. There are plenty of guys out there who are looking to spend time with someone who isn't still a teenager and who has experienced enough of the world to be able to hold up an intelligent dinner conversation (and some midnight pillow talk, as well).

One of the ladies on the site that matched up with me was in her late-40s (and she was both brilliant and beautiful).

What do Sugar Babies expect?

They expect to be pampered and they expect to be treated like they are pure treasures. If you wind up getting into a relationship with a Sugar Baby, they will definitely spell out exactly what they'd like from you and they'll want you to tell them exactly what you expect from them. This is an arrangement in all the best possible ways.

How much should a Sugar Daddy pay?

Okay, that's entirely up to you. If you're a generous person with a lot of money, you'll pay whatever it is that you want to pay.

There is no set dollar amount because you're dealing with individual women with individual wants and needs. As you get to know the women involved, you'll get a feel for what they're looking for and you'll be able to determine if you can give it to them.

Some men who like to be called Salt Daddies actually don't pay much at all.

Who owns Seeking Arrangement?

MIT graduate Brandon Wade is the founder and CEO of Seeking Arrangement.

Is Seeking Arrangement free?

Yes. There is also a Premium version, as well.

Why did the URL change from to

The primary reason was that Apple refused to allow the mobile app on its site under the old URL, since it was being perceived as a sex-for-money site.

The Final Verdict: Is it Worth it?

For all intents and purposes, it looks like Seeking Arrangement is a pretty solid relationship site. The members seem to be pretty straightforward in what they're looking for and when I've read some of the comments from people on outside forums who've used the site, they've pretty much verified that there was very little game-playing involved.

When two people agree on spending time together and one person enjoys pampering the other and taking care of them, it seems to work out nicely for everyone involved.

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