The Art Of Closing: What To Do And Why it’s So Damn Important


Oh yeah… she’s ready!

When it comes to getting laid there are obviously a whole heap of factors that come into play. You need to open without being creepy, keep the conversation flowing so it doesn’t dry up, make sure you touch the girl in the right places at the right time, sexually escalate, re-ignite a lost lead, setup multiple dates so you have options, work a room on your own or with a wing, pass shit test… etc.

It’s a lot to learn and it’s a lot to focus on.

But in all my years there’s one thing that you need to focus on more than anything else which will get you laid a bunch more. And that is closing.

I know it sounds over simplistic, but I can assure you that by focusing on closing more, you will get women into bed more frequently and at a faster rate.

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Why is closing faster so important?

Most guys in the game or even outside of the community focus on the small things, like why didn’t she text back yet or how you can avoid getting rejected after opening a girl. It’s things like that which are going to make you worse with women. The key is to focus on things that actually bring you results… closing is one of those things.

What I mean by closing is, sealing the deal physically. Not just getting the number or a kiss… f**k that. I’m talking about taking her back to your place or going back to hers and banging her.

The speed in which you close is incredibly important, because you need to capitalise on the sexual interest you’ve been building.

Now I’ve gotten laid from the street and from bars/clubs and I can honestly say that the common thread in me getting laid for thousands of interactions with women is closing faster. That’s it.

I’ve closed within an hour before, from a cold approach in a bar because I timed it right and I sexually escalated, whilst pushing the close.

Keep closing simple and low risk

Too many men complicate the close. They think there’s some magical line they can spit out that will make women beg them to come home with them. That’s just simply not true.

You have to keep it simple and low risk. What I mean by low risk is the girl doesn’t get spooked or use her logical mind to say no. The vibe needs to remain sexual and you need to move from wherever you are to your apartment as smoothly as possible.

For me, I always say something like this…

Me: Ok cool, let’s go.
Her: Where are we going?
Me: Back to my place for drinks

Wait… what? It’s that simple?? Yes, it really is. As long as you say it with enough confidence and you’re looking her dead in the eye as you say it. She will follow without hesitating. When you’re saying it. Don’t think, just assume this is a natural part of the interaction and of course she’s going to come home with you.

Closing doesn’t work without sexual escalation

Keep in mind that when you’re closing, you’re constantly dialing up the sexual escalation throughout the conversation. Touching her in non-ambiguous areas, keeping strong eye contact, looking at her lips, lingering near her neck when you’re talking to her in a loud club, taking her hand and leading.

If you’re not doing these things, you just won’t close. She will be looking at you like a possible friend/acquaintance, not a potential sex partner.

It will take time

Having the balls to close quickly, is a skill you need to develop over time. It took me a couple of years to get comfortable with closing at a rapid rate. But now, I’d be shocked if I couldn’t get a girl back to mine in less than 2 hours from meeting her for the first time.

You also need to read the signs that she’s attracted. The speed at which you close strongly depends on how into you she is. So look out for the most common signs of attraction and you will be able to judge whether it’s time to take her back or not. Some women are blatant with their signals, whilst more shy girls are very subtle. The subtle signs are easier to spot the better you get though.

Lastly, when you’re met with some level of resistance from a girl. Don’t worry, keep dialing up the sexual stuff and keep pushing for the close. You will get it eventually.

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