Top 5 Mistakes You’re Making When Trying To Make Your Girl Squirt


Unleash your wisdom on as many women as you can.

Ever since I posted the article on multiple squirting orgasms and how to make your girl have one (which I learned from my buddy), I’ve been inundated with questions and guys claiming that it’s not working for them, so must be a lie.

Firstly, it’s not a lie… and secondly it’s far easier to do than you think and you’re probably doing something wrong, which I’ll go through in a minute.

Before I do, here’s a funny email I got from a happy reader:

Dude! H-O-L-Y SHIT!! I just made my girl squirt 3 times in 15 minutes! I feel like a grand master of pussy right now. She was quivering on the bed, my sheets are SOAKED! The best thing is, she just doesn’t stop hounding me now asking to do it for her because it feels so good. I have some serious sexual power over her now my friend. THANKS SO MUCH!

You see, if you master this squirting stuff, you can turn women into ravenous sex freaks. Most guys will won’t ever try this on her, so when you do, she’ll see you as some sort of squirting superman.

Right the, enough fluff talking… let’s get into why you’re screwing up:

1. She’s not relaxed enough

Did you do everything you can to make her feel comfortable in your place? Like heating, lights, smells, clean sheets, clean towels etc. Also have you built enough trust with her? If it’s a one night stand, probably best not to try this out on her, I’d only recommend it to guys who have been seeing a girl for at least a couple of months and had sex a handful of times.

When she is relaxed, you will notice her demeanour change. Her cheeks will be flush red, all over you and giving you signs that she’s ready to bang.

2. You’re technique is wrong

You need to follow the two step approach to the letter. Make sure you stroke the g-spot gently for a good few minutes, (maybe 10) before you onto the second technique which is going into overdrive. If you go straight for the overdrive technique first, then you’re going to hurt the girl and make her sore very quickly.

3. You don’t use any lube

Lube is essential. I’m going to say this once and once only, DO NOT attempt the multiple squirting orgasms technique without lube. Not using lube will cause large amounts of friction if she’s not naturally wet. But even with natural lubrication on her part, it’s not going to be enough (unless she’s gushing).

I recommend you use grape seed oil or KY Jelly. These are perfect for lubrication and causing the vagina to swell during arousal, due to the heat and lubed friction. Basically it makes your job easier and she will cum faster.

4. You’re rushing the job

Stop being such a little boy, you need to have patience otherwise she won’t be totally relaxed and the you’ll never be able to make her squirt. Set aside at least 20 minutes, which is more than enough time. Women take much longer than men to climax traditionally, so learn how to control your patience and you will be just fine.

5. You’re forgetting about the clit

Noah there big boy, did you forget the clit? So let me clear something up, you don’t need to stimulate the clitorious for her to squirt, but it certainly does add to the overall pleasure and she’ll most likely squirt for longer and in a shorter time frame if you focus on licking the clit for 10 minutes or so before even attempting technique 1.

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