Trouble Orgasming? The 1 Thing You Must Do To Triple The Amount Of Orgasms Your Girl Has

Is your girl having trouble orgasming?

It’s surprising how many guys still find it hard to give women an orgasm.

I mean aside from understanding all the foreplay tricks and cool techniques that you can use during sex, there’s not much else you can do right?

She can either orgasm or she can’t…


There’s actually one missing ingredient to giving your girl mind blowing… back scratching… lip biting orgasms, that many many guys overlook.

It’s not your fault though… you’re a guy.

I mean we’re built differently to women, it’s like learning a new language and playing a game in that language.

Sometimes you forget the rules… you can’t be bothered to play the game and other times it’s just too damn hard, so you give up!

But there is one ingredient that sets us apart from women in the bedroom department.

One thing that you must use if you want to triple the amount of orgasms she has in one session.

WAIT! If you’re serious about getting good with women in bed and REALLY making her experience and orgasm, you NEED to watch this video now.

That ingredient is…


Yep, you heard me right.

Women want you to make them feel a range of emotions that all connect with each other to make them cum like crazy… again and again.

It’s up to you to unlock those emotions and be able to influence them at will, so she quite simply cannot control herself.

So how do you do it?

Before I get into the nitty gritty, let me first quickly run through the difference between a male mind and a female mind.

At first glance, when a guy sees an attractive woman, this is what he thinks about… as you already know ;)

  • Tits
  • Ass
  • Legs
  • Lips
  • Blowjob… horny stuff
  • Etc…

On the other hand, at first glance this is what women think about…

  • Intelligence
  • Humour
  • Feeling
  • Connection
  • Trust
  • Blah… blah… blah

So where as men can just have sex and shoot their load on demand… women need to feel a set of emotions to REALLY let go and orgasm like crazy.

But it’s not enough for them to just feel these emotions, they need to be influenced by you…

You are the one who controls her orgasms… both mentally and physically.

How to triple her orgasms in 3 steps

Ok, you have stimulated her with your killer foreplay techniques and your bumping and grinding, what next?

Step 1: Get close to her ear, whilst grinding when you feel her beginning to get wet.

Step 2: Slowly and softly say in a low (gravelly) voice… “I want you to come for me baby” or “Relax and come for me baby” or “Oooh your pussy is so wet, come for now baby”.

Step 3: Keep pounding and continue pounding when she does orgasm, increase the tempo and go until she can’t catch her breath and is just in ecstasy.

I bet you’re thinking…

“Holy crap, that is the cheesiest thing I’ve EVER heard! That won’t work!!”

I thought the same… until I tried it.

Saying this stuff before she orgasms works because for a woman to orgasm fully she has to let go of her body and give up control completely.

By whispering these words you are telling her that you’re in control and she can trust you.

Cool huh?

So now you know the secret to giving her orgasm after orgasm… use it wisely!

WAIT DUDE! Do women ever tell you how amazing you are in the sack? If not then they should be. I never got any compliments on my bedroom skills until I learned some tips from my good buddy.

Any thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I can not believe what I was reading here.

    It’s very clear that the writer of this article has VERY little experience with women.

    Once you’ve had a bit more experience you will learn. Some women cum easily, some women take a lot of effort to cum, and some don’t seem to cum at all no matter what you do.

    But I can assure you for the ones that don’t cum easily, telling them to cum will either a) make them fake an orgasm or b) DEFINITELY make it much harder for them to orgasm, because the reason they can’t orgasm in the first place is cause they’re so caught up in their heads and they aren’t in touch with their bodies enough to just ‘let go’. Personally I think it is the womens fault.

    Suggesting that you can just ‘tell them to cum’ is akin to telling someone with depression or skitzophrenia to just ‘stop being crazy’.

    Sorry brother, but this article is a joke.

  2. Tom shirley says

    I’ve found getting a lotion that can be used on all her body parts works gd to

  3. I think when your banging a guy you don’t care about like a dude that picked you up with bs or that you picked up is why girls don’t orgasm. It’s your body protecting you from staying with the wrong mate. I think chemistry and true true connection is what makes girls cum and guys cum harder chemicals chemicals. I connect with a ton of girls like that to the point were both so turned on before even saying anything and just body language it’s the absolute most beautiful thing. It just takes focus, extreme patience abstinence, and just knowing what you want and not getting afraid things aligning right. It’s so hard to make things align because men don’t have balls these days it’s a rare occurence and are world is filled with pieces of shit that will interfere. Guys these days are mostly jerk offs or toolbags or both.

    I had sex a few times in college not as much as I’ve wanted just graduated in December, but since then things have been different. They were all stupid dumb sex definitely all random completely different and some really just “fun”. I was nice every single time. I was known as the guy who banged the hottest girls at my school and did it being nice and not gloated it about it to everyone. Most men walking around in this world are jerk offs or relying on being an asshole ploys to manipulate and get sex instead of unconditional love. I was distracted back then and definitely towards the end after cutting my drinking and having more time I really began to see” .Centering your self on your focus and life and just being a great true person attracts a different thing and that love i see and give is addicting feels amazing. Even though I leave empty handed i feel after school.

    Anyway moral I think Manipulative tool sex = no cum and girls may not expend the energy guys do when having sex but you’ll stretch out. It’s tough because sex keeps you feeling good but I feel like love > being a hoe. I go to the bars every weekend Starbucks every day bull shit equates to smaller erections and less cum and is a joke. Love and chemistry like chemicals from attraction and seduction, trust, being one, will make you cum. It’s tough to find that person and make it work out. What do they say nothing in life worth it come easy. I’m in a weird stage in life.

  4. I hate to break it to you guys but a lot of girls are faking… That never works when my boyfriend does that. I just want him to stop. I agree that emotion is important but that has nothing to do with emotion. Not even a little bit.

  5. Alejandro Rodriguez says

    Whou! I completely agree that sex is so emotional for men as it is for women. I mean, dude, you’ve spent a lot of time to make that moment happen. If you are not a natural you’ve spent a whole more reading the books, de forum, listening to the tapes, buyin some seminars, etc etc etc. So, THERE SHE IS! She is in your bed and THAT RIGHT MOMENT is only thing tha matters!!! No one else! What I trying to tell you all, women, man: ENJOY!!! What I received feedback from all my girlfriends was in that right moment YOU start to relax it all and not feel pressured to make her having an orgasm, you start to moan in her ears because YOU are feeling great something very powerful happen: she thinks “Oh my god, I’m hot! He is giving it all to this moment! I gonna make that too!!! Possibly when you start to create that connection is the secret to have simoutanious orgasms you and your girl! That’s it! The pressure is off, you both are enjoying the moment what make she also thinks sex is most pleasurable thing you do together. Not walking on the beach, not seeing a movie but bed is no more an obligation ceremony to you get an orgasm! Not only, is something you want to spent more and more time doing it. And than guess whats happen: inevitably she will get an ultra-super-hyper-mega blaster power overwhelming orgasm she ever had!

  6. This is some good stuff. I’ve tried telling the girl how much I like to f** her deep and hard… that sent her through the roof..

  7. I’m sure this works in a lot of cases, but when you tell a woman “I want you to come for me baby”, you’re probably setting yourself up for a lot of fake orgasms. It doesn’t surprise me that this “works” for a lot of guys. Putting a woman on the spot and making her FOCUS on trying to come takes her out of the “this feels sooo good” moment, and into the “oh, he’s getting impatient because I haven’t come yet. He probably thinks I don’t like him, or he thinks he doesn’t turn me on.” Now all she’s thinking about is what you want her to do, rather than how good it feels. And suddenly, as if on cue, she “comes”. How conveniently timed.

    The majority of women don’t fake because they think you’re bad in bed. They fake because they think you’re getting impatient. They don’t want to crush your fragile ego, and that causes so much stress that they don’t – or rather can’t- relax enough to actually come.

    Maybe telling a woman to come works in some cases. Maybe. However, just hearing a guy enjoy himself…. moaning “Ahh”‘s and “Mmmm”‘s , grunting, whispering in a hoarse, almost angry tone: “Fuck, your pussy’s so tight”, and those gasps when he’s getting ready to come…..that shit is so much sexier than just “Baby, I want you to come”. Just because men in porn barely make a sound during sex, doesn’t mean that women aren’t insanely aroused by it. Be vocal, and let her know how good it feels. Let her know what feels good with the sounds you’re making… You like it when she does that for you, right? We’re not that different. It’ll relax her, make her dripping wet, and boost her confidence…. Voila. She’ll be begging you for another orgasm.

    • Thank You! My boyfriend constantly does that to me and within seconds I fake an orgasm because I think, “Well, shit I’m never going to come now, I’m thinking about it too hard, so I might as well fake it now and get it over with.” But honestly, that makes me not want to have sex later because I know that he will cum, I will fake cum and that will be that. The times that I have really cum was when I could hear him grunting and he was finding anyway that he could to pull me closer, that was hot. In theory, yes, being told to cum is sexy, but in reality, it just stresses me out until I decide to fake an orgasm.

    • I agree!! Love hearing him moan it’s so sexy!

  8. Hey, I received my christmas bundle yesterday and it looks awsome. The point is I don’t know with which program I should begin with lol

    Anyway, I tried this technique with my girl friend yesterday night and it worked. It’s the first time I give her an orgasm.
    Thanks !

  9. You say that we’re built differently from women and that’s why women enjoy sex more when there’s emotion involved… but if there’s one enlightening life lesson I’ve learned from pickup it’s that men and women have a lot more similarities than differences!

    We’re not inherently built all that differently, at least not as much as most of us believe. In fact most of the differences are socially constructed, and MEN also need the emotional ingredient in sex to enjoy it fully!

    I’ve found that sex is a LOT better in committed, meaningful LTRs, and that sex actually kinda SUCKS with girls I barely know and have sex with too soon. And foreplay? A lot of men complain about it, but liberally applied foreplay leads to better, more enjoyable sex for the man, too!

    A lot of guys just aren’t in-tune enough with their own emotions to notice the differences, but that’s also a fault of social conditioning. As I always say, mastering women and mastering your own emotions are one in the same.

  10. Damn. When I see a beautiful women, I think about :
    Having fun moments
    Wtf ? Does that mean I think as wimen do ?

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