The 4 Most Common Sexual Problems Men Have And How To Beat Them

If you’re lacking in the bedroom because of an embarrassing sexual hiccup, then you’re most likely going to feel somewhat anxious, depressed or frustrated.

These feelings will spill over into your personal life and can have serious effects on your relationships with women, as well as a direct impact on your health, work and mind.

Below are 4 of the most common bedroom disasters men have these days with tips on how you can beat them. Chances are you’re going fall into one of the four and have experienced one of them to a certain degree at some point in your life.

Don’t ever feel so embarrassed that you don’t do anything about it, seek out help dude and do whatever you can to resolve the issue otherwise your game will never improve.

Ok, let’s get started…

1. Erectile Disfunction

Known to most folks as impotence, limp erections are very common these days. some attribute the strength of erections to porn, saying that Erectile Disfunction is on the rise due to men not getting aroused in real life with real women as much as they do with porn.

Although there are severe cases of guys experiencing limp erections, for the most part it’s actually down to your health and mindset that’s stopping you from getting your little chap up. Like with every area of the body, the penis needs healthy blood flow to stay erect, so the logical move would be to check that you don’t have any cardiac or vascular disease.

Don’t take the old limp dick lightly though. Some doctors believe there is a link between heart attacks in patients who have suffered from erectile disfunction a few years earlier.

How to beat erectile disfunction:

1. Get a “well man” check up – This includes a blood test and a whole host of other
2. Do penis exercises to help strengthen your erections – Don’t go crazy, just 10 minutes a day should suffice.
3. Get some drugs from your doctor – Successful drugs like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis are commonly prescribed these days.
4. Get in shape – A healthy body can eliminate so many problems it’s crazy. Go in hard when doing cardio and eat a relatively “clean” diet.

2. Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome

TDS or hypogonadism is an increasing condition in the modern world. Some say GMO foods are a major factor in the rise of TDS, but the fact is a lot of men do have lower levels of testosterone flowing around in their body.

How do you know if you’re one of them? Well your sexual performance can be an indicator… are your erections weak? Are your energy levels low? Do you find it hard to build muscle in the gym? Are you always having mood swings? These are all signs that you may be suffering from testosterone deficiency.

How to beat testosterone deficiency syndrome:

1. Go and see your doctor – Ask them to take a blood test for levels of testosterone in your body. If they are low then they will help you to try and raise those levels with something called Testosterone replacement therapy. It can come in a gel form and can make a huge difference in your body, especially sexual performance.

2. Quit the alcohol – Studies have shown alcohol to put a major damper on testosterone levels in the male body. Give it up for 30 days and test your blood to see what difference it makes.

3. Premature Ejaculation

A 3rd of all men apparently experience Ejaculatory Dysfunctions at some point during their life and it’s the most common male sexual problem out there. There are many different reasons why some guys shoot their load too early… performance anxiety, overly sensitive in the tip of the penis, mental stimulation overload, the list goes on.

How to beat (PE)

1. Strengthen your PC muscle – The Pubococcygeus Muscle can be found in the middle area between your anus and ball sack. This little muscle is what can help you perform for longer without shooting too quickly.

2. Use PE condoms – Durex have a popular form of condom that uses a special gel in the tip of the condom itself. So when you slip it on and go about your business, the gel will reduce the sensitivity in the head and help you to last longer.

Psssst: If you want an instant fix, then you should check this out. It’s what male pornstars use to last for hours on set.

4. Delayed Ejaculation

The opposite of PE, Delayed Ejaculation is another very common problem guys have, where they cannot ejaculate inside a woman during sex (only during masturbation).

There are multiple reasons why you might be experiencing this problem… a fear of getting a girl pregnant, a religious upbringing that is temporarily guilting you out of shooting, even a fear of her being dirty or actually not even really being attracted to her.

Other causes aside from mental, may be too much alcohol, medication which you’re currently taking and eve spinal injuries.

How to beat (DE)

1. Aim higher – Some guys like to settle for 5’s and 6’s, just because that’s their comfort zone for easy lays. Aim higher dude, I guarantee that if you get a 9 or 10 in bed, you’ll have no problems finishing in record time :)

2. Reeeeeeelax – If you’re focus is on cumming and not enjoying yourself, then you’re not going to blow. Take your time, relax and enjoy the sex. Initiate foreplay and get yourself really turned on with her, then when you’re comfortable then have sex.

3. Get some mental help – It may be a good idea to seek out some counselling with a shrink of some sort. Talk them through what happens each time you have sex and see if they can offer you any advice that may help.

4. Avoid treatments – Don’t buy any scammy pills, creams or magic potions. Nothing on the market is proven to make you cum quicker, so forget about it.

5. Change up your lifestyle and experiment – If you think medication might be the problem, ask your doctor and see what happens when you stop taking the meds. Also start exercising, being more active and eating right.

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