Top 10 Dirty Text Messages You Should Send To Your Girlfriend ;)

Sometimes in a relationship, things go stale. Which is why you need to spice things up by sending your girlfriend some dirty text messages that will get her thinking about getting butt N-A-K-E-D with you.

Dirty Text Messages

She’s waiting dude… text her something sexy!

Don’t go overboard with these texts otherwise they will fall on deaf ears and your girlfriend will just shun them off as nothing more than you joking around. Send them once or twice a month and you will get a response from her almost immediately that will get you talking about sex or at least have her thinking about it.

Ok so this is how it’s going to go… first I’m going to show you the types of text messages you should be sending your girl (in the top 10 list below) and then I’m going to give you a proven structure you can follow to create your own dirty text messages. Sound good? Cool, let’s get on with it.

Here are 10 beautifully simple, yet brilliantly intriguing naughty text openers (known as sexts to the millennials). They are a mix of funny, sexy and playful. Take your pick:

WAIT! Before I get into what you can send to your lady, you should probably check this video out. It’s not only going to make you a better texter. It will also allow you to turn your girl on in a matter of minutes.

10 sexting examples you can send to your girlfriend

1. I keep picturing how good your ass looked in those jeans last night

2. I just read a study in Science Weekly that says women that give good head live longer… just saying

3. Quick question… what is something you’ve always want to try in bed but we’ve never done before?

4. I’m going to spank you when I get home… you naughty girl

5. Hey Tiger Boo. I’ve just ordered you some Victoria Secret underwear and I’m going to need you to wear that this weekend

6. Send me a sexy picture of you, I need to take my mind off work

7. Why is my mind filled with doing dirty things to you? It’s very distracting

8. I want your lips all over my FUNNY BITS!

9. I’m scared for the future, if there are ever mind reading machines that can see what I’m thinking about doing to you… I’d be taken away

10. There’s a pussy staring at me through the window

How to come up with your own dirty text messages [THE FORMULA]

Making a girl horny over text is easy. You just need to follow a formula. Now I’ve been using the formula below for years, not only with girlfriends, but with chicks who I’ve slept with on the regular. So whether you’re in a relationship or you’re trying to get your dick wet with this smoke-show you met once before, this formula will help.

I want you to remember this texting equation:

Intrigue + humour = response

Every single time you even think about sending a text to a girl, you need to have this equation in the back of your mind. In order to get a response from a girl via text, she needs to be both intrigued and entertained (through humour).

So for example, you might say something like… “I was just thinking about you and have decided that your new nickname shall be tiger boo.”

This is both random, slightly humorous (albeit bizarre) and playful. She WILL feel the need to respond to this.

Now you need to work out how to incorporate some sexiness into those texts so you can begin to turn her on.

An example might be something like “Impromptu sex quiz: During sex, would you rather a) have your hair pulled b) your ass spanked or c) your boobs softly caressed and kissed slowly?”. Now obviously sending this type of message to a girl you know is better because it’s quite full on, so will be shocking to a girl you just met… unless she’s a filthy girl!

So there you have it, now go out and use this formula and the list of dirty text messages now!

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