Sugar Daddy Dating Tips For The Wealthier Man And Why Seeking Arrangements Might Appeal To You

Girl biting her lip looking at you seductively.

Younger, hotter women that just wanna bang.

Side note: This isn’t something I’ve tried myself, but have buddies who have tried it and are having great success with one night stands and even casual relationships with Sugar Daddying.

If you’ve been gaming for a while, doing the same old thing with opening… building attraction… building comfort… closing… logistics… social proof… blah blah blah.

It can all get a little tedious sometimes.

Which is why it’s good to spice things up a bit and try new ways of meeting women that don’t require so much knowledge of game… even if it’s a temporary thing.

Today I want to talk about being a Sugar Daddy.

Now I know some guys will be dead against this, but hear me out for a second.

There are women out there that are willing to bang you without much work on your part other than taking them out for a nice meal and treating them well for a night.

Obviously there are professional gold diggers out there that prey on old rich dudes with more money than they know what to do with… but we want to stay clear of those. Unless of course you have money to burn and want to pay a retainer for a smoking hot woman every month.

Anyhooo… I know a few guys that have played around with the whole Sugar Daddy thing and have gotten some good results from it.

So naturally I wanted to not only share my reasons why it might be a good idea but also give you some tips that they passed onto me.

Let’s do this…

5 killer Sugar Daddy tips you need to know

Below are some useful tips on being a successful Sugar Daddy… even if you’re NOT loaded and have bundles of cash to spend.

1. Don’t be cheap

No you don’t have to spend thousands on a pair of Jimmy Choos just to get your dick wet, BUT you do need to shell out a few hundred for a nice meal.

The arrangement is a value exchange… you pay for a nice meal… you both have a great time and she rewards you with sex.

2. Sniff out the gold diggers

There will be some girls that you will become familiar with that are in it just for the money, they have no interest in sleeping with you. The easiest way to sniff them out is if they talk about the money before meeting you.

If they are normal girls that just want to experience the high-life then they won’t come out with those sort of questions.

3. Plan the date out before meeting (I mean everything)

Get your story straight (yes you may have to tell a few white lies here) some of these sites won’t even let you in if they think you’re just an average joe with no real cash.

So when you speak to these girls you need to have a convincing story which proves that you’re not a chancer. Let them know how much you earn, how you made your wealth, what you do with your money, what you invest in etc.

Most girls won’t ask too many questions, they will just assume that you have money, if you are on one of these sites.

The other thing you need to plan is the restaurant or first meetup place you want to take her too. I would recommend you take her to a restaurant that is in the mid range, nothing too fancy that you can’t afford but will easily be $200 to $300 for the both of you.

The closer to your place the better, this is a pretty important logistical rule if you want to attempt to sleep with her on the first meet.

4. Go on a test meet

So the first meet is a feeler for what type of girl she is (crazy, funny, adventurous, gold digger, DTF etc). It’s fine for you to run the usual game, be very flirtatious with her, kino, learn about her and connect on a deeper level.

If you both get along and you feel as though shes attracted to you, then proceed to the close… if she’s nuts a gold digger or just butt ugly and doesn’t resemble her profile at all, then you should make your excuses and bolt.

5. Go for the close

Ok so the meet is going well and you want to seal the deal. You need to suggest going to a bar you know after dinner, which should be chilled… low energy and easy for you to talk.

Again, the bar needs to be close to your place.

When you get to the bar, order a drink… continue chatting and turn up the sexual tension. Then halfway way through the drink, say let’s go back to mine I’ve got a bottle of wine I’ve been saving.

If you say it with enough authority, she’ll agree.

But what if you’re apartment is horrible or you live with roommates? Then you can say something like “Listen, my place is being renovated so it looks horrible… shall we head back to yours?”. Obviously this is a little more risky, but if you built enough rapport and kino’d correctly she should be game.

Why seeking arrangements might appeal to you

Like I said before, Sugar Daddery is not for everyone, but it can work if you do it right.

It’s a change from the usual dating – This interesting part of this kind of dating is that the “arrangement” mindset is in place. The girls know that you want to get laid and you know that they just want to be looked after so there’s no worrying about approaching sets or anything.

You can arrange multiple dates a week/month – A friend of mine has slept with 23 women in 8 weeks doing this and nothing else.

So that’s it dude, simple Sugar Daddy tips that could get you the easiest lay of your life… maybe. Put them to work and let me know how you get on, I’d be very interested to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Before I got into sugar dating I was an experienced strip club player, VIP at a number of clubs. I have had a number of strippers as mistresses (or as my whore) over the last ten years Sugar dating women are providers on the same par as strippers who play and professional escorts. While I am a financial professional, I am not wealthy and keep my hobbying within a 800-2000 a month budget. I take the SB out to dinner the first meeting (some don’t even require this). Here in Houston town I have had strippers for 100-300 itc and otc. I got on the SD sites to get it cheaper than strippers want to be paid for it. I have done SB from sugar dating sites for 100-200 and they are excited as they can be to get 200. Currently I am rotating 5 girls one a married x stripper and 4 others off sugar dating sites with 150 being the average per session. Its great sex, I get it how I want it and as often. They are willing to model for me and a couple do pics. I would say my skills as a strip club player have helped me with the SD game. I am married but it is a business / room-mate relationship. I have no desire for serious relationship and prefer meets with SD gals and strippers. I compensate SD gals on a per session basis and do not pay for services not rendered or give an allowance (women who want this are rip off bitches). AS I am a professional with a graduate degree I have no problem convincing the SD gals I have money (which I don’t really have). I just play them along, screw them, and dump the ones whose performance in bed is inferior. I want to bang as many gals as I can.


  2. Rich…
    I have dabbled in the sugar daddy area for a few years. It is very much as you describe…for a couple of bucks/quid (if that) you can have fun and sex regularly. I have even found that there are plenty of girls that don’t even want that…they are just looking for a connection with a guy that is not a taker or user. It is a great way to connect with girls when you are on vacation or on a business trip as well. Alternatively, for the price of a plane ticket, I have flow girls in from out of state (Im in the USA) for a day of playing tourist and sex or even a weekend in Vegas. As an added bonus, I have applied PUA techniques learned here and other places that make getting numbers and eventually a meet up with girls from the various sugar daddy sites much more efficient. I use those sites like any other dating site knowing in the back of my mind that the sex part is tacitly understood. Cheers!

  3. Robert Norcliffe says:

    Dear Richard,
    This is a letter with a difference.I love your tips but regrettably they could never apply to me! Like you i love women but i have had no choice but to pay for sex all my life. I am likeable but unnaturally thin with a very thin face and little hair.So many horrible comments so all my confidence went.So never married and never “hit on” by girls.What was i to do? I am now 67 (sex does not stop at 60) so i visit an escort girl twice a month and visit Thailand twice a year.It’s the ony option.So i am a sort of “sugar daddy” but it makes life good again. Am sure you understand. Best Regards .Robert.

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