How Often Should You Text a Girl to Keep Her Interested

If you are going to have any success at all in the modern dating market you need to be a master of text game.

Learning the ins and outs of text game, though, can be a real nightmare.

Even just a minor slip up can spell catastrophe – especially early on in a relationship.


Combine that with the built-in shortcomings of texting (no nuance, no sarcasm, etc.) and sometimes you’re playing with fire.

By arming yourself with the inside information below, though, you’ll be able to crush text game going forward.

Let’s jump right in!

Improve your text game instantly with these tips and tricks...

Don’t Give Up – Don’t Give In

One of the biggest mistakes guys make all the time when texting girls (especially new girls) is giving up too early.

There’s nothing more stressful than firing a text over to a girl you are into and then not hearing back for a few hours, a day, or even a couple of days.

A lot of guys get real worked up when they don’t get a response almost instantly.

They are used to sending texts back and forth to their guy friends, almost always getting an instant reply – even if it’s just a couple of words.

With girls, though, things are a little different.

Especially if you are really into her and are eagerly waiting for her to respond.


It’s important to remember that people get busy, have other things going on, or just may not be sure of how to respond to your text straight out of the gate.

Give her a little time to get back to you. Sometimes it takes a little longer than you expect – and maybe you have to kick over a second text to like that fire again.

If you go down that road, keep things light. Don’t bring up the fact that they haven’t responded yet. That’s a surefire recipe for disaster.

Whatever you do, don’t send text after text after text to try and get their attention, though.

That’ll kill any chances you might have had by making you look real desperate.

It’s best to send a text, wait until you get a response, maybe send a second “jumpstart” text a few days later if you haven’t gotten a response yet, and then see how things shake out from there.

Be Playful, Don’t Take Things Too Seriously

It’s really important that you are playful, friendly, and flirty in your text messages without coming across as weird, overbearing, or clingy.

You definitely don’t want to come across as someone that takes this texting really, really seriously, either.

Truth be told, text game needs to be really focused when you are starting out in a new relationship or just putting out some feelers about dating a new girl.

Keep things playful, keep things light, and keep things high-energy.

Anything deep – rapport building conversations and things like that – really have no place in your early text game sessions.

Make a couple jokes. Flirt and tease. Set up the next date where you can get into those rapport building conversations.

Keep it simple but steer clear of coming across as real serious or stiff.

How Often Should You Text a Girl to Keep Her Interested?

There’s no real hard and fast rule for how often you should be texting a girl to keep her interested, outside of as often as it takes without coming across as real clingy or needy.

Honestly, the overwhelming majority of guys out there – including those that think they have text game down pat – could probably do some real good by dialing back their texting frequency.

Think about all the times you’ve texted her and not gotten a response for a couple of hours, a day, or even longer.

It drove you crazy, right?

It made you wonder why she hadn’t gotten back to you, right?

She was all you were thinking about between those texts, right?

Don’t you think it would be a good idea to drum up those kinds of feelings from her with your texting, too?

At the same time, you don’t want to go completely cold fish on her, either.

It’s not a good idea to intentionally hold off texting just to hold off texting.

Maybe send over a one-word response a couple of minutes after she asks a question.

Maybe respond to her texts that she sent throughout the day after you got done with work, not during the workday.

Maybe telegraph that you are a busy guy with lots of other things going on – a high-value guy – that isn’t sitting by their phone 100% of the day, every single day, just waiting to respond the moment that she throws you a breadcrumb.

You’ll be much better off for it.

It’s a balancing act trying to hit that sweet spot between texting too often and having all attraction fizzle out because you basically ignored her texts completely.

As long as you’re not responding immediately all the time like a lapdog, though, you should be good to go.

Improve Your Text Game with Multiple Women, Not More Frequent Texting

If you really want to improve your text game you’re going to have to get in some extra repetitions.

This is just like anything else you want to get better at – you have to do it, and do it a lot, and really practice to get better.

At the same time, you can’t be sending a single woman a mountain of texts all the time and expect it to help you out.

No, the best way to get a lot more volume under your belt in the text messaging department is to simply text more women instead.

This has a couple of different benefits.

On the one hand, you’ll get a lot more texting experience in a much shorter block of time. That’s going to be huge to boost your text game and your confidence.

On the other hand, having a bunch of conversations going with a bunch of different women will send your self-esteem and your desirability levels through the roof. You won’t feel any scarcity with multiple plates in the air, so to speak, and that’s going to come across in all of your text messages.

Start texting more women and you’ll find your text game results skyrocket faster than you would have thought possible.

Don’t Get Lost in the Sauce - Remember Why You’re Texting Her in the First Place

At the end of the day, it’s important that you remember what you’re trying to do with texting to begin with.

A lot of guys use this to kill time, with no real rhyme or reason.

A lot of guys text just because they’re bored and then wonder why they aren’t generating any attraction or excitement with the girls their texting.

A lot of guys lean on texting to do too much just because they get nervous when actually talking to a girl on the phone or in person.

But not you.

No, you know how important it is to be laser focused when you are texting and to use it effectively while recognizing the limitations of texting.

Texting is great for flirting, sending fun messages, and keeping things nice and light.

It’s also great to quickly plan a date or a next meet up.

It’s not bad to send spontaneous messages, pictures, or GIFs to keep attraction hi, either.

For everything else (with some exceptions) you’re better off actually talking rather than texting.

Keep things focused and you’ll be good to go!

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