The REAL Difference Between Winners And Losers In Game

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Here’s the thing.

Over the past few years I’ve noticed a trend…

Some guys would get REALLY good in just a couple of months, whilst other guys are still the same after many years.

Strange right?

Well today I’m going to cover exactly why I think the winners are successful with women in such a short period of time and why the losers are still the same.

Here we go:

A lot of guys just study techniques

You don’t become a better or more interesting person if you choose this route. You need to work on becoming a more attractive man, that women would be attracted too and would pursue.

If all you do is just study techniques from a book or digital course and don’t actually practice them in real life, then OBVIOUSLY you won’t get anywhere with women dude.

Reacting badly to feedback

Strip back the ego when you first start out and take every setback or negative reaction from women as a learning experience. You’re not always going to be right, so you need to make sure that you don’t blame the outcome on the girl.

Your peer group

In the beginning, the people you are around most won’t help you grow in the long run, so you need to think about cutting some people out of your social group as you continue to learn. This will ensure that you become stronger in areas that you’re currently very weak at.

Be in more demanding situations

It’s important to throw yourself into situations that would scare you… approaching bitchy looking girls, groups of hot women, mixed groups etc. This will help you grow at a very fast pace. Most guys do not do this, which is why they keep getting the same results.

Work on your full range of skills

I urge you to try daygame and night game so that you can become better in all areas of game. This will help you in many different situations and allow you to adapt quickly. For example, test your abilities by not taking your phone out with you and forcing yourself to take girls on instant dates.

For day game you can talk to girls in the street and invite them for a quick 10 minute coffee, then get them to write their number down or find you on Facebook.

Trust this will really help you build solid game without relying on just a number that might be flakey. Same thing goes for night game, you can say to a girl that you know a cool after hours bar or you’re having a party back at your place so she should come back with you.

So that’s it dude. Do the opposite to the losers and you’ll be good to go!

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  1. Hi Gambler.
    Very good and useful advice you came with.
    I have a quick question, I would be really glad if you answered it.

    The thing is that I live in a small town. And I haven’nt been able to find some guys to go out with who allready have some qualites that I’m looking for.
    I go out alone time to time, but I find it hard and not so fun, more the feeling that I have to go out because of xyz reasons.
    Do you have some feedback about what I can do?

  2. Richard,

    Ok here’s my problem. I’m an above average looking guy, 23, getting a JD/MBA (from a female’s perspective I should be given deference as a man “going places”/has a good chance of getting status in the form of big $$$ from a promising career). Sadly, no deference is given and I’m usually going home solo. Also, I live in the Midwest in one of the 3 major cities of Ohio and I don’t think any “game” works here because people just don’t seem to be up for meeting new people. Every time I approach a group it’s always a brick wall (“we don’t want to talk or meet anyone unless… you’re a part of a frat and look like you’re on roids or are a baller with a great job and lots of money). Idk what I’m doing wrong. Granted there are times when I’ll run out of things to say, but shouldn’t they ask questions? Shouldn’t they participate in the convo? Ha, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  3. When you brought up female friends, I was wondering how would be the best way to get them to help you with your game.

  4. Matt Powell says:

    Yo Gambler,
    You are dead right, there are so many guys out there hung up on the theory yet game is about doing at least as much as knowing. Also, its actually quite easy to number close in the day or night – turning that into sex or solid dates can however be quite challenging. When are you hosting your first Hugh Hefner style pool party?

  5. Phil Muzalewski says:

    MATE… your simply the best – to quote tina a bit i guess – loved that video man. Got some inspiration for this summer, gonna be forgetting my phone I think and pushing for the insta-dates etc.
    ALSO, wanted to mention how differnet you look these days. You look so happy! must say think i’d be the same planted in between two COMPLETE blinders lol #well in..

    Thanks buddy!

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