Stealth Seduction Revealed (Video)

The video above is the disk 2 from my sold out Stealth Attraction training program.

I’ve gotten TONS of great feedback – lots of guys saying it’s the best PUA material EVER (seriously) – so I figured it’s something that you’d probably want to have a look at :-)

After you watch the video, leave your comments below . I’d love to hear what you think.

Oh and rush here to get Stealth Attraction for $1 along with 3 other courses as part of my Best Deal Ever.

I read them all!

-Rich (Gambler)

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  1. Man this is Crazy, I want to the club last night and did what was show i had every female there that was hot around me.They where trying to get at me in front of there boyfriends without them noticing. All i know they were saying naughty things to me and i didnt do a thing. Thanks you are the best and the funny thing is that the men in the entire club didn’t even know what was going on. I’m in another demension. LOL if you know what that means.

  2. I got an email to watch this vid. Vid isn’t showing up. idk…

  3. I did genuinely think I would get actual DVDs to watch when I wanted n needed, im crap with computers and have trouble even entering the site at times, this may be my fault but I camy help feeling a little disappointed!

  4. More great material, gutted I missed out on the program so thanks for letting me have the opportunity to see the material.

    • PUA Training says:

      We covered the same material in the Stealth Seduction product, so even though you missed the live event you can still watch everything in there.

  5. Jerry J says:

    This video is the best ever among seduction advice.

    OK, Many of great Pick up artists talk about theory but do not show how they do it that much.They talk body language is important but they do not show how you fix it or which one is good one that much.Yes, you can find great material about verbal game from other Pick up companies.Actually, the God father of pick-up is the master of verbal game.If you are good with conversation, you may can learn fast but if you are not good with conversation.It takes time to learn it.Many of guys quit before they see actual results.

    I used some of Richard stuff.It worked great.Even the guy just watched his stuff can use his technique.Of course,if you want to have great results, it takes time but Rich gives you small results.It makes your approach fun.While developing baseline of your attractiveness.Stealth attraction helps a lot.

    Many of pick up coaches are great but they talk concept a lot and leave practice to the students.While body language is important part of seduction, you only see two products which focus on body language among the market.Yes,they talks about audio and videos,importance of body language but won’t show that much other than famous spin etc.

    Some of conventional style pick up guys may hate Rich’s style but it is the most powerful and applicable from new guys to well versed experienced guys.

    PUA training’s honest part is they teach how you improve your appearance too.You need to have looks does not matter mentality and confidence but you also have to learn better presentation of yourself.

    Tyler said once you really into pick up, he will focus on looks too.I do not have to mention this but some guys take his looks do not matter in different way.

    Rich,talked and showed his transformation process on his book and MPU.Not many guys show before and after.He wanted to show you also can be best of yourself.If you are same, you only have same results.

    Thank you for up great video.

  6. You’re hearing this from a former club promoter who lived ‘nightgame’ for 8 years.

    This series was brilliant. Rich took all the dirty, sneaky little tricks guys like me used (with great efficiency) and organized them into a system anyone can use – without needing the status or pre-selection of a promoter.


  7. I've got a question to your mentioning future plans. Saying you guys could go to the park go feed the ducks, or go to that great pizza place in nottinghill. I saw your point as far not making things look like a one night stand, but doesn't that all come of as needy? To make me look like i am way to interested in her and in turn make her the prize. Which is what women experience on the regular.

  8. mr1dynamite says:

    hey i want to know what to say to start a conversation that she will like like i don't want like hi im …… and then she will be like ok? what to say if she dosen't event know me

  9. Thanks a bunch, this is really good! Like many others, i can't wait to try it out either. This stuff is gold, especially the whole kino part.


  10. J.Phoenix says:

    i think the best part of this is the duel conversation … talking to both the good girl and bad girl at the same time… can't wait to try it out in the field

  11. Literally, could you have been more of a hacker! This stuff is directly hacked from 60!! Its like reading the 60s post on fastseduction on micro escalation, anti manifesto and escalating the vibe! You've just stolen the thing exactly

  12. TheFreshPrince says:

    Thanks for the videos! I really like your discussion of nonverbal communication. I think your videos demonstrate that better than anything else I've seen so far!

  13. goot

  14. this works look at the girl she was biting her lip

  15. 420cheif says:

    first time seeing this. never tried it but it seems like it works. Some of the comments seem true to heart so i may try these out.

  16. Puddles says:

    The girl in this demo is loving this so much.

  17. How do u trigger a very hard woman's emotions. What actions do you take?

  18. Well;

    Things you say make perfect sense but you are not considering one thing:

    These techniques work perfect if you're a good lookin dude like Rich. If not attractive the chances of success go way down.


  19. Amazing, but requires intense inner game

  20. If someone got all suductive and close like that to my girlfriend i would notice and then I would kick there ass. Just saying.

  21. Wow man, you helped me alot seriousy, thanks for that bro!

  22. Achilles says:

    Great stuff. First started doing what you call multilevel communication when I was 12 with my grade school female classmate (leg on legl) when students sat in pairs at desks. I was lucky to get the girl who blossomed Fantastic how well you've catalogued and organized it all into an effective and pretty failsafe technique. and….Pussy Kino is fucking brilliant.

  23. fuckin loved it, gambler your a genuis

  24. Twosided says:

    This is the 1st time im seeing one of ur videos Gambler and I think its great.The videos have explained alot to me.Ive always wanted a few pointers on how to improve my game and im glad iv found them in ur videos.
    Hope to see more soon!

  25. Slightly brilliant, and this stuff works better than most in the seduction game. I especially like the "fake romanticism" and the gentile use of kino on escalation.


  27. the moment you decide to spill things you know are not true, like making her imagine a future you know doesn't exist is the moment you stop being a gentleman player and start being an asshole. The lecture was fun to watch until that point. After that… it's all about the guy you want to be. Not my style obviously.

  28. Gambler that is among the best material I've ever seen anywhere and for you to share such a long free video like that…well like another guy said…you're bad ass. The girl was a hottie and a champ too.



  29. U r such a fuckin looser yad….stop playing with the emotions of guys….
    aha…just got ya…telling u wat i leearned…
    good work mate
    all the best

  30. Great stuff Rich but obviously most of what you do is based on physical attraction, mimics, gestures and the whole body language thing (and of course mixed signals). And because of that, I would really like to see or hear from you something about text messaging (via cell phone or internet) and how you can arrange a date with a person you know without loosing too much of the attraction you built with your stuff. In my opinion texting is very difficult if you´re a guy focusing on lots of physical things. Because 70% of what I also do is done through my body, my movements and so on. Emotion through motion. But how is it with writing messages?

    Kind regards

  31. Hey brother,

    When's the next time you'll be in NYC? I used to be a promoter/event coordinator for various clubs here (now pursuing a medical career). If you ever plan on visiting let me know. I'd love to show you around.

    I know a few people in the community, and I have studied psychology for most of my life. However, I have to say, your understanding of human psychology and behavioral attraction is uncanny.

    Shoot me a quick e-mail. I love connecting with good people, and I'm sure we have much to talk about.

    Health and happiness to you R,

  32. This is great! You are one of the best with this.
    Not only what you say is interesting, but how you say it.
    I love your style. Congratulation!

  33. this was really amazing. i learned alot and i appreciate you showing us this video. thank you!

  34. Richard, my man! You are the man.

    This is amazing! I can't wait to get to the point where I'm pass getting AA down. Thank you!

  35. Ben James says:


    I loved it. This stuff is simply amazing. Thanks a ton for putting this out there. Can't wait to try this stuff out.

  36. Is this course for begginers or is it nothing for beginners?

  37. richard you are the man this is the best video ever seriously.thanks man!

  38. Hey Richard thank you for sharing this and this advice wont go unnoticed or wasted i hope to try out all these brilliant tips and my favorite one irresistble arshole lol love it.

  39. Hi!!! Just wanted to stop by and say thank you so much! You make life easyer^^

  40. The least I can do for free one-hour pick up video is answer your request to leave a comment. I'm gonna watch it again with msn turned off and no card games! What I've seen was unique information that I didn't get in the other free videos and mails or even the books I've got.
    It's gold and I'm gonna feel even more guilty when I see a beautiful girl and don't do anything. Guilty cause I'm no good promotion material for great teachers like you… yet.

  41. This video is incredible I tried this stuff last night. You really know your stuff.

  42. Great, It worked a treat yesterday the leg pull in.

  43. Freaking Awesome…and funny!

  44. yer im feelin this video alot i can take out of it n i just realised i bin useing sumik u do, at work , toung and cheek a model who is 2 years older than me who i work with i keep say u no u want me as ur toy boy but in funny way and she blushes and wacks me goin aww jordan . one thing though alot of the situations u r sayin a bar and night club ones what bout people who do daytime pickup . but alot of help u are a ledge safe richard .

  45. hatesthetermpickup says:


    About the comment on Rich's good looks. Of course looking good makes things easier, this is obvious. But for every good looking guy that dates a hot woman there are two average looking guys who are dating a woman just as hot. Go look at any star in hollywood (check out who Brittany Murphy was dating, check out who Sandra Bullock is dating), most of the hottest women are dating mediocre looking guys because looks play LESS of a role than game/personality does.

    Consider it a challenge in your life, it will only make you better.

    Do you think every millionaire was rich and good looking before they started to achieve millionaire status? No. Most of the time it was the opposite and being poor drove them to build such a bankroll.

    Take control of your life and make no excuses. You can either let the stream of life dictate what happens like everybody else or you can choose to fight the current and change.

    Stealth seduction is EASIER with looks…but like anything in life, some people have small advantages and small disadvantages. Either way it's not that hard to overcome with some practice.


  46. awesome video man, i wish i had this one week ago when i was in that exact situation in a club and didn't go for the kiss

  47. that is great!! man,

  48. thepreacher;) says:

    Hey Rich,
    Ofcourse you know how good your stuff is so i'm not gonna waste time trying to give you the usual ego trip. lol
    Thank a lot man. I tried your stuff and it worked 7 times out of 10; Pretty good rate I think.
    I think some of the physical micro-escalation is hard-to-execute, especially in NYC clubs on a weekend. I still get away with it for the most part.
    I also think your good looks have somethign to do with your success. Deny it all you want. lol

  49. hatesthetermpickup,

    LOL, nice one, great comment!
    Guys, thanks for the other comments on the video, we are trying to raise the bar and teach stuff that really works. More soon.


  50. hatesthetermpickup says:

    Very good vid. Cute chick, seemed like a genuinely nice person…

    Do you have any nude pics of her?

    Jk, using your own material :)

  51. great video. You're basically the tupac of Pickup, you put out a ton of great material. Respect

  52. Man, Awsome..
    Thanks to this, I broke 3 Records of mine

    1.- I has never been kissed 12 girls in one single night.
    2.- I has never been masturbated by two girls in the same club (Here!!)
    3.- I has never benn with two sisters and they best girl-friend in a bed.. And fuck@d all 3!

    jajajaja.. what's next???
    Fu@k all girls in the club???

    Jajaj, thanks a lot.

  53. Roy Elmiraz says:

    Rich i appreciate you putting this up for free…but it's unfair to those who purchased you SAM dvd…where you mentioned it's a limited offer because u wanted it to be known by less.

  54. Truly amazing stuff. I used to either already have them close to where the kiss was already obviously going to be received or I would do the lunge which has actually backfired a couple times…nothing is worse! I love this stuff because it not only tests the waters it also increases her arousal which only helps towards the successful conclusion. Thanks man! Awesome.

  55. Very useful information and I like the playing on the psychology like getting her to think about you in various situations, very clever stuff and very subtle. Its all about the suttleness.

  56. I was in stitches at the 'have you shaved your pussy part?' proper cringeworthy bro. Apart from that there's a lot of useflu information here that I look forward to using in the field.

  57. Very best stuff u can find. Most of the stuff that i see during this Video i have either done by accident and gain major success but dont quite know that i was doing it or i have seen other major players do it but dont know that those are the little subtle things that they do to slowly get them the girl successfully. This stuff can definitely be useful to any guy who is looking for a girlfriend. Trust me from the body language to the actual verbal. Definitely have a good eye contact and try to move slowly when you talk. Priceless Rich! Thank you Rich for helping me to see what i was doing right.

  58. That was absolutely great video!! Thanks for making it free! You going around a lot a good details, and I really liked the way you presented with your female helper. That was very convincing, cause it seemed she didn't know all the answer, and therefore made it very convincing. Anyways, I tried some it myself, and it work completely as it is garantied! What I really want to comment, is that you are doing a great job giving your knownledge to me and hopefully any other person who may watch! Thanks again Gambler aka Richard!!

  59. hey man ,great stuff I realy like everything from your post!

    — and the girl is very mikimouse:)

  60. BEST pickup video i´ve ever seen!! you´re the man! thx it´s free, will there be coming more of it?

  61. a friend showed this to me and im speechless! Great material. one thing i've gotta ask though. How did u come up with this stuff seriously?

  62. haha loooove this! :)
    you´re a superhero rich! :D

    you guys really rock! great environment, great quality of the vid etc.

  63. Hey rich
    it's silver this video…It would have been Gold If it had been with the captions,maybe in Italian lang. or in french(more in italian coz I'm italian XD)….
    You know there's a lot of guys that don't know single word in english that want to know and buy this stuff, but the lang is a hard obstacle…

  64. I love this video. Being able to see the behaviours and actions gives you something to work with.

    My only problem is….

    It zooms in on the micro moves/body language too much.

    Having said that, it IS onlY PART of a full collection.

    The formula of "do this move + do that move" misses out because most guys don't even know what to say in the first place…

    It should be amazing if this is only a snippet.


  65. This is the best PickUp Video I have ever seen and I have seen many of them :D

    PS. That Girl is really into you

  66. That Girl is qt

  67. This is a significant advancement over Mystery/Style/David DeAngelo teaching. The introduction of subtle nonverbal seduction, micro-escalation, and assumed intimacy is novel, powerful, and makes the entire interaction seductive.
    The live demonstrations given by the girl and Rich are immensely informative and seem totally natural, the chemistry between the two is spot on and is a testimony to the power of these new techniques.

  68. Great Vid Man!
    Been looking for some vid like this which explains body language.
    Thanks for doing this ,great help!
    Thanks again,
    Tom Touati(Lucky charm)

  69. Good stuff dude, I think it sure takes some serious confidence to pull off the heavy kino-touching thing, but it sure is original and charming. Look at how the girl responded, she almost jumped on him!

  70. This fucking gold. I got all my basics with vin dicarlo, but this is the kind of real life practical expamples that i was looking for. Thanks a ton rich, you're the shit.

  71. 30 minutes into it and all I can say is… genius! thank you

  72. Very clever stuff and though I'm not into casual sex per se I find the material really valuable as a way of understanding male female interaction. A great help.
    Any feedback on how this works for older guys like me? Does this cross the age barrier?
    Also, it seems like there must be a lot of work a guy needs to do on himself before he can apply these techniques – to get himself into the right frame of mind. What advice do you have there?
    PS: Please send that girl back to Oz immediately. She is beautiful.

  73. so what about the guys who bought the dvds with cold hard CASH when they were 1st released? (myself inc)..werent they meant to be exclusive lol

    hope you get a lot of bootcamp and 1 on 1 bookings after this promotional push on PUAtraining…

    as much as your pua skills, i admire youre business acumen!

    i still think rather than all this, the biggest thing you could figure out is how to get guys to get off their/our ass and use this knowledge…now Gambler, that would be a sell out lol i.e. CHING CHING £££$$$

  74. Great stuff – makes me wanna get my hands on the rest of the stealth attraction DVDs. You gotta make more Rich!!

    You should've pointed out her reactions to what you're doing tho – she's totally aware that you're using her as an example but she can't help but smile or laugh EVERY TIME you try something, and was very subtly nodding in agreement a few times

  75. Can we make all videos not playable automatically by default? As great as they may be, it is extremely annoying to have a video play everytime I sign into google reader. Thanks.

  76. Is there any possible way you can release more copies of this??? It'd be awesome if you could. :D

  77. i dont get it.

    why so much material on 'seduction'

    isnt it just

    make rapport

    become friends

    have a relationship

    shag then thats that? i dont get why theres endless material on it.

    and plus its impossible to build a relationship with someone outside your social circle/system.

  78. Your a very tricky seductor, I'm totaly into seeing the rest of your video instruction material now. Never thought I'd ever be interested into buying the other material, or even travel to Brittain and follow a course. I have to be very carefull with money. Since I read you are into holistic developments as breathcontrol and yoga, I tend to take you more seriously. Cosmos knows all kinds of surprises… Women are mysterious beings they attract and frighten me at the same time. The best way to learn much about yourself in a short time is in the relation with a woman. So, I'll keep following you as a hungry wolf! In respect.

  79. DUDE!!!! Can i download your brain to a computer because this information is gold, pure gold the leg thing is legit, haha going to watch this movie again and possibly a third time. HOLY SHIT is right!!!

  80. cool stuff man! 1h of pure value. I don't believe that i watch this whole material on line ;)

    I like the way that you scalate until the kiss, is something both sucessfull on my interactions, or sometimes I fail, coz i get completelly lost, thinking to mysefl "damn! how I'm gonna kiss this girl, after this conversations and movements?"

    And you show some very cool ways on how to do it.

    I apreciate, cheers from Brazil Gambler!

  81. exactly Stefan, if you get a bad response, you go back to tongue and cheek and pretend you were just joking around. It's just a big game until she finally cracks and you get that right moment to hook up with her.

  82. Awesome video. 1 question though, when he refers to tongue and cheek is he saying to be playful after you make a comment?

  83. Hey Rich,

    Thanks for the free video. It would be great if you could also post the first video of the stealth attraction model in this blog.. seems like the has the video taken down. Thanks in advance.

  84. this stuff is good, but it all only works when you have peace of mind and enjoy yourself. Work on inner game first and the techniques are the cherry on top of the cream

  85. That was awsome! Im new to the "Game". I was really impressed with the material. Nice material I can use. Im hoping to see more videos like this soon. Nice work.

  86. This video is awesome. I am going to try this on the girl I am dating at the moment. I hope it works. Thanks for the tips!!!

  87. Fantastic video, very clear, to the point, and insightful. Keep up the great work, its nice to see high quality material like this amongst all the chaff in the industry.

  88. Wow Rich, this stuff is awesome, how do you have the bollocks to actually do it!?

  89. Even better body language used by someone who is average looking is likely going to get further seducing someone than another totally inept but beautiful person. This question isn't about whether it's brains or beauty. No one's going to choose someone who smells and looks like a garbage scow.

  90. Fat-Albert says:

    G'day Rich,
    Solid gold seduction techniques here that lead to more successful encounters with beautiful women.

    Its clear these techniques are becoming more prevalent nowadays as we're caught up in the hussel and bussel of everyday life that generally has a constraining effect on humanity – yes?! = especially when connecting with ppl. Here we have an unfair advantage over others, and although ppl are still picking up women everyday – their relationships are typically unsustainable (short lived)

    Now all we need to do now is practice, practice, practice

  91. raaaaaad

  92. awesome Gmabler, i love the Stealth dvds.

  93. greenarroW says:

    Oi my friend, you're pure class.
    everything in the video was extremely impressive,
    you've helped me quite a bit m8.

    a Million thanks

  94. Richard Chu says:

    hey, do u know if there's any bootcamp held in Taiwan ? I''ve read a lot and gamed a lot ! u inspired me to think of new ideas to tease her and flirt her !

    by the way, is there any bootcamp held in Taiwan ? i am a taiwanese and of course, i live in taiwan.
    is there any PUA from Taiwan ?

  95. great I am from China .So can I download it?

  96. I have to say this video is, by far, the best pick up video I've ever watched!

    Awesome stuff Rich!

    What I love about your new videos is that you don't talk on and on about some bullsh*t theory like most "gurus" out there, you keep it simple and yet effective, and you have a lot of great examples.

  97. …This is a totally positive reaction….so don't get me wrong..but look at yourself dude–You got near perfect looks –a 'Beatles Band' accent– no faton ya'….YOU are going to get away with murder at in-close gaming…..but what about the 'average' Joe out there…??…not!! unless the girl is WAY drunk….For myself-I'm not in the average category so I'm gonna try some of this stuff….My first subject I'd like to be the little 19y/o hottie right here on the video…(wink!!)…what's her email??

  98. Ruina, you know the thing that is amazing about this (for me) & what you say is that if I look back at the times i've been what I call "successful" with girls, a lot of what you've said, I did & yet somehow totally forgot until you displayed it/pointed it out (big thank you!). Ok I definitely haven’t done the jean/skirt stuff – was the other way round for me on a dance floor where this girl just went for it… (maybe you know her). By the way, message to other guys some girls do stuff to us that we don’t notice. A big one with girls is the touch on the belly with (or without the line) “I bet you have a six pack under there…” To which I used to miss completely or just get nervous about. However, what would be interesting to know from peeps is how you would react to that? Anyway, Richard respect for the posting!

  99. Mate this is quality.

    I dunno whether it's intentional but the way the girl is looking at you when you're demonstrating the mega sexual tension stuff just proves it, even though she's aware you're teaching it.

    I am more excited to try this out then any other PUA thing I've seen

    Keep up the good work boss!

  100. I founded pretty cool the first half an hour the second part of it is interesting as well but you need to have a lot of practise to perform it in that way,so i wouldnt recommend it to people who just got started with the entire pick up material, but thank you very much offering me that whole stuff for nothing

  101. This is some great stuff. Thanks for posting it. Watching this helped me a ton, especially since you have a girl there to demonstrate the techniques on. I'm pretty sure just watching this video boosted my game up a level. Thanks again bro.

  102. Hey man this is the best ever pickup video I ever seen…I have never thought these things were possible until you talked about them… Great skills men,, thanks for sharing it with world… Keep it up buddy… see you in London…

  103. Cheap Cheap CHEAP.. if the girl's desperate about getting laid… then u MIGHT do one of these things… otherwise who the fuck wants YOU to be climbing up on themselves.. touching legs.. almost kissing.. doing weird touches when u r nervous! wtf!
    Have a good foot distance I say… just bridge a lil more distane than the girl does… don't thrust urself onto her body all the time! It's not cool! dunno maybe u'll get an odd girl to go home with…but duh.. This stuff is definately not getting u an interesting chick or girlfrnd! THis guy has really learnt everything the hard way… lol

    The only good thing is the cover of "Playful" that he uses.

  104. I loved the nonverbal communication! Very specific with the details (e.g., jeans vs dress), yet applicable in many situations. Brilliant work.

  105. green_poop says:

    Hey man,
    I run natural game for some time and completely stopped reading/watching any materials, but I got recommended this vid and I have to say, this is really good innovative stuff. Thanks.

  106. Dammmmnnnnnnnnn ! i'm in France

    i would say i'm on the path to be a PUa LMFAO
    i got a lot of techniques that i've learned from my countless rejections, yeah(i just said that).
    But now i'm having success anytime i use my fav routines lol.
    I just added some of you stuff to my style of pick up last night !

    The girl was buying me champagne man…i got the makout easily, i could have the lay but i had already planned another thing…

    i kept her necklace lmao, she we call me to get it back, then i'm gon' do my thang.

    Pick up community. Holla

    Love yall !

  107. This was a really great thing to do for those of us who don't have the DVD's. There aren't good and not so good bits of this….it's all amazing stuff. The pulling the girl in with your leg thing really stands out in my mind as something i could see myself doing.

    All the best mate!

  108. hi rich great stuff already got the dvds! Can u tell me when the seminar is?

  109. Dammm….would have luv to see this but my link is dead slow man….im out in SA Cape Town to be exact (Not so up to date on streaming speeds yet, but we gettn there…eventually)is there an alternative link to both the videos ?

    please sumbodeeeeee

  110. Wow this is the next level, man, a breakthrough. Two things particularly stuck out for me.

    1. Isn't it great how using your legs is so much less threatening (or rather, stealth) than using the hands while still maintaining kino, never thought of that before.

    2. For so long many of us have thought we are all one of two things: either a nice guy or an asshole who women dig. Whereas now what you've done is shown us how we can dip into the asshole thing, have it in our toolbox and control it at will for effect. Absolutely brilliant.

    Premium stuff. Thank you.

  111. Loveknight says:

    Gambler your stuff is natural and thats wot women want a guy who can show it without saying it at all ….ill work on it here in India ….

  112. Greeeeat material!!

    Loved the stuff about the dress…

  113. Amazing, progressive and innovative.
    An enticing watch AND FREE? Unheard of!!
    Thanks alot from ireland, your a credit to seduction.

  114. Awesome! I wonder where I can get more videos like these. This is perfect material to have in every lads DVD set collection. Must see before going out on for a night.

    It was 3am when I noticed this email and couldn't help myself and watch it all the way till 4am! My day will be ruined but this is some awesome stuff.


    Many things to take home and the DHW stuff is even more amazing! Well, not using it I mean!


  115. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww really coooool men , i wish one day i may see the hole dvd set

  116. That back rub while talking to the girl is really interesting. Gonna give it a try.

  117. Hi Rich,

    thats really cool stuff! I like the way your are communicating with your body language more than the verbal way.
    Can’t ait to get the Stealth Attraction DVD. I hope, I will get them soon.

    Thanky for the sneak preview!


  118. Glenn Thomson says:

    Awesome info! I'm only half way through and I am not put off.

  119. great video. and thanks that it’s free.

  120. Great material!

    The girl genuinely seems turned on!!

  121. Timely video for me! I've been going in for the kiss a little too soon lately and getting blown out. I like the gradual escalation, it does seem natural and something I can definitely implement. And who is the girl? She is just oozing sensuality!

  122. my favorite: you look different. you must have shaved your pussy. Classic man i will definitely use that

  123. Nice stuff. My favourite part is the subtle escalation when in a room full of people. Now that's seduction!

  124. excellent material dude. can't wait to try that dress thing and the irresistible asshole in a club.

  125. Great stuff bro and I’ve seen and read a LOT (never gamed actually… haha ;))!
    Thanks for giving it out for free.
    Multilevel Communication is something I’m doing since I’m 16 without being too conscious about.. nice to see it verbalised and explained.

    Keep it up.
    Greetings from Munich.

    PS: She is really a cutie with nice teeth… where did you find her in England? haha ;)

  126. Detimilnu says:

    Great stuff man! I really enjoyed it… Hope to use some of it in clubs soon [espacially that -pull her with your leg- part].

    And all that in Hebrew! =]

    Cheers from Israel!

  127. Tiago Romão says:

    Hi Rich,
    That's very good stuff, now I understand some of my mistakes and also know why somethings worked well. but there is a point I'm not sure how to apply this, if you are sitting on a coffe shop or at a restaurant how do you manage that body language?


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    Hey Gambler, I've learned quite a bit from you. Your style really fits my personality because I like to think that I'm a nice guy and never would want to be a jerk.
    I would love to meet you and go through your bootcamp.

    All the best,

    T A Baker

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    Awesome,just watched 10 minutes and already feel the need to write a comment. Its obvious to see how this works. Realistic. Simple. Smart.
    Btw the future connection, false date thingy is similar to AFC Adams frame transformation concepts.
    Cheers for the vid man look forward to field testing.

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  141. ur the man rich, seriously! thanks so much for everythin

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