Stripper Fun: How to REALLY Talk to Strippers and get their Number

Hey guys.  This weather is superb at the moment, perfect for game. Me and a good wing where chatting last week over a nice cold drink. We were chatting and he asked me what my stripper game was like. I have done a little in the past but not a hell of a lot so I agreed to help my buddy out and show him what I know.

Last Thursday was another awesome day so I didn’t want to spend all day in a strip joint. None the less we said we were going so we did. After a little street game we turned up at the club. It was early evening. It was a cool looking club in east London with three floors. We walked in the club for free as they were not charging on the door before 8pm. There were five girls on the floor. We walked over to the bar past the girls that were chatting to customers and straight past the pole. All the time remaining non reactive to the girls and the girl dancing on the pole. We both ordered a pint at the bar (which is so rare for me when sarging). We chatted a little and a hot blonde approached us. Before long it became clear that this one would become my friends target so I stepped aside a little and let them carry on. I was chilling and drinking my pint when a sexy black stripper approached me. She was my type and what I liked. So this is what happened.

Stripper: Hey

Me: Hey, how you doing

Stripper: So what you doing here today

Me: We were just walking past and wanted a beer. You must be gutted you have to work on such a lovely day huh?

Stripper: Yeah it’s not good. What is your name?

Me: Darren and yours?

Stripper: Crystal

Me: Come on at least have the decency to give me your real name as I did you.

Stripper: Ok fair enough my name is Janet

Me: Wasn’t so bad was it

We laughed a little. There was a lot of fluff talk between all the key points. The majority of the conversation was me qualifying her. She told me all about her dreams and life. All the time I was looking at her eyes and not the sexily dressed body lol. She kept trying to bring private dances into the frame so this is how I dealt with it.

Me: Doing this job you must get all different types of clients. You must be pretty good at telling who would be willing to spend money on private dances?

Stripper:  Yeah I guess I am

Me:  Why the hell are you talking to me then?

Stripper:  Do you not want to see me dance then

Me: I am good thanks. I have just come in here for a quick drink lap dances are not my style really

Stripper: Do like what I am wearing

Me: Not really it makes you look like a stripper. You would look good in a nice dress or something

The key in my eyes to all this is being super confidant while on the other hand not being like every other man in place. You need to build a lot of comfort for the close while talking about her dreams and ambitions a lot. Try not to keep talking to her about her job as it will keep her in the mind set of stripper and client. The quicker you can get her in the comfort zone you can start qualifying her. Then qualify her hard. After more chat and loads of qualification I knew it was time to go for the close. My wing had given up on his target and gave me the nod for our exit.  So I knew I had to close.

Me: Hey this has been really interesting talking to you but we must go as we are meeting some friends for dinner. What is the best way to keep in contact?

Stripper: Well I am not allowed to give my number out but if you wait there I will go put some clothes on and you
can come out for a fag with me and no one will see you take my number.

She gave me her number when we got outside. Strippers are not allowed to give their numbers out so you need to either learn how to remember long numbers or find a sneaky way to take numbers down without other people seeing lol.

I hope my experiences help some of you who may try these ideas. Please do not hesitate to leave a reply of your opinions  Smiley

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  1. Hey thats real game right there partner. I just got a lil bit more sharp with that knowledge. thanks

  2. Daren, I think you have some great points. However, I think Mayah has some great points as well. I to have been able to talk with many strippers and in the process landed one to give me her number. Unlike you, I did not ask for her number she personally gave me her number. I do go visit her every once in a while, and I do talk to her on the phone. We get along and have found a mutual friendship. I think the best way to get to know a stripper or date one is set yourself differently than the rest of the guys, and do understand that this is her job, respect it and don’t waste her time.

  3. That has to be either the most unrealistic story I’ve ever heard or the dumbest stripper on the planet. I am a stripper and I can tell you, that no girl that I work with would be dumb enough to fall for this, as the “Oh, I gave you my real name, you could at least give me your’s” routine is so worn I have a back up name for my back up name. If, by some miracle, this was actually true, you will undoubtedly contract Herpes from this whore.
    I think you were mistakenly seated in a strip club when you really wanted a brothel.

    • PUA Training says:

      You must be the smartest stripper on the planet Mayah to have a back up name for your backup name. Oh well… looks like we’ll have to save these routines for the dumb ones :)

  4. Willie Jefferson says:

    I have never actually talked to a stripper before, but I am very excited to talk to one for the first time in my life.

  5. Oh i am soo trying this out within the next few weeks.

  6. You handled really in funny way. I like this thing.

  7. During posting this comment it is raining here and the weather being very nice.

  8. Hey all

    Thanx for all the replies I love hearing what you guys think. The owner of the club dose not own the girl but the rules they have to live by are really strict and they would loose there jobs if they broke them.

    Cheers guys, speak soon

    p.s If you guys have any questions or ideas for my next post please don't hesitate to let me know

  9. Darren,

    Did you FC that striper?


  10. Dear Darren,

    Did the owner of stripper club bought the girl, too? She sounds like a….slave!

    See you in Italy!


  11. thanks d!

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  13. Nice one mate, very smooth as if i was reading 007 Bond story.

  14. Michael Schumacher says:

    Good work Darren Day! Great post too. Am not planning on going to a strip place any time soon but if i do i need to make sure i know this post inside out!

  15. Ah dude this is pretty awesome work, that is something randomly I pondered on when I was on the train 'hmmmm….how would you pick up a stripper? They seem to just try to get you to pay for a dance…'.
    Inciteful stuff I'll say, I'll definitely keep a note of it, so my Thursdays consist of more of doing that and less of sleeping :P

    Cheers bud x

  16. alexnokid says:

    Wow dude, that is amazing!
    I've always consider strippers very hard to get, I knew that taking them out of the stripper-client was the way to do it but you make it sound so easy. I'll give strong qualification a try and let you know how it goes.
    Darren thanks again for this other blog, i really find it interesting, I'll tell you if it is helpful as well.
    You must be a really confident guy?



    How come there is not picture of you on this site. Just curious to see what you look like, but in a not gay way.

  17. Perfection says:

    You're a legend Darren!!

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