Why You Keep Getting The “Sorry, I’m Too Busy” Response From Women

She's too busy? Yeah right.

She’s too busy? Yeah right.

Women. You gotta love em. But it’s quite easy to also hate them if you keep getting the same response from the girls you like. For example, you might get a girls number on a night out, she was kissing you… smiling, giving you all the right signals.

Then every time you try to get her out on a date, she throws this line out “I’m so sorry, I’m really busy right now… can we meet up next week instead? x”

Well dayyyyyymnnnn, that sucks.

Believe it or not. This is actually a common response from women who give out their numbers to men on a night out and there are several reasons why she’s doing it. Below, I’m going to explain why she’s doing it and why (in a lot of cases) you’re not ever going to see her again if you get this type of text more than once.

Let’s run through some possibilites as to why she might be giving you the cold shoulder by text.

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1. She gave you her number with no intention of meeting (not interested)

Some girls will give out their number to random guys as a way to end the conversation and move on. Even though it may seem that you had a great time with her, you laughed, she gave you IOI’s etc, it doesn’t mean that she is interested in you enough to invest time in meeting.

2. She genuinely is busy

Women as a species are just busy. They love to be doing “things”, whether it’s going to the gym, meeting up with their friends for a bitch fest, getting a manicure, shopping, seeing family… blah blah blah.

If you’ve managed to snag a busy girl, then you’re going to have a hard time getting her out. If she’s bailed on you by text more than a couple of times, give her an ultimatum and then if she doesn’t bite… move on.

3. The attraction has fizzled out

This is a very common one. Regardless of how good the first interaction with her was, you are still in a tricky situation when you’re only texting her, which is why I always recommend calling. But if you insist on texting, then you need to account for the different type of communication you’re having.

With text, all you have his humour. You can’t physically touch her, look in to her eyes, gauge her level of attraction for you, lead her to another bar etc. You’re limited with what you can do. This can lead to her feeling less attraction for you as time goes on.

4. She likes the attention and is stringing you along

Yes it’s true, there are some girls out there that just like the attention. They need the validation to feel more confident. She may just be stringing you along because it feels nice to have a guy (or several guys) chasing her. If she responds to your messages with texts like “I do want to see you soon, just not this week x”. Delete her number and move on.

5. You got too needy in your texts

This is another tricky thing with texting. It’s highly likely that when she doesn’t respond in the way you want her to, you will become needy. Neediness is a woman repellent and will make her feel you seem very unattractive. Ask a friend who is good with game to go over texts with you or post them on a forum for advice from more experiences members before sending.


Texting is a hit and miss method for meeting up with girls and arranging first, second or even third dates. If you like the girl and you want to increase your chances of getting laid, then you need to call her and arrange a date on the phone. Yes it’s old school, but it works.

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