Tinder Dating: How To Get Her Out On A First Date With Minimal Flaking

Stand out from the chumps.

Stand out from the chumps.

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So we’ve spoken about ways in which  you can initiate a conversion with a girl on Tinder. Today I want to talk about how you can firstly transition away from Tinder (thus solidifying the number) and secondly setup the first dates, so that she says yes, but also doesn’t flake at the last minute (a common problem with dating apps).

I get a lot of guys whining at me, saying “dude, I got a smoking hot girl on Tinder who was into me and when we planned to meet, she ditched me last minute with a lame excuse that she had to do something else”.

To which I respond “Of course she did… you’re not standing out from the crowd, so you have no more value than the guy next to you”.

Remove the risk from your side

Tinder is a VERY risky dating app. Not because you’re gong to end up meeting a heifer lump, with a face like a pig. But because you’re investment in girls on there can swiftly come to an abrupt end if you allow her to be in control.

You see, Tinder has a feature that allows you to unmatch (as you know). So all a girl needs to do if she doesn’t want to speak to you anymore is unmatch you and that’s it… you’re gone forever.

So after you’ve initiated the conversation and you’ve built a small amount of rapport (maybe 10 or so texts). You want to get them off Tinder and onto Whatsapp. The way you do that is by saying “What’s your number, I’ll add you on Whatsapp”. Nothing else.

9 times out of 10, girls will just give you their number. Some will give a little shit test like “Why do you want my number?” or “I don’t give my number to strangers”. To which you can reply “It’s easier to text in Whatsapp” or “Hey… I’m no stranger! You know my name and everything”.

Never ask her out for “drinks”

Ok, so let’s say you have her number. Now what? Well you want to get her out on a date, so you can show her some of your fine ass moves. Here’s a mistake that most guys make though… they always ask the girl if they want to go out for “drinks”. Something like “Cool, are you free this Friday? We can grab a drink in a bar I know”.

Now this may seem simple enough, but with Tinder this doesn’t wash well. Girls on this app are hounded every day by horny guys wanting to hookup, they have had a least a dozen other men all asking the same question. Now I’m guessing you’re no male model or super star DJ, so why should she pick you over them??

What you want to do is offer her value, and convey that you are a high value male. Drinks in a bar, talking offers zero value. So the first date/meetup needs to be thought out, cool, interesting, fun and entertaining. This is how you will stand out and she will remember you, instead of you vanishing in her mind like every other boring guy on there.

Oh and she’s most likely not going to flake either. If you go down the “just drinks” route, I’d bet that you will get 70% flakes.

First Tinder date ideas

I’ve gone into great detail here about first date ideas here, so make sure you read that also. But here are some more to keep your mind from freezing over when you think about it too much.

  • Rock climbing: Indoor is probably better and much easier for logistics. Outdoor if you actually know what you’re doing.
  • Spa: Only if she’s a confident looking girl. A lot of girls are self conscious about their bodies so this could be a bad option.
  • Gym: This is an interesting idea and works for me. You can hire a personal trainer to work you both for an hour. Keeps it casual and the pressure off.
  • Surfing: Great fun if you’re in a town that has the weather and waves. Can also hire an instructor for this.
  • Ice skating: Fun and easy, so zero pressure.
  • Painting class: Interactive, calming and you get to see each others creative side.
  • Art gallery: Depends on the type of girl, but you can really make an impact on them if you have some stories to tell behind the art.
  • Latin dance class: Can be fun, great exercise and is very sexual. So you don’t even have to worry about kino, it’s all natural.

Don’t forget even if she says no the first time or flakes on you, it looks like you are living a fun and exciting life so it builds some value.

Oh and one more thing. You should check out our list of the top rated adult dating sites if you’re not getting on with the apps.

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