Subway Game: 5 Ways To Open A Girl On The Subway Or Tube

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Seen a girl on the tube that you would love to talk to but don’t know what to say? Don’t worry dude, we’ve all been there.

Today I’m going to give you 5 proven ways to open girls on the subway and reduce the risk of rejection. Number 5 would be the one with the highest chance of rejection, however if you have enough confidence then it will be fine.

Let’s get on with it…

1. Ask for directions

Asking for directions is the most obvious one, everyone gets lost on the underground/subway at some point. Yes I know you can get your smart phone out nowadays, but where’s the fun in that? Find a pretty girl, get her advice on directions and then build some rapport with her, before going in for the number.

Something like “Excuse me, is this the right line and way to Oxford Circus? I’m totally confused…”.

2. Be curious

Observation is a key tool when chatting up women. It’s important to notice the small things that most guys wouldn’t spot and then use that to start a conversation. Is she reading a book? Ask her about it. A newspaper? Point something out and laugh about it. What is she wearing? Be curious and ask her about an item or accessory she’s rockin.

You know what, you can even gauge the way a woman is feeling just by being curious… maybe she’s lost or looks really happy and chipper. Say something like “You look lost… need some help?” or “Wow you look incredibly happy… good day?”.

3. Open with humour

Humour as you know is the key to any girls trust and is a main attraction driver. By observing your surroundings, you can think of some funny things to say as openers that should make them laugh, but if you can’t think of anything then using a canned opener like ““Don’t jump! We haven’t met yet!” or “Don’t fall onto the tracks! You’ll make me late for work ;)”.

This would be funny enough to raise a smile and get the conversation going.

4. Ask for her opinion on… anything!

The old opinion opener, works every time for starting a conversation. It’s a rejection free opener and one I’ve used many times to start conversations with girls. There are several ways to use opinion openers, but here’s one to get you started…

A cute girl walks past you with Beats by Dre headphones on and you signal her to take them off, then say “Hey, quick question… I’ve been looking to buy a pair of these are they worth it?”.

It doesn’t really matter what you say, it just needs to be sincere and genuine.

5. Be honest and direct

If you’re feeling ballsy, then just go direct and tell her why you wanted to speak to her. Something like “Hey, I just had to say something because I think you’re gorgeous and would regret not saying something later on… I’m Rich, nice to meet you”. By extending your hand when you say your name, she’ll do the same.

Direct approaching on the tube is quite nerve wracking and you need big balls to pull it off, however it’s one of the most effective methods for getting the number quickly and setting a date, even taking her on an instant date if she’s a tourist.

Some rules about subway game:

  • Always approach when an IOI is given – Whenever you get an IOI from a cute girl, approach her. Never EVER let that IOI go, that’s her way of telling you “come and approach me now…”.
  • Speak up! Voice projection is essential – The subway can be loud, so always project your voice and speak with confidence so that she can hear you and is fully engaged. A timid voice will just make you look weak in character and she will lose interest quickly.
  • Don’t creep on her – When you decide that you’re going to approach. Do it! Don’t follow her until you pluck up the courage or keep looking at her, it will freak her out… and you will just look like a weirdo.

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