The Best Ways To Get Over Sexual Anxiety With Women

Sexual Anxiety

Stay hard BROTHER!

Sexual anxiety will make you appear inexperienced and is a real turn off for women.

Remember that women love confidence right? Well you can’t hide anxiety and that just emits a seriously bad vibe on your part. It will hurt the attraction in most cases (unless you meet an older girl and you’re a younger guy, she will very likely comfort you if you’re honest).

So how do you get over sexual anxiety with women and actually get the job done so that you and her are both satisfied? Well it will take some work. Of course there are some shortcuts, but to be honest you have to work at it.

Below are the best ways I’ve found to help anxiety in the bedroom:

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1. Have a drink

I don’t like using alcohol as a crutch, but it really does work to take the edge off. Have a couple of drinks before you’re ready to have sex with a girl. Don’t get crazy drunk or have more than a couple. If you do, you will fall into the whiskey dick trap, which is a concoction of alcohol + nerves.

If you’re meeting her in a bar, have a few classes of water in between drinks to stop yourself from getting too drunk. If she asks why you’re drinking water, say that you don’t want to get drunk.

2. Practice

I know this is simple advice, but practicing sex with multiple women really does help you beat anxiety. So if you’re extra nervous right now, then aim for a mediocre looking chick, so you don’t feel too scared to get her into bed. Then when you’re able to perform with that chick, increase your standards over time, until you’re banging 8’s and above.

3. Don’t over think the situation

Women are ALWAYS more self conscious about themselves than men are (especially when naked) so don’t get swept up psychologically in the moment and overthink everything. If you do then your winkle won’t stand to attention and you’ll be forced to tap out. Focus on making her comfortable and relaxed (mood lighting, music, foreplay, massage etc).

When a woman is comfortable, trusts you and is turned on, as long as you have the right foreplay skills, your sexual performance won’t be as big of a deal as you’re making it out to be in your head.

4. Make her work too

Anxiety sets in when you feel you’re expected to set a certain standard and be the best lover she’s ever had. Don’t be shy to make her work during sex too. Position her on top so she can ride you, keep getting blowjobs so you can relax completely and guide her into making you more relaxed with kissing you all over. Tell her what you like and she’ll do it.

5. Do what turns you on

What do you get off to most when fantasising about banging women? Do you love smashing them from behind and grabbing their tits? Maybe you love her riding you reverse cowgirl so you can see her ass? Do whatever gets you hard and turned on the most. If you lead, she will do what you want.

6. Reduce the amount of porn you watch

I think porn serves a purpose, but it can always be detrimental to your sex life if you watch too much and try and live out what these pornstars are doing on camera. When you watch porn, you’re imprinting an image in your mind of something that doesn’t happen in real life, like a woman gagging on your cock (I’m not saying it doesn’t happen in real life, but it’s quite rare).


The bottom line is this… relax. Do everything you can to feel more relaxed about the situation. As soon as you start to think about performing, the anxiety will step in and ruin the show. Don’t let it.

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