The 5 Secrets Of Never Running Out Of Things To Say To A Woman


Erm… she’s not interested dude.

How many times have you been in a conversation with a girl… maybe in a busy bar, coffee shop… even in the street and for whatever reason, you just freeze up mid-flow.

It’s like your mind has been wiped blank and you can’t string a simple sentence together to keep the conversation flowing.


Not only is it frustrating, it certainly has an effect on your confidence each and every time you approach a girl. So today we’re going to resolve this issue with some conversational secrets that will allow you to array on a conversation for hours if you like.

No more stuttering, waffling or uncomfortable awkward silences. Just awesome rapport building conversations each and every time.

Let’s get started:

1. Stop thinking of questions to ask

When you’re next in conversation with a girl, take notice of what your saying and how you’re saying it. Are you asking a bunch of lame questions that you always ask? Like… where are you from? What do you do for a job? Do you come here a lot? You know those kinds of questions.

From now on you need to force yourself to STOP asking those questions or ANY questions for that matter. Questions should only be used when you’re genuinely interested in knowing more about a particular topic, not for filling the conversation with fluff.

2. Listen out for hook points

Hook points are what the master conversationalists use. You never notice they’re using them because they’re so good at keep track of these hooks, but they are essential if you want to keep a conversation going. Hook points are basically small topics of conversation that you can come back to, introduce and use throughout a conversation.

So for example, if you’re talking to a girl from New York and she says something like “Yeah I grew up in Brooklyn, but studied in London for a year before getting a PR job in NYC”.

There are 3 hooks in that one sentence that you can capitalise on. 1) growing up in Brooklyn 2) studying in London 3) working in PR in NYC.

3. Build rapport through assumptions

Now that you have the hook points covered you will want to take those nuggets and use them to start building rapport and the kind of conversation she won’t have with most guys. The idea is to connect with her emotionally, to do this just make assumptions that are open ended which lead her to elaborate but feel as though you’re connecting with her.

So for example above she said that she grew up in Brooklyn but spent a year studying in London. So you might say “I would imagine London is totally different to Brooklyn right… the people in Brooklyn are more outspoken and loud where as the people in London are a lot more reserved…”

Leaving it open like that forces her to answer the keep the conversation going but not feel pressured by answering yet another lame question.

4. Don’t worry about her reaction

Guys these days worry a lot about what women think of them. Stop that. Who cares what she thinks or how she’s acting towards you. As long as you’re conversational skills are strong and your body language is confident then you don’t need to worry about her reaction.

Sometimes you might piss them off by saying the wrong thing… don’t react. Some times she will come on very strong which you’re not used to… don’t react. Reacting to her behaviour is a surefire way to give her the reins in the conversation, which makes you the bitch.

5. Think… push/pull

Pushing and pulling the conversation is another way of saying build and break rapport. It’s what creates the attraction part of the whole interaction. You might say something like “You seem like a really interesting girl, fun happy… a little short… but that’s fine”.

Now don’t get this confused. It’s not a “neg” or what the strange type of PUA thinks it is. It’s a natural way of teasing the girl.

So there you have it, 5 secrets for keeping the conversation going. Use them every time you’re in set, they work and you will NEVER run out of things to say again. Practice will help you also, so get out there as many times as you can.

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